1st SAFF U-19 C'ship (FT)
Nepal - 2 Bangladesh - 1
  • 11' Rohit Sarkar [0-1]
  • 18' Anjan Bista [1-1] (p)
  • 90+3' Ananta Tamang [2-1]

Starting XI:

Sojit Gurung
Sudan Thapa, Ananta Tamang, Gaurav Budhathoki, Aakash Thapa
Sunil Bal ,Kamal Shrestha, Hemanta Thapa Magar, Bishwas Shrestha
Bimal Gharti Magar (c), Anjan Bista
Anisur Rahman
Md Rahamat Mia, Md Emon, Md Tutul Hosain Badsha, Mohamed Shalauddin

Masuk Moah Zoni ©, Rohit Sarkar, MDa

Sahariar Bappy, Mannaf Rabby

Biplo Ahamed, Mohammad Ibrahim


Sojit Gurung
Sudan Thapa, Ananta Tamang, Gaurav Budhathoki, Aakash Thapa
Sunil Bal ,Kamal Shrestha, Hemanta Thapa Magar, Bishwas Shrestha
Bimal Gharti Magar (c), Anjan Bista


Anisur Rahman
Md Rahamat Mi, Md Emon, Md Tutul Hosain Badsha, Mohamed Shalauddin
Masuk Moah Zoni ©, Rohit Sarkar, MD Sahariar Bappy, Mannaf Rabby
Biplo Ahamed, Mohammad Ibrahim 


Updates by: Subas Humagain

FULL TIME: Nepal 2-1 Bangladesh

90+4' The freekick was delivered into six yard box by Sunil and the header from Ananta rebounded off Badsha and went into the net.

90+3' GOALLL! Nepal scores via Ananta Tamang.

90+2' Stretcher is called in the ground as Bishwash looks hurt.

90+1' Biswash Shrestha is tripped by Tutul Badsha and referee flashes a yellow card.

90' 4 minutes time is added.

89' Sunil Bal vies for the ball near the corner flag but loses te battle for possession.

88' Sunil Bal's delivery from the corner beats the goalkeeper as well as the post and Anisure takes the goal kick.

87' Corner for Nepal as Janom's low delivery is cleared out for corner.

86' Rabby's header goes inches away from near post as Anant was well beate on the air, something we rarely see in the pitch. The keeper was well beaten.

84' Bimal is forced to concede a throw and 

82' Janom flicks the ball inside the box but Bimal is marked by two players and Badsha kicks the ball out.

81' SUBSTITUTION for Nepal as Janom Man Ligal comes in to replace Anjan Bista.

80' Nepal are keeping the ball between themselves in their own half while Bangladesh are sitting behind.

79' Freekick for Bangladesh just inside their half and Bimal is not happy with the decision.

78' OFFSIDE called against Rabby and Sojit takes the ball.

77' Bishwas Shrestha takes the ball from his own half to the other but his final pass is intercepted by the defender.

76' Similar shot from similar position by Sunil and  result is no different as Anisur prepares for a goal kick.

75' Sunil Bal's effort from near the esge of the box is inches away from target.

74' Bimal makes a great effort from the left but the goalkeeper is equal to it with a save.

73' The corner is headed away and rebound from Dona is miscued and ends in the hands of keeper Anisur.

72' Nepal get a corner as Bishwas is put into test in sprint and Emon concedes a corner.

71' Shiva Subedi is held off by Mia and Bangladesh get a throw in.

70' Brilliant challenge from Gaurav as his sliding tackle takes the ball away from Rabby.

69' SUBSTITUTION for Nepal as Dona Thapa comes on to replace Kamal Shrestha.

68' Shrestha's shot from the freekick goes into the hands of goalkeeper Anisur.

67' Freekick in nice position for Nepal as SUnil Bal is tripped just outside the box.

66' SUBSTITUTION for Bangladesh as Biplo Ahmed makes way for MD Anik Hossain.

65' Bangladesh are keeping the ball in between themselves and Nepal are pressing hard.

64' Bishwas' cross from the right goes into the hands of goalie.

63' Close chance for Nepal as Kamal Shrestha's shot from just inside the box after beating a couple of defenders goes wide.

61' Bangladesh pile on the pressire at the back but Nepalese defense are closing in well.

60' Mannaf Rabby is flagged for an offside.

59' Sunil flicks the goal kick forward but Bimal is closed in by two defenders and keeper covers.

57 Kamal Shrestha pushes Mannaf Rabby in the center circle and referee penalises for a foul.

56' Nepal are pushed on the backfoot as Bangaldesh press on but the forwards are not utilising the chances well.

54' Corner for Nepal as Badsha kicks the ball out with Bimal lurking behind.

53' Sojit makes a brilliant save from the cross with forwards closing in on him.

52' SUBSTITUTION for Nepal as Hemanta Thapa Magar is replaced by Shiva Subedi.

51' Biswahs is the culprit on loss of possession as he looks fatigued.

50' Close chance for Bangladesh. Rohit Sarkar fails to guide a brilliant ball into the goal as Biplo lofted in a cross inside six yard box.

49' The setpiece delivery hits the first man and Bangladesh counter.

48' MD Rokey is penalised for a foul on Bishwash and Akash Thapa prepares to deliver the ball from left flank.

47' Half time substitution from Bangladesh as Md Rokey comes on for Md Salahuddin.

46' Second Half begins.

HALF TIME: Nepal 1-1 Bangaldesh

45+1' Heart in the mouth situation for Nepal as ball is free just in front of goal-line but Sojit dives well to get control of it.

45' 2 minutes time is added.

45' Inviting delivery from Bishwas ends into hands of goalie with Bimal chasing it a bit late.

44' Bishwas is down in the field and referee calls for medical assitance.

43' Nepal are pressing well but are failing to get any end product in the final third.

42' Bimal gets the ball in the wings but does not make a cross due to lack of support inside the box.

41' Gaurav Budhathoki is yellow carded for a foul in the right byline.

40' Anjan tries to find Bishwas but the pass it overhit and Ibrahim prepares for goal kick.

39' Kamal Shrestha's attempt from about 25 yards out is hit too low and wide to trouble the goalkeeper.

37' Bangaldesh  are holding the ball and waiting for a break in as Nepal chase the possession.

35' Foul called against Anjan as he is penalised for pushing in air.

34' Sudhan completes a clearance after Bangladesh had ball in dngerous position inside the box.

33' Sojit prepares a goal kick after shot from Rabby was out of target.

32' Anjan tries to play in a quick pass to SUnil after recieving from him but the defender intercepts and clears.

31' Anjan Bista is flagged for an offside as he moved quicly to reach for lofted ball.

30' Nice save by Sojit diving to his left.

30' Kamal plays a ball onto the wings aimed at Bishwas but Mohammad Salhahuddin clears it out.

29' Sunil Bal is brought down in the byline and referee halts the play.

28' Ananta needs medical assitance and the game halts for some time.

27' Bishwas' effort from similar position as Anjan is parried away for a corner by the goalkeeper, the corner then is headed out of box.

26' ANjan Bista's effort from 25 yards out is easily caught by goalkeeper Anisur.

25' BLOCKED! Consectuive blocks from the Bangaldeshi defense as Anata's first time effort is blocked by keeper and Bishwas' return shot is cleared from the goalline.

24' Free Kick for Nepal in the left wing and Hemanta steps up to take the kick.

22' Wasted corner from Bangladesh and Nepal's counter ends up with a throw in near the center of the field.

21' Ananta Tamang makes a heading clearance as Bangladesh earn a corner.

20' Scare for Nepal there as Sojit goes out of position to clear the ball out but Mohd Ibrahim hits the crossbar from the shot taken from right wing.

19' Gaurav Budhathoki loses the ball in right byline but makes a brilliant recovery with a sliding challenge.

18' GOALLL! ANjan Bista steps up to take the kick and scores. His shot to the right beat the goalie.

17' PENALTY!!! Nepal get a spot kick after Bishw Shrestha's intended cross hits the hand.

16' SAVED! Brilliant save from goalkeeper Anisur Rehman to tip away Bimal's header. 

15' Bangaldesh are on the attack yet again but Ananta Tamang makes a well timed tackle just outside the box to stop Rabby.

14' Latest corner from Heamnt is wasted

13' Nepal look to get an equaliser quickly as they get a consecutive corner.

12' More on that goal,Nepalese defense were caught napping as the defense splitting pass form Rabby was well controlled by Sarkar and he shot into the far corner.

11' GOALL! Rohit Sarkar scores for Bangladesh.

10' First real chance from Bangladesh as Sarkar's delivery is not read well by Bappy.

9' Nepal are playing the ball in between themselves and looking for a break in attacking position.

8' Bnagladesh take quick freekick from just inside the Nepalese half which is cleared.

7' Gaurav's clearance from Nepalese half results a counter but Sudhan cannot make good use of the ball in wings.

6' Bishwas Shrestha plays in a clever ball to Anjan inside the box but the striker's shot from weaker left goes over the bar.

5' Hemant gets a miscued ball in the midway of Bangladesh's half but his shot ton goal goes horribly wide.

4' Kamal Shrestha is brought down just inside the Nepalese half and Nepal get a freekick.

3' Sunil Bal's corner is flicked from the near post but the defender on far post makes sure the ball is cleared.

2' Early corner for Nepal as Sudhan forces Sarkar to send the ball out.

1' The match begins.

*National Anthems*

The teams have gone in to their dressing room after warm ups.

The players have come out to warm up.

The match will begin from 3:30 PM.