LH MMC - 0 NPC - 0



Bishal S, Biraj, Bikram, Sissoko, Moussa, Shiva, Dodoz, Anil (c), Sujal, Bishal R, Deepak


Roshan, Suraj, Suman, Santosh, Kapil, Nir Kr, Dinesh

86' Binod Karki is replaced by Yogesh Shrestha for NPC.

83' Anil Gurung is replacedby Nabin Neupane.

82' POST!!! Subas Gurung hits the post after winning the battle on air. The shot from just outside the six yard box beat the goalkeeper.

81' Shiva Shrestha makes way for Rupesh KC.

79' Dodoz is too late to react on Anil's cross from right and Roshan grabs the ball well.

75' Shiva goes past a couple of defenders but his final shot on goal goes wide as he miscued the shot on process.

72' Bikram Dhimal pits his body on line to make a challange and looks to have injured himself. His tackle on dodoz clears the danger.

68' Dipak Rai is replaced by Subash Gurung.

66' Dodoz's attempt from outside the box goes over the bar and into the audience.

64' OHH! BHARAT SHAH misses an absolute sitter here. Bishal Shrestha miscues the throw and it goes into the feet of Bharat who is just outside the box with no pressure, he guides the ball over goalkeeper's head but it goes over the bar by inches. Series of mistake means the game is still level.

61' The freekick from Bishal is punched away by goalkeeper Roshan and Binod plays Bharat through on goal. Bharat gets ahead of the defenders inside the box but his decision to cut back instead of taking a shot on goal backfires.

59' The shot goes into the hands of goalkeeper Bishal Shrestha.

58' Nir Kumar Rai steps up to take the freekick.

55' Bikram Limbu makes a cross into the box but Bishal Rai's flying header goes off target.

52' Dodoz misses a chance to take the team to the front as he fails to connect to the cross.

50' Anil Gurung makes a cross into the box but Sujal fails to get near the ball.

46' Second half begins.


45' 2 minutes time is added.

42' Sissoko makes a timley challenge on Nir Kumar Rai inside the box and Police waste a golden chance to go on front.

40' Sujal Lashes onto the cross from the right by Dodoz and his shot goes inches away from the target.

39' Biraj Maharjan is down in the field and referee awards MMC a freekick inside their own half.

35' The chase is on for Dipak Rai but Dodoz's flick is grabbed by advancing Roshan.

33' Poor shot from Bharat Shah as Bishal Shrestha grabs the attempt with ease from outside the box.

32' Bikram Dhimal replaces injured Suman.

31' Sujal's delivery is punched away by Roshan.

30' YELLOW for Santosh hemrun as he fouled Sujal.

29' Suman Subedi requires further treatment and is being taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

28' Clash of heads as Suman Subedi and Anil GUrung collided.

27' Dipak Rai sends in an excellent delivery inside the box but Anil Gurung is well stopped by Suraj BK.

24' Nir Kumar Rai tries a shot on goal from halfway of Manang half but his shot is weak and off target.

20' Nice exchange of passes in between Anil Gurung and Dipak Rai but Suraj BK is well positioned to clear.

18' Shiva wins the possession in NPC half and plays in Dipak but the latter's low cross is too weak to create any danger and Suman Subedi clears.

13' DOdoz takes a shot on goal from outside the box and Roshan grabs it with ease.

10' Freekick from NPC is headed out by Sissoko for a throw in,

8' The corner then goes out wasted.

7' Brilliant save by Roshan Khadka and Kapil DHakal makes a sliding challege inside the six yard box to stop ANil Gurung from taking a shot on goal.

4' Dipak Rai's flick is well read by Kapil Dhakal.

3' The corner beats everyone inside the box and the ball rolls out for a throw in.

2' Manang win a corner with their early attack.

1' The match begins.