1st SAFF U-19 C'ship
Nepal - 3 Afghanistan - 2
  • 34' Anjan Bista [1-0]
  • 39' Anjan Bista (P) [2-0]
  • 50' Ananta Tamang (OG) [2-1]
  • 53' Sunil Bal [3-1]
  • 72' Mehdi Rezayee [3-2]

Starting XI:


Sojit Gurung

Aakash Thapa - Ananta Tamang - Gaurav Budhathoki - Sudhan Thapa

Sunil Bal - Dona Thapa - Tej Tamang - Bishwas Shrestha

Bimal Gharti Magar (c) - Anjan Bista


Murtaza Chakar Zayee

Hossain Ali Zada - Mehdi Rezayee - Ramin Rasoli (c) - Hedayat Qurayshi

Mustafa Rezyee - Abdul Rashid Achekzai - Suliman SHah Khorami - Abozar Sherzai

Suliman SHah Khorami - Yar Mohammad Zakar Khel


Updates by: Subas Humagain


90+6' Anjan Bista makes a good challenge in the wings as he enforces a goal kick in  corner flag.

90+5' Sojit flies with a high challenge to clear the ball out.

90+3' The freekick is headed out by Kamal and he goes back in again to complete the clearance with his foot.

90+2' Hossan Ali Zada is down in the field and in pain as Sunil Bal looked to have got somethng on the ball as well as the foot.

90+1' Sojit controls the ball with his chest as he buys time for his team late on.

90' Six minutes time is added.

88' Bimal pressureizes the defense by pressing back to win the ball and goalkeeper underpressure shoots the ball out of play.

87' Khorami makes sliding challenge to Anjan from the back and referee calls the stretcher team.

86' Tej Tamang looks injured as he sits down in the field, but he is up after referee talks to him.

85' Nepal are off to counter but Ramin holds the ball well to keep off Anjan Bista.

84' Nepal are having trouble to hold thhe ball well as their long passes is not going well.

82' Freekick from Khorami hits the wall and the rebound is well cleared by Nepal.

81' Tej Tamang is accused of tripping Khorami and Afghanistan prepare to take free kick from 25 yards.

80' SUBSTITUTION for Nepal as Bishwas Shrestha is replaced by Shiva Subedi.

78' Bimal is down in the field and requires medical assitance.

76' Afghanistan are pressing Nepal and the team is busy staying back to press the possession.

75' Referee gives a talking to with Tej and Mansory as the two looked to be pushing each other in throw in.

73' More on the goal, Rezayee and Khorami exchanged passes from outside the box and Sojit got a piece of the ball but it was not enough to stop the ball from rolling in. 

72' GOALL! Mehdi Rezayee scores. 

69' Anjan and Dona combine well but Dona goes down to a challenge to which referee wves play on.

68' Consecutive corner for Afganistan but none could work the keeper in Nepali post.

67' Low Freekick from All AHmad Mansory hits the wall and results a counter, but Sunil's pass to Tej in the wings is read by Rasoli.

66' Ananta fouls on midway of Nepal's half and referee awards freekick to Afghanistan.

65' Bimal skips past couple of defenders but he cannot deliver the cross into the box as skipper Ramin Rasoli makes ecellent tackle.

64' Anjan is brought down in the left wing and referee awards freekick for Nepal in their own half.

63' Dona is stretchered off the field for further medical assitance.

62' Anjan Bista keeps the ball in play with his dribbling skill but is forced to send the ball out as Dona is down in the field.

60' Nice piece of skill as Anjan makes backpass with backfoot and the cross in from Bishwas fails to reach Bimal.

59' Tej Tamang is tripped from behind at the center and referee whhistles the play.

58' Miscued clearance from Chhiring results corner but the delivery is headed away from the danger.

57' SUBSTITUTION for Afghanistan as M. Hassan Qaderi replaces Mortaza Rezahi.

55' YELLOW CARD! All Ahmad Mansory is yellow carded.

54'More on the goal, The freekick from left footed Sunil was excellently placed and the keeper had no chance of saving that. 

53' GOALLL! Sunil Bal scores from the direct freekick.

52' Freekick for Nepal as Anjan Bista is brought down just outside the box. Sunil Steps up for the kick.

51' Ananta tried to stop the ball from the player running behind him but unfortunate for him the keeper was off position and its 2-1.

50' GOAL! Afghanistan get a goal back from own goal.

49' Nepal are pushing the ball from the start as Afghani look to attack with their changes from the half.

48' SUnil Bal's cross from the left is controlled by keeper Chakar Zayee in the far post.

47' yet another double susbtitution from Afghanistan as All Ahmad Mansory and Masoud Habibi come in to replace Abozar Sherzai and Hedayat Qurayshi.

46' Second half begins.

HALF TIME: Nepal 2-0 Afghanistan

45+3' Excellent chance for Dona to make it 3-0 for Nepal. Bimal took the counter attack form midfield to final third and he found Dona unmarked inside the box, Dona the hit the shot with his outside foot and Keeper parried away the shot.

45+2' Chhiring completes the clearance after Sojit fumbled the take from the cross in.

45+1' SUBSTITUTION Kamal Shrestha comes in to replace injured Gaurav.

45' 3 minutes time is added.

44' Kamal is being prepared as Gaurav looks unble to continue.

43' Bishwas is playing in the left back in absence of Gaurav.

42' Gaurav looks injured in the box and medical assitance is called upon.

41' Chhiring makes an excellent tackle inside the box as Afghanistan looked to have created dangerous attack.

40' More on the goal,Anjan hit his first kick to the left but the interference from Nepalese players forced for a retake, the retake then was hit to the right corner which had goalie well beaten.

39' GOALLL! Anjan Bista scores again. The penalty was retaken after there was interference inside the box.

38' The defender is yellow carded and Anjan Bista takes the kick.

37' PENALTYYY! Nepal are awarded a penalty after Mortaza Rezahi handled the ball.

35' What a header! The delivery from Sunil was aimed to the near post and Anjan rose up highest to direct the header into the goal.

34' GOALLL! Anjan Bista scores.

33' Brilliant tackle from Hossain Ali Zada to stop the cross from Sunil and Nepal get a corner.

32' Dona loses the back pass from Anjan and Afghanistan are off to  start a counter, which doesnt give good end product.

31' Hedayat Qurayshi has his boot on the ground and referee advises him to go to the sidelines in order to put it on.

30' First touch from Chhiring is good but he misses the pass in the box, luckily the forward makes a run a little quick and gets front of goal.

29' Nepal are being pressed from the left as right hand  side looks silent.

28' Gaurav has switched to the left side with Chhiring playing in the center half along with Ananta.

27' SUBSTITUTION for Nepal as  Chhiring Gurung replaces Sudhan Thapa.

26' Achekzai's cross from the right goes beyond the goal and for a goal kick.

25' Abozar is off with the ball in right side but Gaurav makes a good tackle to stop the attack.

24' Sojit looks comfortable in the gloves as he makes anotherclean take of the ball.

23' Sudhan loses the ball in the wings and he cannot get the ball back from Khorami. Lucky for him and Nepal that his shot from inside the box goes high and wide.

22' Abozar Sherzai is down in the field and referee looks up to him by halting the play.

21' Bimal wins the ball from defender and pases it to Anjan but the later is too late to make the exchange pass and defenders cover up.

20' Freekick from Bimal hits the wall and rebound is halt after pushing from Anjan in order to win the rebound.

19' Referee calls for medical assitance as Bishwas is down in the field.

18' YELLOW! Mustafa Rezayee is the culprit again against Bishwas and this time his raised foot challenge is yellow carded by the referee. Bimal steps up to take the kick just outside the box.

17' Aakash's delivery is headed out from inside the box and Afghanistan are open for counter. The final shot from Zakar Khel from the edge of the box goes wide.

16' FOUL! Mustafa Rezayee makes a sliding challenge near the conrer flag which fails to get a piece of ball and Biswas is down with agony.

15' Abozar SHerzai's inviting delivery is well read and controlled by goalkeeper Sojit.

14' Sudhan is having a bad day at the back as he concedes another freekick.

13' Scare for Nepal as Sojit misses the delivery from corner but lucky for his that the shot from far post goes straight into his hands.

12' Afghanistan earn a corner after Suhan failed to read goalkeeper's call.

11' Abozar Sherzai pushes down Bishwas and referee whistles for the stoppage of play.

10' Hedayat Qurayshi's left footed attempt from 30 yards out goes wide from the target.

9' OFFSIDE! Bishwas is off position as he stays up to recoeve the backpass from throw in.

8' Abozar makes an excellent timed tackle to stop Bishwas from making a cross in.

7' Yellow Card for Sudhan Thapa as his sliding tackle did not get the ball.

6' Bishwas Shrestha is down and the Nepalese fans and the bench is appealing but referee waves for play on.

5' OFFSIDE! Bimal is flagged for an offside after he moved a bit quick to get to Bishwas' lofted pass.

4' Bimal's set piece fails to clear the wall and the rebound with the weaker right is off target.

3' FOUL! Sunil Bal is brought down in the right wing and Bimal steps up to take the kick.

3' Nepal get a freekick in the center circle and Tej plays the ball short and quickly.

2' Early pressure from Afghanistan but the defense is well placed to stop the attack.

1' The match begins.

*National Anthem*

The teams have lined up to get inot the field.

The teams have gone in after warm up.