SAFF2015 M2: India vs Nepal, (FT)
India - 4 Nepal - 1
  • 4' Bimal Gharti Magar
  • 26' Rowling Borges (IND)
  • 67' Sunil Chettri (IND)
  • 81' Lallianzula Chhangte (IND)
  • 90' Lallianzula Chhangte (IND)

82' Chhangte gets the ball in the right and then gets the better of Ranjit with dribble and then curls it beyond Kiran to top corner.

77' Nepal are on the attack but Anjan's shot from edge of the box is wild and flies off bounds.

74' SAVED! Anil Gurung's shot from tight angle is saved by Subrata and the corner is claimed above everyone by the goalie again.

67' GOAL! Sunil Chettri scores 2-1 for India

64' High boot challenge from Narayan on Anjan and referee settles it for a Yellow Card.

60' Cross from the left wing is cleared for corner by Aditya and the play from cross ends with goalkeeper taking claim.

58' Nice Shot! Heman's long range effort after Jaggu's layoff is parried away by diving Subrata Paul.

57' SUBSTITUTION for NEPAL: Bishal Rai OUT Yogesh Gurung.

55' Heman tries to find Nawayug with a long ball but the referee calls for shoving in the air.

51' Chhangte is flagged for OFFSIDE but Ranjit had gained the possession back already.

50' Nawayug gets in position to shoot but his shot on goal is parried away by Subrata and rebound is cleared

Goalscorer Bimal Gharti Magar is replaced by Jagjeet Shrestha.

46' Second half underway.

Half Time....

40' Anjan gets the better of Khongjee on the dribble but his final pass is poor.

37' Offside! Narazary is flagged for an offside after a miss pass in Indian half led to a counter. 1-1

35' ROhit sets up Heman for a long ranger and Gurung's drive from about 25 yards goes wide

31' India are creating attacks consistently from the wings as Sunil roams around the attack.

29' Sunil is with the ball outside the box but he gets no room to shoot the ball and ends up committing a foul instead.

27' Long delivery from the center bounced inside and Borges powered the shot to the roof of the net. 1-1

26' GOAL! Rowlin Borges scores.

23' Lyndogh nutmegs past Biraj in the left but Aditya does well to concede a throw in and stop the play.

21' Sanju Pradhan's shot after rebounded cross goes wide from far post with goalie forward

20' Quick shot from Narzary after exchange of play with Sunil but his shot from outside the box is saved with ease by Chemjong.

16' Indian team on attack but their final pass from the midfield rolls into Chemjong's grasp with defense well placed to mark.

15' Quick turn and shot from Bimal off Rohit's pass but the goalscorer cant quite get the connection on it and Pal collects with ease.

12' Loss of possession as Bimal is shoved off and the cross from Das from the left goes high and wide.

8' Aditya makes an excellent tackle inside the box after being beaten for pace of the ball and Sunil inside the box.

4' more on the goal, Nawayug shoved the challenge of Kotal and hit the post and Bimal scored in the rebound. 1-0 up!

3' GOALLL! Bimal Gharti Magar scores.

1' Foul early on as Lyndogh pulls Anjan in the halfway of Indian half.

The match is underway....

Nepal Lineup: Kiran (GK),Ranjit, Aditya, Jitendra, Biraj (C), Rohit, Heman,Bishal,Anjan,Nawayug, Bimal