About Grassroot

Grassroot football is a new concept introduced by ANFA which aims to develop quality of the sport and interest among the youths right from the local and minute level. All Non-Professional / Non – Elite football is a part of Grassroot Football. ANFA’s grassroot believes in “Participation Based on Interest – Not Skill” and maintains that children should be let free to make their own choices, refraining parents and coaches to make them do things. ANFA is confident on having a dynamic exciting and rewarding competition through this belief. In Grassroot, safety of football players comes first and bilateral relationship, teamwork and skill development is emphasized.

Why Grassroot Football?

Football is one of the most loved sport in Nepal. However, there still lies a lot of challenges as only a few tournaments achieve success and phenomenal results. Introduction of Grassroot Football will attract and develop young players right from young age of eight or less eventually contributing in taking a huge step towards creating a brighter future of Nepali Football.


  • Children Football
  • School Football
  • Women Football
  • Beach Soccer/ Futsal
  • Leisure Football
  • Veterans’ Football
  • Community Football
  • Disability Football

Grassroot Implemented Districts

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