Football development proposal submitted to Karnali CM Shahi

  • 2021-02-11

A committee formed to study the possibility of development of football and football infrastructures in Karnali Province has submitted its report to the Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi.

The committee coordinator and ANFA Vice President and Head of Grassroots Upendra Man Singh handed over the proposal amid a special function at Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers in Karnali Province on Thursday.

The report includes the detailed plans to develop football in the hilly region giving special focus to grassroot development. Vice President Singh said they plan to develop the game and infrastructure in Karnali with support from the provincial government and Karnali Sports Council.

Chief Minister Shahi said the government was positive to develop footballing infrastructures in the province. "We aim to build one international standard stadium in every districts of the province. We need technical support from ANFA in this regard," said Shahi.

Ministers from the provincial cabinet and officials from Karnali Sports Council were also present in the programme.

The committee was formed after Shahi visited ANFA headquarters back in November. The proposal was prepared by the committee as per the discussion in that visit. Bhojraj Bhat and Rajan Maharjan are the other members of the committee.

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