1st SAFF U-19 Championship
India - 2 Afghanistan - 0
  • 11' Kamaplpreeet Singh Grewal [1-0]
  • 85' Anirudh Thapa [2-0]

Starting XI:


Shahbaaz, Khiangte, Moinuddin, Prasanth, Daniel (c), Sarthak, Sayak, Kamalpreet, Amit, Jerry, Anirudh


Headayat, Mustafa, Ramin (c) , Abdul, Abozar, All Ahmad, Suliman, Mohammad AHmadi, Yar Mohammad, Mehdi, Mohammad Nawid


Updates by: Subas Humagain

FULL TIME: India 2-0 Afghanistan

90+2' The freekick goes off target and the scoreline is same.

90+1' Brief stoppage of play as stand in goalkeeper is asked to use proper kit. Zakar Khel takes over the goalkeeping position.

90' 3 minutes time is added.

90' RED CARD! Goalkeeper fouled on Japes just outside the box and is yellow carded. THe second caution of the match means he is off and on-field player is in the goal for remaineder.

86' More on the goal, Anirudh won the ball in Afghani half and ran in between the center halves to place the ball into the net. Cool finish in 1v1 postion.

85' GOAL! Anirudh Thapa doubles the lead for India.

84' Masoud Habibi's cross is kicked away by Sarthak and throw in is well intercepted.

84' SUBSTITUTION from India as Injured Kamapreet is replaced by Rohit Kumar.

83' Masoud Habibi's attempt on goal is too wide from the target and Sayak prepares to restart the play with a goal kick.

82' Yellow card for goalkeeper Nawid for dissent. 

81' Kamalpreet is down in the field and needs medical assistance.

80' OFFSIDE! Afghanistan's trap works well as Japes is caught off position.

79' Corner from Anirudh fails to clear the first man and India get a throw in.

78' Substitution for Afghanistan as Abozar Sherzai comes off to be replaced by M. Hassan Qaderi.

76' Lack of coordination at the back nearly cost India as Jerry makes sure the ball goes beyoond goalline for a corner.

75' ANother change from India as Khinagte is replaced by Hayden Hadson Fernandes.

74' CHANCE! Brilliant volley from All Mansory as his driving shot hits the goalkeeper in the chest and Sarthak kicks the ball out of danger.

72' SUBSTITUTION for India as Prasanth makes way for Japes.

71' Zakar Khel is late to reach the cross from Abozar towards the far post and Sayak collects the ball.

69' Masoud Habibi's shot off Khorami's layoff hits AMit Tudu and goalkeeper Barai collects the ball with ease.

68' Khorami's attempted cross into the box is horrible and the ball goes out for a throw in.

66' Great chance to double the lead for India on counter but Daniel fils to find Moinuddin up front in 2v1 situation.

64' Khorami's shot from otuside the box beats the keeper as well as the post along the way.

62' CROSSBAR! Kamalpreet tries a shot from right byline which beats the goalie and hits the crossbar and the return ball is too high from target and goes into the audience.

61' MOinuddin's excellent shot from outside the box is tipped over the bar by goalkeeper for a corner.

60' Kamalpreet's inviting cross from left wing is kicked out for a corner by Mustafa Rezayee.

58' Brilliant sliding challenge inside the box from Ali Zada to stop Kamalpreet going further ahead.

57' Masoud Habibi's shot fom outside the box goes wide from the target.

56' Freekick for India just inside Afghani half as referee sees the handling of ball by Ali Zada.

55' Moinuddin is caught offside in a freekick taken from Indian half.

53' Khorami is forced in to concede a goal kick by Sarthak as the defender holds on to the forward well.

52' Abozar is penalised for a push and gets a talking to from the referee.

51' Moinuddin is flagged for an offside.

50' Khorami's lofted ball from the set piece is headed out of target.

49' Free Kick for Afghanistan from about 30 yards area.

47' Couple of Half time changes from Afghanistan as Mohammad Ahmadi and Hedayat Qurashi make way for Hossain Ali Zada and Masoud Habibi

46' Second hlaf begins.

HALF TIME: India 1-0 Afghanistan

45+2' Daniel's lofted attempt from outside the box is well saved by the goalie Nawid Afghan.

45+1' Kamalpreet wins another corner but the short corner this time fails to create any danger as Khiangte overhits the cross.

45' 2 minutes time is added.

44' Short corner is shot on goal by Moinuddin and goalkeeper Nawid tips the ball over the bar, the corner then fails to trouble the keeper.

43' Kamalpreet earns a corner for India after a good play in the wings.

42' Amit Tudu is fouled in his own box and referee halts the play to call medical assistance.

41' Jerry makes a well timed sliding challenge to result in a free kick for Afghanistan.

40' Poor Shot from Daniel after Khiangte played in a very good pass inside the box. Indiaa could have doubled the lead if the shot was hit with more power.

39' Mansory's delivery is poor as he fails to clear the wall.

38' AMit Tudu is yellow carded after a very late lunge on Afghanistan's Zakar Khel.

36' Sarthak Gouli's long range effort from a short freekick goes over the bar.

35' Its Afghanistan this time as mohammad Ahamdi is caught off position.

34' OFFSIDE! India forward Moinuddin is flagged again.

33' COnsecutive attempts from Afghanistan but the keeper is still untested.

32' Moinduddin is flagged for offside and the bench is not happy.

31' Nice work from Jerry as he forces Afghanistan's winger ABozar to concede a goal kick.

30' Daniel is fed in with a superb lofted ball but the Indian skipper fails to make good use of it as defenders close in well.

28' Danerous looking Afghani attack is stopped by nicely timed tackle from Anirudh. But Moinuddin concedes a freekick in Afghanistan's half.

26' Excellent attack from Afghanistan as Zakar Khel skips past couple of defenders and his low cross from inside the box is brilliantly saved by keeper Sayak Barai.

24' A counter attack for India is stopped after a throw in is resulted in right wing.

23' AFghanistan are on the attack now and their two good attacks have failed due to lack of coordination up front.

21' Mohammad Ahmadi's shot after run with the ball ends up in a goal kick.

20' Khorami dribbles past two defenders and takes a shot from near the edge of the box but the shot goes too far from the target.

19' Consecutive blocks from Indian defenders results a Afghanistan corner but lanky Sarthak heads the ball out of danger.

18' Khiangte's delivery in the far postis not read by anyone and goes out for a goal kick.

17' India get a freekick in the right wing, similar to the goal resulting but in opposite.

16' Chance for Afghanistan goes wasted, Achekzai won the ball in midfield after a missed pass and played in a ball to Khorami, the final ball from khorami goes past the goal as noody could make a touch inside the six yard box.

14' India are pressing very well as they get yet another corner, the result is not so good though.

13' Mohammad Ahamadi's shot from outside the box goes too wide of the target.

12' India are still making the attack and this time they get a corner from the right wing.

11' More on the goal, the delivery was perfect from Khinagte and Kamalpreet headed the ball into the net from far post.

11' GOALL! Kamalpreet scores for India. 

9' India get a freekick and Khiangte steps up to take the kick,

8' Prashanth's cross from the left byline goes over the head of Daniel and Kamlpreet can't hold to the ball inside the box.

6' All Ahamad Mansory, who scored a long ranger in previous match tries a similar shot but the goalkeeper is well positioned to cover the shot.

5' Jerry's cross from the left wing goes out for a goalkick as it went beyond the goalline before curling in.

4' Achekzai's effort from outside the box is not well hit and keeper Sayak Barai prepares for goal kick.

3' SKipper Daniel is brought  down just inside Afghanistan half and India restart the play quickly.

2' India's first attack from the flank results a corner and the short corner results a long range effort which goes above the bar.

1' The match begins.

Nepalese referee Prajwol Chettri is in charge of the match.

*National Anthems*

The teams have gone in after warm up session.

The teams have come out to warm up.