1st SAFF U19 C'ship : M2 (FULL TIME)
Maldives - 1 Afghanistan - 3
  • 45' Masoud Habibi [0-1]
  • 71' All Ahmad Mansory [0-2]
  • 82' Mohammad Ahmadi [0-3]
  • 85' Hamdhaan Ali [1-3]

Starting XI:


Maeesh Mohamed, Solah Ali, Nazaam Mohamed, Najah Hussain Nasif, Maishaan Ibrahim, Abdul Ghanee Riham, Aisam Ibrahim, Hamdhaan Ali, Hassan Ibrahim Atheeq, Mafaaz Ali, Majeed Ahmed


Mustafa Rezayee, Ramin Rasoli, Yar Mohammad Zakar Khel, Masoud Habibi, Mohammad Ahmadi, Hedayat Qurayshi, Abdul Rashed Achekzai, Mohammad Nwid AFghan, Said Jalal Hussaini, Suliman Shah Khorami, Mortaza Rezahi


Updates by: Subas Humagain

FULL TIME: Maldives 1-3 Afghanistan

90' 4 minutes time is added.

88' Maldives are looking to cut the deficit for a way back into the game but Afghnaistan are sitting back well.

86' More on that goal, Aisam played a lofted ball from the midfield and Ali controlled the ball well before chipping the ball above the goalkeeper's head and inside the net.

85' GOALLL! Maldives' skipper Hamdhaan ALi gets one back to reduce the deficit.

83' More on the goal, the counter initiated from the center and the through ball is cooly finished by Mohammad Ahmadi.

82' GOALLLL! AHmadi scores the third for Afghanistan.

79' Khorami is yellow carded for a foul in the Maldives' box.

76' SUbstitutin from Afghhnistan as Hedayat Qurayshi is replaced by Hossain ALi Zada.

74' Majeed Ahmed is penalised for a foul on Acekzai.

72' More on the goal, Mansory picked the ball from the midfield and shot it to the post with his left foot and goalkeeper was off position and his sprint back to the goal was too late. Nice goal from about 25 yards out.

71' GOALLL! All Ahmad Mansory doubles the lead.

70' Khorami's shot from outside the box goes into the hands of goalkeeper Maeesh.

68' AAbozar Sherzai's shot from just outside the box goes high above the bar.

66' Majed Ahmed is through on goal but his shot from just inside thhe box from left side hits the sidenet.

64' Zakar Khel is yellow carded for a doul on Ibrahim and skipper Hamdhaan steps up to take the kick.

62' Shherzai tries to play in clever thhrough ball but his pass is not read by the teammate.

60' Clash between two players indie the box but both are up in an instance as referee waves for play on.

58' Nasif makes a last ditch challenge to stop Afghani attack from advancing forward.

56' Great counter from Maldivies but the defender close in to stop any danger from the flanks.

54' Afghanistan look comfortable in possession and look to attack from the flanks.

52' Abozar Sherzai's shot is parried away by the goalie and Ali Solah completes the clearance.

50' The corner fails to create any danger in the Maldives' half.

49' Three blocks in a row from Maldives as Goalkeeper Maeesh and center halves Solah and Nasif make a blocks each.Final shotm from Ahmadi results corner off Ali Solah.

48' Goalscorer Habibi is replaced by All Ahamad Mansory.

47' Half time substitution made by Maldives as injured Atheeq makes way for AHmed Nashaah

46' Second half begins.

HALF TIME: Maldives 0-1 Afghanistan

45+6' Inswinging delivery from the flank fails to create any danger as the ball goes over the bar.

45+5' OFFSIDE! Maldives' attacking play fails to create any danger.

45+4' Yellow Card for Said Jalal Hussaini as he slides in to get the ball but gets a touch on the feet.

45+3' Atheeq is back in the field after brief spell in the sidelines.

45+1' More on the goal, Habibi recieved a through ball from the midfield and he advanced with the ball and shot it from inside the box. The low shot in the near post beat the goalie and Habibi celebrated his team's lead. Maldives were one men down as Atheeq was out for treatment.

45' 6 minutes time is added.

45' GOALLLL! Masoud Habbibi scores for Afghanistan.

42' Atheeq looks hurt and the referee calls the strecther inside the field. not a pleasant sight to see,

40' The game has slowen a bit after tough 20 minutes with just five minutes remaining in the first half.

38' Brilliant trickery from Achekzai decieves Ghanee Riham as he concedes a foul in the center line.

36' Atheeq looks to have injured his ankle and is brought to the sidelines for medical assistance.

34' Brilliant chance for Maldives as they had chance to take the shot on with goalkeeper out of position but the shot stopper does well to get to the ball from near the foot of Mafaaz Ali.

33' Afghanistan's freekick from the center is cleared for a counter.

32' clash of heads it seems as both the players are in the ground.

30' Corner fro Maldives' is headed in near post but the defender blocks the return shot and clears the danger.

28' Hamdhaan Ali gets the ball over the defender's head but the referee's flag is up for an offside.

26' Maeesh is being trated by the medics as he looks hurt. 

25' Referee Kabin Byanjankaar looks busy as he produces second yellow card of the match to Masoud Habibi as he tripped the goalie after the ball was collected.

24' Not a good freekick from Afghani skipper Rasoli as his shot hits the one man wall.

23' Atheeq is yellow carded for a adnagerous sliding challenge and Maldives' bench is not happy as referee didnt take the foul earlier.

22' Quick counter from Maldives fails to create any danger a goalkeeper Nawid comes forward to kick the ball away.

21' Ahmadi makes a briliant first touch to control the cross and shots a half voley from just inside the box but Ali Solah puts his body on line to block the cross. Brilliant defending from Maldives' center half.

20' The delivery from hedayat is nice but the header is taken care of by Maeesh in the second attempt.

19' Zakar Khel's shot from outside the box defelects off Maishhhaan and Afghanistan get a corner.

18' Ambitious effort from Achekzai as his shot from 30 yards goes over the bar.

16' The corner delivery from Hedayat is headed over the bar and Maeesh prepares for a goal kick.

15' Corner for Afghanistan as Ali Solah gets the last touch in the wingplay initiated by Hedayat.

13' Nice shot from Khorami after cutback but his shot is headed away by Ali Solah.

12' Brilliant shot from Zakar Khel as he connects to Achekzai's cross in air but his first time volley goes over the bar.

11' Yet another foul,but this time in Maldives' half and the delivery from Hedayat results a corner.

10' Maldives get a freekick in 35 yards area but their attempt to replicate training ground set-piece does not work out well.

9' Maishaan Ibrahim's outswinging cross is dealt well by goalkeeper Nawid as Atheeq's chase falls short.

8' COnsecutive loss of possession from Maldives as they look to play the ball onto the flank to their skipper Hamdhhaan Ali.

6' Afghanistan are keeping the ball and trying to break but the ball is failing to move well in the final third.

4' The goalkeeper looks hurt and needs medical assitance. He is up after a brief treatment.

3' FOUL! Afghanistan got the ball into the net but referee Kabin Byanjankar whistles for a foul on goalkeeper Maeesh.

2'Afganistan earn a freekick in the left byline after a foul and Hedayat steps up to take the kick.

1' The game has begun.

*National Anthems*

Players have gone into dressing room after Warm Up sessions.

The game will start from 3:30 PM NST.