SAFF2015 M1: Nepal vs Sri Lanka, (FT)
Nepal - 0 Sri Lanka - 1
  • M.C. Mohamed Rifnas 90+5'

Starting XI:

Nepal: Kiran(GK): Ranjit, Jitendra, Aditya, Biraj: Heman, Bikram, Rohit: Bimal, Anil(C), Anjan

Sri Lanka: Perera(GK), Silva, Wijesiri, Chameera, Hettiarachchi, Zarwan, Ishan, Rifnas, Nalaka (C), Kumara, Hakeem

59' Excellent delivery from Heman and Rohit fails to get his header on target.

48' Ranjit Dhimal tries to hold the player to win the ball but referee blows his whistle just inside the SL half.

Nepal have changed their jersey to blue in the second half.

45' Half time...

43' Cross field ball onto the left wing is cleared for a throw in by Biraj. SL are lingering with the play and referee is asking to resume

41' Rohit Chand's shot from outside the box goes inches above the crossbar. Nepal are playing well on possession.

38' OFFSIDE! Bimal plays Anjan in the left wing after a couple of dribbling but the assistant on the farside raises his flag.

35' Ranjit's cross after good play from Rohit and Anjan goes out of bounds.

34' The delivery is headed away and the rebound is halt after referee whistled for pushing inside the box.

33' Nepal get a corner as SL defender miscues the cross in from Ranjit. Anjan's delivery from corner goes for another one.

31' Anjan Bista's effort on goal from outside the box goes high from the target and SL take time to resume the play from goal kick.

30' OFFSIDE! Sri Lankan player are playing high line when opposition are on attack and catching them off guard.

22' Sri Lanka are trying to push through the wings as they earn a couple of throw ins and then a free kick, but Kiran grabs the cross well.

21' The freekick swung into the box by Heman is punched away by the goalie and rebound is not used well.

20' Hakeem of SL is yellow carded for a late challenge on Bimal in the left wings.

19' Nepal are pressing the play in defense and trying to create attacking moves with possession play, so far none has been successful.

17' The cleared corner nearly invited danger as Aditya misplaced a pass, but he gets the ball back by intercepting the pass.

16' Rohit wins third corner for Nepal and the corner from Heman is cleared.

14' Bikram's long ball from the freekick near the center circle gets a touch of Anil's head.

12' Rohit Chand's header off Bimal's cross is saved by the goalkeeper. Excellent play from Anil to send Bimal through there.

The corner following the save goes without danger. That was a very good chance and the goalkeeper made nice save to keep the scoreline same

9' The corner routine then is cleared without any danger. SL prepare for a goalkick.

8' Anjan Bista's shot from outside the box after a miscued header is deflected off for a corner.

5' Nepal are pinging the ball between themselves themselves and trying to build an attack.

4' Ranjit is fouled in halfway of Nepal's half and Nepal restart play with a short freekick.

3' Heman's long ball fails to find Anil and Nepal surrender possession inside the SL box.