1st SAFF U19 C'ship 2015 (PEN)
Nepal - 5 India - 4
  • 31' Tej Tamang [1-0]
  • 88' Shahbaaz [1-1]

Starting XI:


Sojit Gurung

Aakash Thapa - Ananta Tamang - Chhiring Gurung - Kamal Shrestha

Sunil Bal - Dona Thapa - Tej Tamang - Bishwas Shrestha

Bimal Gharti Magar (c) - Anjan Bista


Shahbaaz, Khiangte, Bedashwor, Khalrukhi, Daniel (c), Sarthak, Sayak, Kamalpreet, Gursimrat, Jerry, Anirudh


Updates by: Subas Humagain

NEPAL WIN 5-4 on penalties.

NEP 5 IND 4 Ananta Tamang scoress! NEPAL WIN!

NEP 4 IND 4 Shahabaaz comes to take the spot kick, and its a cool finish from the defender. He sends the goalkeeper wrong way with shot to right.


NEP 4 IND 3 Dona Thapa is coming on to take the kick, and he scores. Goalkeeper sent to wrong direction yet again as his dive to the right goes in vain with DOna's low shot going to the middle.

NEP 3 IND 3 Skipper Daniel is moviing forward for the kick, goalkeeper gets his hands to the shot on the left but the ball goes in.


NEP 3 IND 2 Bishwas onto the spot kick duties, his shot towards the midway beats the goalkeeper diving to his right.

NEP 2 IND2  Sarthak Gouli prepares to take the kick, and his shot to lower left corner beats the goalkeeper diving towards same direction.


NEP 2 IND 1 Sunil Bal steps up, and scores to the lower left. GOalkeeper's dive to the same direction goes in vain.

NEP 1 IND 1 Hayden is taking the kick and score. Powerful effort to the left beats the goalkeeper diving to the same direction.


NEP 1 IND 0 Hemata steps up to take the kick and he scors to his left. The goalkeeper dived to his right.

NEP 0 IND 0 Moinuddin takes the kick and the goalkeeper saves. Excellent save from Sojit. Moin hit to his right and diving save on the air from goalkeeper.


India will take the kick first.

The kick wll be taken in the western end. 

The result will be now decided by a tiebreaker.

End of regular time: Nepal 1-1 India

90+4' Nepal get a throw in as the game moves to last minute.

90+3' Shiva flicks the ball from the freekick delivery but Bishwas fails to read the attempt and India get the possession back.

90+2' Kamal Shrestha's attempted long pass to Bishwas is covered by the goalkeeper.

90' 4 minutes time is added.

89' More on the goal, Shahbaaz hits the shot low to his left and Sojit dives to the opposite and India are level.

88' GOAL! India score from the spot kick as Shahbaaz makes no mistake.

87' PENALTYY! Dinesh Rajbanshi handles the cross and India get a freekick.

86' Hemanta's shot from outside the box after a fake shot in first attempt goes off the target.

85' Bishwas wins a throw in at the midway of Indian half and Nepal take time to restart the play.

84' SUBSTITUTION for Nepal as skipper Bimal makes way for Dinesh Rajbanshi.

83' Shiva Subedi takes a shot on goal from outside the box which fails to test the keeper as shot goes out of target.

82' Daniel's low shot from outside the box goes into the hands of goalkeeper Sojit Gurung.

81' Khiangte's delivery from the freekick is headed out of danger and Chhring blocks the rebound well to clear the danger.

80' SUBSTITUTION for Nepal as Anjan Bista is replaced by Shiva Subedi.

79' ANjan Bista is down in the field and stretcher is called upon. He is being prepared for a Substitution.

78' Brillaint close control from Anjan to hold possession in front of Indian box but his pass to Sunil is cleared out.

77' Bishwas' attepmt to make inviting cross aimed at Anjan ends up into the goalkeeper's hand.

76' Anjan Bista is yellow carded for a foul in the indian half.

75' India resume the play as Bimal gets to the sidelines for further treatment. 

74' Bimal is down in the box as he ran to reach Bishwas' long pass. He is limping off the field with physio's assistance.

73' The freekick delivery from Khiangte hits the wall and gets a touch of Indian player before going out for a goal kick.

72' SUBSTITUTION for India as Hayden Hapson Fernandes comes in to replace Hayden Hapson Fernandes,

71' Another foul on ANirudh as Dona is the culprit of pulling down this time. Khiangte steps up.

70' The delivery from the freekick is flicked to the backpost for a corner. The corner then is booted off the box by Aakash.

69' Hemanta's first play is not what he expected as he brings down Anirudh in the midfield.

68' SUBSTITUTION for Nepal as goalscorer Tej makes way for Hemant Thapa Magar.

67' Short corner from Khiangte to Moinuddin doesn't work well as the substitute forward had the ball over the goalline before making the delivery.

66' Consecutive blocks from the Nepalese defenders and the final block off Tej results a corner.

65' Anirudh Thapa's delivery does not create any danger as referee stops the play for pushing inside the box.

64' COrner for India as Sunil blocks the cross from the wing and Anirudh prepares.

63' Bishwas' shot from near of edge of the box goes wide as Sunil made a brilliant layoff after controlling Bimal's ball from wing.

62' Aakash boots the ball away from the ground as the cross from the right wing looked to create some danger.

61' Moinuddin's attempted pass to Japes goes out of the play as the co-ordination between the substitution lacked.

60' Bishwas is flagged for an offside as he moved too quick after anticipating a pass.

59' Kamal's cross from the right is headed by Bimal towards the goal but the keeper gets the ball into has hands with ease as the shot didnt have enough power.

58' Nothing is going right except the goalkeeper for India as Kamalpreet wastes a chance to cross the ball into the box.

57' India are under huge pressure as their defense is being penetrated continuously.

56' SAVE! Sayak is going through a busy period as he is tested to his best here. The reflex save to deny Sunil Bal a goal from the far post is amongst the best of this tournament.

55' Brilliant tackle from Akash inside the box as he halts Sahabaaz's pull of the leg to get the shot away.

54' WHAT A PLAY and the save was just upto the play if not better. Bimal ran with the ball, played down to Bishwas wide and recieved a nice weighted return but the skipper's shot is well saved by advancing goalkeeper. Brilliant move and save.

53' Khiangte is pulled down by Bishwas near the Indian box and referee blows the whistle.

52' Tej is down in the field with agony as his foot was caught by Anirudh in attempt to win the ball in air. Tej limps out to the sidelines.

51' SAVE! Sojit is tested to his best by Daniel as the skipper's powerful shot from inside the box is controlled by Sujit in second attempt.

50' Brilliant clearance from Chhiring as he boots away the ball from the cross first time.

49' Anjan is brought down just inside Indian half but the freekick fails to create any danger.

48' Shahabaaz tries to take a shot on goal from just inside Nepal's half but his miscued shot goes for a throw in at the left byline.

47' Double SUBSTITUTION for India, Bedashwor is replaced by Japes while Moinuddin comes in to replace Kaalrukhi.

46' Second half begins.

HALF TIME: Nepal 1-0 India

45+1' Too ambitious from Anjan as he takes a shot on goal from just inside Indian half and the shot goes out of target.

45' 2 minutes has been added.

44' Ananta is having a field day as he stops two consecutive attacks, one with an inerception from cross and the other  a header from backside of Daniel.

43' Dona makes good control of the ball from Tej's low cross but his final shot is just too high from the target.

42' Chhiring's shot from the rebound off a cross goes beyonf the post as well as the parapet behind the ground.

41' Anjan plays Bishwas in the wings and the cross from the winger to the far post is headed backwards by Jerry.

40' Bimal's attempted cross field ball is just a little fast for Bishwas to reach.

39' Khiangte's delivery to the far post finds Bedashwor and he is too late to make the cross ahead of the ball going past goalline.

38' Corner for India as Chhiring miscues the header and the ball goes beyond the goalline.

37' Sunil does well to win a corner as he stops Jerry from going forward on the wings.

36' Kamal is fouled from the back by Daniel and referee whistles for a foul.

35' Jerry makes a bad first touch and Nepalese goalkeeper Sojit prepares for a goal kick.

34' Bimal is back in the game after short spell on the sidelines and gets the first touch well to play back to Aakash.

33' Worrying signs for Nepal as Bimmal is down in the field.

32' More on the goal, Sunil's delivery found Ananta and his header was not well controlled by the goalie, Tej tapped in the rebound and celebrated wildly with his shirt off.

31' GOALLLL! Tej Tamang scores.

30' NEAR!! Anjan's shot is brilliantly parried away and Nepal get a sorner.

29' Excellent chance for Nepal goes unpunished as Gursimrat Gill made a brillaint tackle. Tej rounded off three defenders, played a one-two with anjan and lofted ball for Bimal, Bimal was fraction late to take the shot away.

28' The pllay stops as Bishwas is down holding his head.

27' Sunil Bal's cross from the right flank goes beyond the keeper as well as the post.

26' Nice interception from tej as he stops the Indian play and plays the ball forward.

25' Daniel chases the ball against Ananta but the skipper is penalised for tripping Ananta just ooutside the box.

24' Tej Tamang brings down Khalrukhi just inside Nepal's half and India take short freekick to restart the play.

22' Sojit makes a clean take of the long ball and restarts the play.

21' Kamapreet makes a nice timed tackle to stop Bishwas in the wings and referee gives a talking to for the indian player as he seemed rough.

20' Dona is down in the ground and referee halts the play for medical assistance.

19' Dona's attempted shot from outside the box goes miscued as the midfielder slips while tkaking the shot.

18' Bimal finds the ball from the wings inside the box but he is unable to take the shot as he had defenders all over and no support around.

17' Kamalpreettries to get forward of Aakash with pace but Chhiring covers him up well.

16' Khiangte's delivery to the far post beats everyonne and Sunil is fouled by Jerry in the wing.

15' Daniel's shot from outside the box is parried away for a corner,

14' Kamal loses the ball in the wings and Bedashwor plays the ball to Khiangte, whose shot from outside the box is not hit well.

13' Failed 1/2 pass between DOna and Anjan loses the ball but the lofted ball is read well by Sojit.

12' Nice exchange of passes between Anjan and Bimal but the final cross from skipper is just too early and Jerry takes the play.

11' DOna makes a panicking pass from the wing to mid but there is nobody there and Kamalpreet takes the possession.

10' Bimal plays a pass to the right wing to Aakash the ball is too fast for him.

9' Consecutive chance for Nepal but the chance is not capitalised, the final shot off Anjan inside the box is blocked by Sarthak.

8' Bimal finds the loose ball just otuside the box after the defender slipped but his first time shot goes just outside the post.

6' ANjan is away with the ball in the left wing but his decision to pass the ball to Sunil doesnt bring any danger as Tej fails to read the ball forward.

5' Anjan jumps the highest to head the ball out of the box and Kamal completes the clearance by booting it away to the other half.

4' Tej is accused of bringing down Daniel and Khiangte steps up to take the kick in right byline.

3' Bishwas wins the ball inside Nepal's half but he cannot take it much further as Anirudh makes the stop.

2' Nepal have made two changes from the previous match, Kamal Shrestha replaces Sudhan and Chhiring comes in for injured Gaurav.

1' First attack from Nepal as Bimal plays ball down the left flank with Bishwas running but Shahbaaz does well to hold the ball and win a freekick.

1' The match begins.

The game will begin shortly.

*National Anthems*

The teams line up for entrance.

The teams have gone in to their dressing room.

The teams have entered the field to warm up.

The teams have arrived at the stadium.