Red Bull National League-Match No.18
LHMMC - 3 Nepal APF - 0
  • 10' Bishal Rai [1-0]
  • 41' Leonce Dodoz [2-0]
  • 57' Shiva Shrestha [3-0]

Starting XI:


Bishal Shrestha(GK), Sissoko, Stephen Mbile, Krishna Kunwar, Biraj Maharjan, Shiva Shrestha(G57'), Bishal Rai(G10'), Sushil KC(66' Sulav Maskey), Dodoz(G41'), Anil Gurung(C)(74' Deepak Rai), Sujal Shrestha(71' Ravi Paswan)


Amrit Chaudhary(GK), Aditya Chaudhary(67' Sudeep Sikhrakar), Ramesh Dangal, Palsang Lama, Top Bdr Bista, Santosh Shrestha, Rajendra Rawal, Jangbu Sherpa(46' Heman Gurung), Navin Lama, Ganesh Lawati(C)(46' Anjan Bista), Ranjan Bista

Updates by: Subas Humagain

Full Time: LHMMC 3-0 APF

90+4' Santosh Shrestha fouls Mbile while attempting to win th ball back and referee halts the play.

90+3' Sudeep freekick from right byline after Biraj's foul on Ranjan is heded out of the box by Sissoko.

90+2' Dodoz's shot from edge of the box is easily caught by Amrit Chaudary.

90+1' ANjan's header off Heman's cross goes into the hands of Bishal Shrestha. Before that, Palsang failed to hit the fumbled corner into the unguarded post as Biraj recovered well.

90' 4 minutes time is added.

89' Santosh Shrestha fails to reach the ball played through by Anjan in the left byline.

88' Dipak Rai's effort on goal from right side of the d-box goes slightly wide from the target. Bishal Rai's pass was excellent as it beat both the defenders.

87' Stephen Mbile makes a panicking clearance after three APF player chased the ball behind him and Bishal is not happy with the effort.

86' Ranjan Bista flies in to win the ball and referee awards MMC a freekick.

85' Ranjan's cross from right byline is cleared out for a throw in by Sissoko.

83' Sulav Maskey is yellow carded and the freekick from 40 yards is of no use.

83' Anjan Bista's effort on goal from 35 yards goes horribly wide.

82' Substitute Ravi Paswan gets into the game straight away as his cross is headed slightly wide from the targte by Dodoz.

81' SUBSTITUTION for MMC: Sujal Shrestha makes way for debutant Ravi Paswan.

80' Heman Gurung plays a cross towards the far post from right wing and he header from Rajendra Rawal goes over the bar.

79' Sudeep's inviting cross from 40 yards finds Anjan but the header fails to find the target.

78' Sujal's shot from outside the box deflects past defender Palsang and Amrit gathers with ease.

77' Anjan's header off long freekick is easily caught by Bishal.

76' OFFSIDE! Sujal's header off Sulav's cross after a good attacking setup by Dipak is flagged for an offside.

75' Headed flick from Ranjan beats the offside trap and Anjan is away with ball but he takes a shot from outside the box after finding Bishal off position, but the shot goes wide from the target.

74' Change from MMC as Anil Gurung makes way for Deepak Rai.

71' Ramesh plays a quick ball to Ranjan forward on attack but Bista lets the ball away for throw in as he knew he was off position.

70' Sulav Maskey's inviting cross from the right wing is headed away for a throw in by Ramesh Dangal.

69' Sissoko pushes Anjan while vying for an Aerial Duel and the resulted freekick is wasted by Heman Gurung.

68' Anjan Bista plays his brother Ranjan through on goal with a lofted ball but Bishal Shrestha comes out of the box to kick it out.

68' Stoppage in play yet again as goalkeeper Bishal needs to change his boots.

67' SUBSTITUTION for APF: Aditya Chaudhary OUT Sudeep Shikhrakar IN

66' SUBSTITUTION for MMC: Sushil KC is replaced by Sulav Maskey

65' The corner from Navin Lama is headed away for another one by Krishna Kunwar in the near post area.

64' Anjan Bista tries a shot from right byline but it comes off Sissoko and Mbiles clears it away.

62' ANjan Bista is flagged for an offfside but his shot was saved by Bishal anyway.

60' Aditya is down in the ground and referee calls for medical assistance.

58' More on that goal, Dodoz made the run with the ball in wings and gave a lay off to Shiva inside the box and the midfielder took a shot from inside the box which flew past goalkeeper and MMC celebrate.

57' GOALL! Shiva Shrestha makes it 3-0 for MMC.

54' The play restarts with Sissoko returning to the field.

53' Slight stoppage in play as Sissoko needs tretment.

51' Aditya Chaudhary brings down Sujal down just in the center area and Mbile prepares for a free kick.

50' Anil Gurung's shot from oustide the box is out for a goal kick as it goes beyind the d-box.

49' OFFSIDE! Ranjan picks the ball after Anjan's lofted ball reaches to him but assistant flags the move for an offside.

48' Ramesh Dangal is not having a good game as he loses yet another ball here but Dodoz's cross is not well utilized by ANil inside the box.

47' Ranjan Bista's slash at the ball from outside the box goes wide of the target.

46' Second Half begins.

Half time Substitution from APF as Anjan Bista comes in to replace skipper Ganesh Lawati. Top Bahadur takes over the captain's band. Jangbu Sherpa is replaced by Heman Gurung.


45+5' Anil Gurung wastes a great chance to treble the lead as he fails to capitalize Ramesh Dangal's mistake.

45+4' Dodoz brings down Jangbu near the center circle and APF get a free kick.

45+3' Consecutive corner from APF creates no danger as Bishal Shrestha claims the ball.

45+2' The shot after rebound from the corner hits Bishal Rai and goes out for another corner.

45+1' Krishna Kunwar heads the ball away for a corner.

45' 5 minutes time is added.

45' Good exchange of passes between Shiva and Sushil outside the box but Shrestha's final shot flies off the target.

44' Ganesh Lawati's cross after getting past Biraj is booted away by Bishal.

43' Bishal Rai's delivery from the corner is punched away by Amrit and Sissoko's header from the rebound fails to create any danger of APF goal.

42' More on the goal, DOdoz skipped past two defenders from outside the box and his shot from edge of the box went through the legs of Amrit and into the goal. Top Bahadur thought he made the clearance just from the line but assistant rightly gave the goal.

41' GOALLL!! Dodoz doubles the tally.

40' Navin Lama's corner delivery is well caught by Bishal ahead of everyone in the box.

39' Anil Gurung's shot from left byline is easily caught by Amrit.

38' Confusion in te backline between Aditya and Amrit as Krishna's long ball is chased by Sujal. The ball goes in between of APF players and Sujal fails to reach the ball.

37' OFFSIDE! Santosh Shrestha's run on the left wing is flagged for an OFFSIDE.

36' Top Bdr's shot from outside the box goes out of target after the corner was punched by Bishal.

35' Ranjan is down in the ground and looks in great pain but referee asks him to get up as APF win a corner.

34' Bishal Rai tries to find Anil gurung inside the box but the pass is well read by Palsang.

32' A slight halt of play and the play restarts. Ranjan Bista is yellow carded by referee Bikash Mahat.

30' Huge collision in front of MMC box as Ranjan and Sissoko are both down in ground and the later looks in great pain.

29' POST! Bishal Rai wastes a brilliant chance to double his and the team's tally after his shot from inside the box hits the post. Amrit was well ebaten there.

28' The corner then fails to get beyond near post after acrobatic clearance from Top.

27' Bishal Rai's free kick delivery into the box is brilliantly headed away for corner by Aditya.

26' The play restarts after a slight halt of play as Bishal recieved treatment. 

21' Bishal Shrestha and Sissoko collide inside the box while attempting a clearance and referee calls for medical assitance.

20' ANil Gurung tries a lofted cross towards the far post but the execution is not well done and APF restart the play with a goal kick.

19' Inswinging delivery from Navin Lama is headed outside the box by Mbile.

18' Sissoko brings down Ranjan Bista just inside MMC half and Navin Lama steps up to take the set piece.

17' Good freekick routine from MMC as they pull off a training ground excercise but the finish from Sushil after a rebound is flagged for an offside.

16' Palsang Lama brings down Sushil KC outside the box and Bikash Mahat awards freekick to MMC.

15' Sujal fails to control the ball in byline and APF win a throw in.

14' Long delivery from biraj finds Sissoko and his header is not on target.

13' Free Kick for Manang after Biraj is brought down just inside the APF half.

12' Yet another effort on goal from Bishal Rai as his shot from 30 yards area flies wide.

11' More on the goal, Bishal Rai took the shot from outside the box but the shot took a huge deflection off Ramesh Dangal on the way which decieved the goalkeeper and went into the net. 

10' GOALLL! Bishal Rai scores for MMC.

9' Aditya Chaudhary is fouled in his own half and APF win a freekick.

8' Sujal Shrestha's long ball into the box is well controlled by Bishal but Palsang recovers the ball well as he holds Rai well.

7' Dodoz is flagged for an OFFSIDE.

6' Sloppy passing from MMC as APF win a throw in just near the center cricle.

5' Navin Lama plays the ball to Santosh inside the box but the midfielder's shot after a good first touch deflects off Mbile and Bishal takes control of possession.

4' Shiva Shrestha's shot from just outside the box goes wide of the target.

3' SAVE!!! Amrit Chaudhary makes a brilliant save to deny Anil Gurung a goalscoring chance. The cross from Sujal was not well controlled by Ramesh and he slipped on te ground leaving the ball in Anil's way and Amrit made a brilliant save from point blank range to keep the score level.

2' Santosh Shrestha tries an early effort on goal but his volley is not well connected and goes out for a goalkick hitting the corner flag.

1' The match begins.