RTSC - 2 APF - 1
  • 10' Segun [1-0]
  • 28' Heman Gurung [1-1]
  • 37' Jagajeet Shrestha [2-1]

Starting XI:

RTSC: Kiran, Sagar, Sandip, Ranjit, Peter, Bikram, Nirajan, Bijay, Jagajeet, Afeez, Segun

APF: Bikram, Ramesh, Saroj, Man Bdr, Sudeep, Rupak, Heman, Navin, Santosh, Ranjan, Jangbu




45+1' Jangbu's overhead attempt inside the box does not bring any result.

45' 2 minutes time is added.

44' The freekick is held by goalkeeper Bikram in the second attempt.

41' Jaggu is sent through on the ings but his sprint goes on waste as the ball goes out of play.

38' More on the goal, Jagajeet scored a sweet timed volley after Segun got his head to cross and sent it to path of Jaggu.

37' GOALLL! Jagajeet scores.

36' Bikram Lama tries to find Bijaya with a lofted ball but the ball goes into hands of APF goalie.

33' APF are looking dangerous but Kiran holds on to the ball well from a deflected shot.

31' Another freekick for APF, but this time Sudip's delivery is headed out by Bikram.

29' More on the goal, Heman Gurung hit the freekick on goal from about 35 yards and Kiran Chemjong fumbled the ball into the net.

28' GOALLL! Heman Gurung scores.

25' Bikram Gurung parries away Segun's shot on goal and Ramesh makes sure onrushing Jaggu doesn't get any chance to get to the ball.

23' Bijaya Gurung is not having a good day. Continuous loss of possession and this time he shoots the ball away from goal.

20' Jangbu's attempt on goal from outside the box goes over the bar and onto the audience's area.

18' Clever freekick from Three Star as Jaggu and Nirajan play a quick 1-2 and final cross from Shrestha deflects and ends into hands of goalkeeper.

17' Bijay sends Afeez through on goal but Ramesh Dangal makes sure the ball does not create any danger.

15' Kiran gets the ball from the cross after a fumble and Jangbu collides with the goalie late, refeee calls for a foul.

13' Afeez is brought down in the right byline but the freekick is well dealt by goalkeeper Bikram.

11' More on the goal, Afeez sent a ball into the box and Bikram sent it to Segun's way and the weak effort from the forward beat goalkeeper.

10' GOAL! SEGUN scores!

9' Ranjan Bista and Jangbu combine well in front of Three Star box but Navin Lama fails to read the final pass inside six yard box.

8' Good attack from Three Star ends with no outcome as Jagajeet's cross goes to the far post.

7' The play resumes as Ranjan is taken out of the field for futher treatment.

5' Ranjan is down in the ground and referee asks for the play to go out for further treatment.

4' Peter commits a foul on Ranjan and refereee Bikash Mahat awards APF a free kick. 

3' Clash of heads between Sandip Rai and Saroj Koirala and play halts.

2' Segun pushes Ramesh Dangal inside the box and referee blows the whistle.

1' The match begins

Three Star are on all Blue kits while APF are wearing all whites.

A minute silence by the payers in memory of late Lalit Krishna Shrestha.