Online Reporting System of Coaching Workshop Conducted

  • 2020-08-14

Online Reporting System of Coaching Workshop conduted to all of the Province.

Organized by the ANFA Technical Department, ANFA today conducted Online Reporting System of Coaching Workshop to the coaching department of Province 1 & 2.

A total of 26 coaches from Province 1 & 2, consisting of district coaches, province grassroots head, province youth head, province women's head and province coach education head joined the workshop.

The workshop comprised various topics including the coaches to awaked with system. The online system has to be updated regularly with the day-by-day footballing activities along with the photos, details of players, training venues and time.

The technical department at the ANFA Headquarter will closely monitor and analyze the coaching activities running across the country through the online system updated by the coaches.

ANFA Technical Director Gary Phillips, Co-ordinator of Grassroots and Youth Department and ANFA Vice President Upendra Man Singh, Sanjeet Singh (Head of Coach Education), Nabin Maharjan (Head of Elite Youth Program), Hari Khadka (Head of Women's Department) and Manoj Ranjit (Grassroots Manager) conducted the workshop.

FIFA technical consultant Mr.Chokey Nima was the Special Guest of the workshop today.

The ANFA had earlier conducted the workshop to Province 5,6 and 7 on August 10 and for Province 3 & 4 on August 12.

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