Red Bull National League : Match No. 17
Ruslan Three Star - 1 Nepal Police Club - 2
  • 2' Bharat Shah [0-1]
  • 24' Binod Karki [0-2]
  • 81' Nirajan Khadka [1-2]

Starting XI:

Ruslan Three Star Club:

Alan Neupane(GK), Sandip Rai, Sagar Thapa ©, Peter Segun, Bishnu Sunuwar(46' Prakash Budhathoki), Victor Ameobi(82' Bijay Dhimal), Nirajan Khadka, Bikram Lama, Jagajeet Shrestha(46' Bijay Gurung), Gohi, Amar Dangol

Nepal Police Club:

Ritesh Thapa (GK), Ajit Bhandari, Suraj BK, Suman Subedi, Rabin Shrestha(90+2'), Dinesh Gurung, Bhola Silwal, Yogesh Shrestha(56')(90' Man Bahadur Pariyar), Binod Karki (G 24')(84' Bikram Dhimal), Jumanu Rai ©(90+3' Hari Kathayat), Bharat Shah (G 1')

Updates by: Subas Humagain

Man of the Match: Bharat Shah (NPC)

Full Time:
Ruslan Three Star 1-2 Nepal Police

Full Time: Ruslan Three Star 1-2 Nepal Police


90+4' Sandip Rai's freekick goes beyond the keeper but Rabin makes a timely clearance to conceded a corner.

90+3' SUBSTITUTION for NPC: as Jumanu Rai is replaced by Hari Kathayat

90+2' Yellow Card for Rabin Shrestha.

90+1' Sagar Thapa's panicking cross is not well delivered as the ball fails to reach beyond the near post.

90' 4 minutes time is added.

90' SUBSTITUTION for NPC, Man Bahadur Pariyar replaces Yogesh Shrestha.

89' Sandip Rai sends the ball out for throw in and NPC restart the play.

88' Brilliant sliding tackle from Peter to stop Bharat Shah take a shot on goal and the rebound from Jumanu is brillaintly blocked by onrushing Bikram.

87' Bijay Gurung's long ball aimed towards Prakash in the wings goes out for a goalkick.

86' The play halts as there is some pushing and pulling during the corner routine.

85' Corner from Prakash is too far and Bijay's return cross is booted out by Suman.

84' Substitution for NPC as Binod Karki comes off to make way for Bikram Dhimal.

83' Substitution for Three Star as Bijay DHimal comes in for Victor.

82' More on the goal, the resulting corner was delivered in the box by Prakash and Nirajan heads the ball into the net with Ritesh well beaten.

81' GOALL! Nirajan Khadka pulls one back for Three Star.

81' Prakash Budhathoki's shot from outside the box goes out for a corner.

80' Sagar Thapa's attempt on goal from 35 yards goes out of target.

79' Poor control on the ball from Gohi as he was all alone with just keeper to beat and his heavy touch clears any danger.

78' Ajit Bhandari's ball aimed to Jumanu goes wrong and Three Star get a throw in.

77' Bharat Shah is flagged for an OFFSIDE!

76' Nirajan slides the ball inside the box but none of the Three Star players read the move and Ritesh collects the ball with ease.

74' Bikram Lama is pushed down and Sagar plays a quick freekick to restart the play.

73' Sudish makes a talking to with Suraj after the defender looked to buy some time.

72' Peter's header on goal is inches above the crossbar after Gohi's delivery was not headed by any Police defender.

71' Gohi's cross into the box is sent out of play by Suraj for a corner.

70' Yogesh Shrestha's run on the left wing is flagged for an OFFSIDE.

69' The rebound from corner hit by Ajit Bhandari goes wide of the target.

68' Bharat Shah's shot from outside the box hits the defender and goes out for a corner.

67' Gohi's shot after deflected cross from Prakash is parried away by Ritesh and Suman heads the ball away from the box.

66' Bharat Shah is sent through on goal by Binod Karki but Shah fails to control the ball inside the box and Peter holds the striker to let Alan control the ball.

65' Consecutive error from Peter as his pass aimed at Sagar is sent with too much power.

64' Peter Segun's crossfield ball to Prakash is not well made and NPC win a throw in.

63' Victor makes a brilliant tackle on the ball to halt Jumanu's move in the right wing.

62' Sandeep Rai's freeekick from 35 yards fails o creare any danger and NPC get the ball possession.

61' Gohi is flagged OFFSIDE after falling into trap of NPC defenders.

60' Ajit holds Gohi well to win themselves a goal kick after a pass from midfield beat center halves.

59' The corner from Prakash goes unharmed and RItesh prepares for a goal kick.

58' Prakash Budhathoki's shot from just outside the six yard box is brillantly saved by Ritesh and Suraj boots away the rebound for a corner.

57' Swerving freekick from Prakash is parried away for a corner by RItesh Thapa.

56' Yogesh Shrestha is yellow carded for a hand ball in midway of Police half.

55' Sagar tries to find Amar on the wings with a lofted pass but Suraj gets to the ball and clears it out.

54' Gohi's shot after Bijay's pepentratng pass goes off the target.

53' Bharat Shah is down in the field after colliding with Peter and referee halts the play.

52' Goohi is sent through on the wigs but he fails to make any use of the cross as his delivery is too easy for Suraj to clear.

51' Consecutive throw in from Police as they look to shift  the pressure back to Three Star.

50' Peter is down on the ground and stands up after a wift talking to with the referee.

49' Sagar Thapa's cross into the box is caught well by unchallenged Ritesh.

48' Prakash hits the freekick straight into the wall and Jumanu Rai is down on the ground.

47' Bharat Shah brings down Bikram Lama while trying to take a shot and referee awards Three Star a freekick.

46' Second half begins.

Half Time Substitution from Three Star as Bijay Gurung and Prakash Budhathoki come in place of Jagajeet Shrestha and Bishnu Sunuwar.

Half Time: Ruslan Three Star 0-2 Nepal Police Club

45+2' Bhola SIlwal brillaintly dribbles past Sandip Rai and Peter Segun with a flick but his pass towards the far post is not well worked by Jumanu as he did not make the run to win the ball.

45+1' Rabin Shrestha lodges a counter attack on his own after a sprint from deep of NPC half but his run is halted by brilliant sliding challenge from Peter midway into Three Star's half.

45' 3 minutes time is added.

44' Sandip Rai's effort on goal from about 40 yards goes high above the crossbar.

43' Suman Subedi is down on the ground and Referee calls for medical assitance.

42' Brilliant move from NPC as Jumanu Rai's clipped shot goes inches above the cross bar. The ball from midfield played by Yogesh beat everyone and Alan was off position. 

41' Ajit Bhandari plays a long ball into the box but Peter Segun heads the ball back to Alan to clear any possible forthcoming danger.

39' Sandip Rai's long pass to Sagar Thapa results a goal kick as both Ritesh and Suman held the National team skipper before he reached to the ball.

38' Amar Dangol's ball towards the wing to Jagajeet rolls out for a throw in after Shrestha misread the pass.

37' Police are holding the play and passing in between as Three Star are looking to break an attack seraching for goal.

36' Peter Segun's lofted pass inside the box is not read well by Gohi and RItesh prepares for a goal kick.

35' Yet another wing play from Three Star goes wasted as Gohi's cross in is cleared out by Suraj.

34' Peter Segun is brought down while recieving te return pass from Victor in the wings and Sudish Pandey blows his whistle.

33' Bhola Silwal handles the ball just inside the NPC half and Sandip Rai steps up to take the kick.

32' Gohi delivers a cross into the box from right wing but Amar fails to read the ball despite the cross beating both central defenders.

31' Binod Karki is flagged for an OFFSIDE.

30' Binod Karki wins the ball in midfield and plays Bharat through on goal but the foward fails to read the move early aand advancing Alan gathers the ball.

29' Dinesh Gurung's shot from outside goes horribly high and wide off the target.

28' Sandeep Rai plays a long ball into the box but Amar Dangol's leap for the header doesn't produce anything and the ball flies over his head for a goal kick.

27' Nirajan Khadka's delivery into the box fails to create any danger.

26' Victor wins a corner for Three Star after Jumanu was forced to take the ball out of play near the corner.

25' More on the goal, Yogesh delivered a cross into the box from left wing and the low delivery beat everyone inside the box and onrushing Binod Karki just placed it past Alan to make it 2-0.

24' GOALLL! Binod Karki doubles the lead for Nepal Police.

23' Gohi's cross towards the far post goes wasted as no Three Star player were behind Amar Dangol in the box.

22' Jagajeet's freekick from right byline is calmly controlled by Ritesh in the far post.

21' The freekick from Jagajeet hits the wall and Yogesh again commits a foul on the midfielder while trying to win the ball.

20' Dinesh Gurung pushes Gohi just outside the NPC box and Three Star are awarded freekick in right side of the box.

19' OFFSIDE! Jagajeet Shrestha is flagged offside as he was ahead of the defensive line in the wings.

18' Ajit Bhandari is down in the ground but stands up after a short talking to with ref.

17' Swift collusion between VIctor and NPC coach Birat as the defeder was pushedd off a challenge.

16' Rabin Shrestha is fouled in his own half,Suman Subedi restarts the play with a long free kick.

15' Jagajeet Shrestha is pulled down in the right wing and the free kick delivery from Shrestha is headed away by Suman Subedi.

14' Excellent run with the ball from Bhola as he skips mast multiple defender to swing in a cross but Bishnu Sunuwar boots away the ball into the box first time.

13' Bhola released Binod Karki on attack but Peter Segun sprints back to win the race and hold karki to result a goal kick.

12' Freekick in dangerous area for NPC after Bharat Shah was fouled by Peter Segun. Bhola SIlwal steps up to take the kick.

11' Binod Karki loses the ball in front of Three Star box and Peter is brought down while taking the ball away.

10' QUick passing move from NPC as Dinesh releases Bhola beting offisde trap but the cross is headed out of danger by Bishnu Sunuwar.

9' Nirajan Khadka is brought down by Bharat Shah just inside the center circle while attemptin to win the ball and Three STar take a quick freekick to restart the play.

8' Bharat Shah's quick shot from inside the box ends up into hands of goalie Alan.

7' Bhola Silwal takes a freekick from 35 yards after Jagajeet's foul but he fails to trouble Alan.

6' Rabin Shrestha's cross from the left wing is easily caught by Alan.

5' Sandip Rai's freekick is too far for Victor to reach and RItesh restarts the play with a goal kick.

4' Sagar is brought down just inside the NPC half and Sudish Pandey halts the play.

3' Three Star look to break an attack staright way but Suraj BK halts the move by clearing the ball out of danger.

2' More on the goal, Binod Karki won the header in the midfield and Bharat won the ball ahead of Sagar and his effort from 25 yard beat the diving goalkeeper to the far corner and Police are a goal up within a minute.

2' GOALLL! Bharat Khawas scoress.

1' The match begins.

Three Star are playing in all Blue kits while Nepal Police are using all reds.

NPC are yet to open their account in the league while Three Star have a chance to go to the top of the table.