AFC U16 Qualifiers (FT)
Kyrgyzstan - 2 Nepal - 4
  • MANISH KARKI 55' (2-1)
  • REJIN SUBBA 67' (2-2)
  • DINESH HENJAN 73' (3-2)
  • DINESH HENJAN 90+2 (4-2)

Nepal 4-2 Kyrgyzstan

There will be five minutes of added time.

Kyrgyzstan are 10 men now as their captain is sent off two yellow cards. He just fouled Abhisekh Rijal

Two Nepali players are being treated for injuries in the sideline, Abhishek Rijal and Arpan Karki are the players

More than 8300 fans have turned up to support the home team.

The match is on its 78th minute.

Nepal 3-2 Kyrgystan

73' Rejin Subba Scores another for Nepal

Nepal 2-2 Kyrgyzstan

Rejin Subba equalizes for Nepal

Nepal have made a lot of improvements than the first half, but Kyrgyzstan have are looking dangerous. They have already made two attempts.

60' Abhisekh Riaj had found the back of the net for Nepal but the referee has ruled it as foul.

Manish Karki scored for a pass fed by Rejn Subba.

Nepal 1-2 Kyrgyzstan

58' Captain Manish Karki scores for Nepal

56' Nepal earns a corner. Can they make anything out of it?

52' A shot charged by Rejin Subba is saved by the keeper with difficulty.

46' Prejen Tamang about to be substituted. Dinesh Hemjan  is warming up in the sidelines.

Second half starts

Two minutes of added time shown by the referee.

The match is becoming one-sided as Kyrgyzstan making one attempts after the other.

Suman Aryal saves Nepal from conceding the third goal as he makes another goal line clearence.

The home team scores from penalty.

Kyrgyzstan makes it 2-0

Laxman Pariyar saves Nepal from a another goal as he makes a clearence.

Kyrgystan scored from a shot taken just outside the penatly box.

30' Kyrgyzstan takes the lead 1-0

29' First real chance for Nepal as shot taken by Rejin Subba his the bar. The rebound taken by Prezen Tamang from close range goes out.

Nepal keeper Arpan Karki is keeping Nepal at bay. He has made about 6 saves in the last 23 minutes played.

19' Nepal are unable to perfrom like they did against Jordan. Kyrgystan are dominating the play.

18' Arpan Karki makes another save.

16' Arpan Karki makes a fine save from a shot taken from close range by the opponents.

15' The home team is making counter attacks and threatening the Nepali half.

8' A shot from Abhishek taken from a tight angle is dealt by the keeper with ease.

2' Nepal have won a freekick.

1' The Match is underway.