1st SAFF U-19 C'ship
Maldives - 0 India - 3
  • 41' Moinuddin[0-1]
  • 47' Lalramzuava Khinangte [0-2]
  • 71' Anirudh Thapa [0-3]

Starting XI:


Shahbaaz, Khiangte, Moinuddin, Japes, Daniel (c), Sarthak, Sayak, Kamalpreet, Gursimrat, Jerry, Anirudh


Maeesh Mohamed, Solah Ali, Nazaam Mohamed, Najah Hussain Nasif, Maishaan Ibrahim, Abdul Ghanee Riham, Aisam Ibrahim, Hamdhaan Ali, Hassan Ibrahim Atheeq, Mafaaz Ali, Majeed Ahmed


Updates by: Subas Humagain

FINAL SCORE: Maldives 0-3 India

90+4' SUBSTITUTION for Maldives as Ghanee Riham makes way for TOhiru AHmed.

90+3' What a run from Nasif as he stops Prasanth's cross in his own box and runs with it upto other box.

90+2' Close control from Daniel as he skips past couple of defenders but Ali Solah makes sure the ball doesn't go beyond.

90' 4 minutes time is added.

88' Khiangte is penalised for a foul as he pulls down Riham near the center spot.

87' Anirudh's low shot from outside the box goes out for a goal kick as the shot lacked enough power.

85' Sayak Barai looks comfortable between the sticks as he leaps up to take the long freekick taken by Nasif.

83' Moinuddin's freekick delivery from the right byline towards the far post is headed out of target.

81' Daniel makes a brilliant run with the ball with defenders lacking pace and he takes a low lofted shot with goalkeeper outpositioned, the shot beats the keeper but also goes inches wide from the target.

79' Hamdhaan concedes a throw in as Jerry looked to attack from the wings with no cover behind.

78' Sushil brings down Ali Solah just outside the box and referee Kabin Byanjankar whistles for a foul.

77' Ali Solah makes a brilliant headed clearance as Prasanth's cross is shot out of box.

75' SUBSTITUTION for Maldives, Ruhaam Ahmed replaces Maishaan Ibrahim.

74' SUbstitution for India as Shahbaaz makes way for Sushil meite.

72' More on the goal, Excellent shot from Anirudh as his shot from outside the box goes into the roof of the net. The first time left footed shot from Prasanth's low cross beat the keeper well.

71' GOALLL! India have a three goal cushion with Anirudh's strike.

70' SUBSTITUTION for India: Japes is replaced by Prasanth.

69' Shahabaaz commits a foul on Nazaam Mohamed but skips a second yellow with a talking to from referee.

68' Japes looks hurt as the medical team takes him on the sidelines for further treatment.

66' SUBSTITUTION for India as injured Kamalpreet is replaced by Bedashwor Singh Laishram.

64' The play restarts after a short delay with Kamalpreet still on the sidelines.

62' Clash of heads between Kamalpreet and Maeesh as the freekick from Khiangte looked to create danger.

61' Moinuddin looks hurt as he hits the adBoard behind the goalline.

60' The corner fails to create any danger and keeper restarts the play.

59' India win a corner as Nasif kicks the ball out from near post.

56' Sayak Barai has his nearpost secured as he parries away ATheeq's shot for a corner.

55' The throw in then goes out for a corner, which results another corner as Khiangte fails to read short corner from Hamdhaan.

54' Maldives get  throw in near the corner flag as Jerry does well to keep the ball off play.

53' Nice linkup play in between Moinuddin and Sahabaaz in the final third but Daniel fails to make good use of the final pass.

52' Shahbaaz is yellow carded for a foul on skipper Hamdhaan.Strong words from the referee follows up with the card.

51' Gursimrat's shot from outside th box hits the post and Japes can't cross the rebound into the box.

50' Referee halts the play as Atheeq is injured and needs medical assitance.

49' Nice attempt to exchange the passes between Atheeq and Riham but the final return from Riham is too early for Atheeq to react.

48' More on the goal, Khinangte recieved the cross from Daniel and put it beyond keeper's reach with first time effort to double the India's lead.

47' GOALL! India scores second goal of the match.

46' Second half begins.

HALF TIME: Maldives 0-1 India 

45' 2 minutes time is added.

45' MISSED! Atheeq's shot to the right misses the target as goalkeeper dived to the left.

44' PENALTYY! Maldives are awarded a penalty as Kamalpreet is caught handling the ball.

43' Daniel is penalised for a foul as he pushes the defender while vying for an aeriel duel.

42' More on the goal, Nasif loses the ball just near the edge of the box and Moinuddin takes the ball inside the box, dribbles past Solah to shoot the ball past the goalkeeper and into the net.

41' GOALL! Moinuddin scores for India.

38' Sarthak makes good use of his pysique as he helds off challenge of Hamdhaan Ali to win a goal kick for his team.

36' Japes loses the ball inside the Maldives' box and Indian teammates are not happy with his decision to make a backpass.

35' Khiangte's delivery to the far post is headed out for corner by Atheeq but the corner doesn't create any danger.

34' Shahbaaz is pulled down in the right flank and referee awards India a freekick.

33' Daniel's shot from inside the six yard box is wide from the target.

32' Assad Mohamed, who came on as a substitute takes a shot on goal but the shot beats the goalie as well as the post.

31' Kamalpreet is on the act again as he forces Nazaam Ahmed to concede a throw in.

29' Kamalpreet's cross from the right wing goes out of the play and Maeesh takes goal kick to restart the play.

27' Nice save from Sayak Barai as he pushes the ball away from target hit by Atheeq. The corner then goes out without any danger.

26' Early enforced change for Maldives as Majeed Ahmed picks up an injury and Assad Mohamed Arshad comes in.

24' Shahbaaz's cross from the right wing goes beyond the keeper and the post for a goal kick.

23' Majeed AHmed is down in his own box and referee calls for medical assistance.

22' India are keeping the ball between themselves as Maldives chase the posession.

20' Khiangte's freekick is tipped over the bar but the ball hits the bar on return andgoes out for a corner.

19' Freekick for india in near about the edge of the box as Japes is brought down. Khiangte steps up.

18' Both the teams are playing the ball in midfield and looking for a loop hole in the defense.

16' Japes' cross from the left is well timed but Moinuddin cant get the better of ALi Solah in air.

15' Maldives are pressing hard but the Indian defense is not letting get anything beyond them.

13' Hamdhaan gets a nice pass from the midfield but the move halts because of a raised flag in the sidelines.

12' Majeed AHhmed is sent through on goal and his shot from left hits the sidenet.

11' Quick throw in results a cross and Moinuddin fails to connect the ball well with his header.

10' Goalkeeper Maeesh advances to clear the ball and India restart play with throw in.

9' Majeed Ahmed takes a run at the defenders but his first time shot is blocked by Sarthak and the rebound again hits the defender to result a corner.

8' Japes gets a pass onto the wngs from Jerry but hs final shot hits the defender and rebounds off him for a goal kick.

7' India are comfortbaly playing the ball and are making continuous attacking move but aren't getting final pass well.

6' Khiangte's corner from the right side is cleared out of the box by Aisam Ibrahim.

5' Calls for Penalty from India as Daniel is challenged in the six yard box, the skipper took his time to let the shot go after Kamalpreet's brilliant work in the box.

4' The freekick from Khiangte is parried away by the goalkeeper and Japes' shot off the rebound is flagged for an offside.

3' Referee spots pushing and pulling inside the box and the freekick is delayed.

2' India get a freekick in midway of Maldives' half and Khiangte steps up to take the kick.

1' The match begins.