1st SAFF U19 C'ship : M2 (FULL TIME)
Nepal - 3 Bhutan - 1
  • 9' [1-0] Bimal Gharti Magar.
  • 11'[1-1] Sonam TObgay
  • 30' [2-1] Bimal Gharti Magar
  • 62' [3-1] Bimal Gharti Magar

Starting Lineups:


Sojit Gurung

Sudan Thapa - Ananta Tamang - Gaurav Budhathoki - Aakash Thapa

Bishwas Shrestha - Tej Tamang - Hemanta Thapa Magar - Sunil Bal

Bimal Gharti Magar- Anjan Bista


Tobgay, Sonam Tobgay, Yeshi Dorji, Tenzin Shezang, Nima Wangdi, Kezang Jamtsho, Kesang Penjor, Yoesel Dorji, Kezang Wangdi, Choki Wangchuk

Live Here:

Updates by: Subas Humagain

FULL TIME: Nepal 3-1 Bhutan

90' 3 minutes time is added.

88' Keshang Penjor's shot from outside the box is easily saved by Sojit Gurung.

86' Kiran Sunar takes time to plays the ball to his teammates and gets a throwin after deflected ball in tackle.

85' Bimal Gharti Magar's shot from outside the box swereves away from the goalkeeper and goes past the post along the way.

83' Moment of danger there as Kamal's backpass is not well read by Sojit and Bhutan get a corner.

81' Kiran Sunar replaces injured Bishwas Shrestha for Nepal.

79' Kamal has his shirt pulled down and referee spots the foul play.

78' Bimal made a great run with the ball in flank and made a cross inside the six yard box but no players in the box were present.

77' Sojit is forced to make a diving save as the cross was looming danger.

76' Substitution for Bhutan as Kezang Jamtsho makes way for Tsheltrim Rabten.

75' Akash Thapa miscues a cross and Bhutan restart the play.

74' MISS! Bimal's low shot to his left goes inches wide.

73' PENALTYYY!! Bishwas Shrestha is brought down into the box and Nepal get a penalty. Goalkeeper Tobgay is cautioned by the referee.

72' Ohh! That was close call from Bimal as his shot aimed at far post nearly swerved in after goalkeeper was well beaten.

71' Stoppage of play as Bhutanese player is down in the field and requires assitance from sidelines.

70' Sunil Bal's shot from the freekick goes high and wide and Bhutan restart the play with a goal kick.

69' Nepal make a change as Hemanta is replaced by Kamal Shrestha.

68' Anjan Bista is fouled yet again and Nepal get a freekick in 30 yard area.

67' Bhutan make a change as Choki Wangchuk is replaced by Sonam Yoezer.

65' Nepal are now comfortably playing the ball in midfield and pressing through the flanks.

63' More on the goal,Tej Tamang played a long ball over the defense and Bimal took the shot first time on half volley and the swerve beat the goalkeeper to put Nepal 3-1 up.

62' GOALL! Excellent goal from Bimal Gharti Magar as he completes his hat-trick.

61' Bhutan are trying to exploit the flanks but Nepalese wingback are ever presence in positioning.

60' Hemanta gets a ball on the midfield but fails to make good connection to take the shot.

59' SUBSTITUTION for Nepal as Sudhan Thapa is replaced by Amit Tamang.

58' Tej and Bimal try to play 1-2 but the defender reads the play.

56' Tej Tamang makes a good delivery from the right wing but Sunil is too late to reach to the ball and Bhutan restart play with a throw in.

55' Bimal plays a crossfield ball to Tej on a counter but the central midfielder off position fails to make good use of it.

54' Sunil's attempt on goal ends up into the hands of goalkeeper and quick counter is halted after a foul from Tej inside Nepal's half.

53' Bishwas is brought down in 25 yard area and Sunil Bal steps up to take the kick.

52' Sojit Gurung makes a diving save to get hold of the attempt from Nima Wangdi whose low drive from outside the box was not hit with much power.

50' What a chance for Nepal as Three shots in a row is blocked by defenders and the final header off Bimal is caught by goalkeeper with ease.

49' Ananta makes a great attempt to block the shot and the corner is headed out of danger by Gaurav Budhathoki.

48' Hemanta's delivery finds Ananta but the defender couldn't put the attempt on target.

47' Freekick in dangerous position for Nepal and Hemanta steps up to take the kick.

46' Second Half begins.


45' 1 minute time is added.

44' Bhutan are pressing hard for an equaliser but Nepalsese defense is standing firm to clear any danger mulling.

43' Ambitous attempt from the Bhutanese player from outside the box but Sojit collects it in second attempt.

42' The freekick fails to clear the wall and Bhutan restart play with a throw in.

41' AKash Thapa is yellow carded for a sliding challenge on the right flank.

39' Long ball played from the midfield ends up into the hands of Bhutanese goalie as Nepal look to press hard and score more.

38' Horrific shot from Bishwas as his first time shot from Sunil's brilliantly timed cross goes out of the box and into the feet of Bhutanese player.

37' Bimal gets the ball in the midfield and runs with it, cuts past two defenders but the third one makes a well timed tackle to win the possession.

36' Anjan plays a pass to Bishwas bu the winger's run is too fast and the ball reached into opponent's feet.

35' Tej Lama loses the ball in midfield but Aakash reacts quick to conceded a throw in and stop the play.

33' Aakash's set piece delivery beats everyone including the goalkeeper and Bhutan restart the play with a goalkick.

32' Anjan Bista is fouled in left byline and Akash steps up to take the freekick.

31' Bimal makes an attempt from outside the box and goalkeeper is too slow to react as the ball creeps into the net.

30' GOALLL! Bimal Scores for Nepal.

29' Nepal concede a freekick in dangerous position and the freekick is saved by Sujit.

28' Anjan played through ball to Bimal who took shot after making a great first touch but the shot goes inches wide from the post.

27' Great use of training ground excersie from Nepal as Near post flick from Anjan forced Goalkeeper to save Ananta's shot. Hemanta with delivery yet again.

26' Great attempt from Hemanta but the goalkeeper parries away the shot for a corner.

25 SUBSTITUTE for BHUTAN as Yeshi Dorji is replaced by Tshering Samdrup.

24' Biswash makes a great tackle in the wings and launches a counter, Bimal chases the ball but is robbed off in the final moment.

22' Looping Header from Bimal goes inches wide from target as the striker jumped above a defender to get to Bishwas' cross.

21' Kezang Wangdi's shot from outside the box goes high and wide.

20' Brilliant play from Anjan as he gets past three defenders and takes a shot with another defender ahead, but the shot goes wide off the target.

19' Sudhan Thapa fouls in defender in their own half and Bhutan get a freekick.

18' Bimal gets past the defender and crosses with his weaker right foot but Hemant cannot connect first time to take a shot on goal.

17' Aakash's delivery towards the six yard box is read by the defender and Nepal earn a corner.

16' Nepal get a free kick after Anjan is brought down in the 30 yard area.

15' Ohh! Great chance for Nepal there to goup front but Bimal's sliding attempt is just too slow after Bishwas' cross was well timed.

13' Bhutan then kicked off and scored without Nepal's touch as Keeper was left short.

12' More on Nepal's goal, Bimal got the ball and sprinted past defender to slot it home by giving no chance to the goalkeeper.

11' GOALL! Bhutan get a goal back straight away as Sonam Tobgay scores.


9' Bhutan earn a freekick in midway of Nepal's half and Tenzin Shezang's delivery fails to toruble.

8' Anjan plays a quick pass to Bimal but the forward's touch s heavy and he cannot make the second touch.

6' After that early scare, Nepal have tried to break play but Bhutan are staying well in their position to not let any danger.

5' CHANCE for Bhutan goes wasted as Sonam Tobgay's shot is saved from point blank range by Sojit Gurung.

4' Long delivery from the defender fails to trouble anyone in the box.

3' Bhutan earn a free kick just inside the Nepal half and Yeshi Dorji steps up to take a long kick.

2'Nepal are playing the ball between themselves as they keep the possession early on by passing short.

1' The match begins.

The matchball is handed tothe referee by Chief Guest.

One minute silence for Late Acting President of ANFA and those who lost their lives in the devastating earthquake.

The players have lined up and pre-match preparations have come to the end.

Formal Programme is going on with Honorary Sports and Youth Minister Purushottam Paudel is speaking.

The Match will begin from 3:30 PM.