Red Bull National League: Match No. 14
LH-MMC - 1 Tribhuwan Army - 1
  • 3' Bharat Khawas [0-1]
  • 13' Anil Gurung [1-1]

Starting XI:


Bishal Shrestha (GK), Biraj Maharjan(50'), Leonel Mbile(82'), Sissoko, Bikram Limbu, Shiva Shrestha, Sushil KC(68' Bishal Rai), Sujal Shrestha(30' Deepak Rai), Dodoz(76' Nirajan Malla), Anil Gurung (C) (G 13'), Rupesh KC

Tribhuwan Army:

Bikesh Kuthu, Jitendra Karki, Yuddha Shahi(11'), Hiranya Magar, Deepak Gurung(75'), Raju Tamang(51' Amrit Basnet), Padam Tamang(78' Santosh Tamang), Tek Bdr, Tanka Basnet, Nawayug Shrestha, Bharat Khawas (G 4')

Man of the match: Anil Gurung (LHMMC)

Updates by: Subas Humagain


90+2' OFFSIDE! Nawayug Shrestha is too fast to chase Tek Bahadur's ball as he goes way too ahead of defending line.

90+1' Sissoko's header off Dipak Rai's corner delivery is off target.

90' 3 minutes time is added.

88' Bikram Limbu tries to play a cross in the far post but Santosh stops the ball on the way and Bharat sends it out for a throw in.

86' Nirajan Malla tries to get the ball off Yuddha Shahi but gets the foot instead and referee halts the play.

84' Anil Gurung's header off Bikram Limbu's free kick is wide and off the target.

83' Santosh Tamang is penalised for a foul on Biram Limbu.

82' Stephen Mbile of LH-MMC is yellow carded for a foul.

80' Dipak Rai brings down Tek Bahadur Budhathoki and referee awards a freekick to Army. 

78' SUBSTITUTION for Army: Santosh Tamang comes in to replace Padam Tamang.

77' Amrit Basnet is sent through on goal by Bharat but his shot on goal is too wide to trouble goalkeeper.

76' SUBSTITUTION: Dodoz is replaced by Nirajan Malla for LH-MMC.

75' Deepak Gurung is shown a yellow card after commitng a foul on Bishal Rai.

74' Dodoz's freekick from 35 yards goes high over the target.

73' Deepak Rai is brought down by Padam Tamang and Dodoz prepares for a freekick.

72' Army have the ball in the back of the net with Amrit Basnet but referee halts the play after assistant's flag was up for an offside.

71' CHANCE! Bharat Khawas' shot is parried away by Bishal and the rebound is not well dealt by Nawayug as it seemed he should had tapped it in with no keeper in position.

69' Amrit Basnet sents a looping ball into the box but Bharat could only find the ball into hands of Bishal as the striker rected too late.

67' SUBSTITUTION for LH-MMC: Sushil KC is replaced by Bishal Rai.

66' SUshil KC tries to find Dodoz in the middle with a low cross but Jitendra gets ahead of the Ivorian to clear the ball.

65' Sissoko is down after a collision with Army player and referee calls for medical assitance.

63' Hiranya Magar is down in the ground and stands up after a brief moment on the ground. Play restarts with a throw in.

61' Bikram Limbu makes yet another poor cross and looks fatigued.

59' Padam Tamang gets a chance to strike a half vlley but he cannot quite connect to it and the weak effort is easily collected by Bishal.

57' Rupesh KC finds Bikram Limbu with an outside foot pass but the cross from the later is too weak and goes behind the goal.

55' Tek Bahadur shruggs off challenge from Biraj to deliver a cross inside the box but his low cross is easily caught by Bishal.

54' The freekick fails to produce any danger inside the army box.

53' Shiva Shrestha nutmegs Yuddha Shahi but the defenders pulls back Shiva to concede a free kick.

52' Biraj Maharjan's cross aimed towards the far post is easily caught by Bikesh Kuthu.

51' Raju Tamang is replaced by Amrit Basnet.

50' Biraj Maharjan is yellow carded for a foul committed earlier in the game to which Laba Khatri issued a 'Play On'.

49' Tanka Basnet makes a run with the ball from midfield upto the box shrugging off the challenge of two defenders and his final shot beats the keeper but Biraj Maharjan reaches in time to clear the danger.

48' Hiranya Magar swings in an inviting felivery into the six yard box but Bishal advances to punch it ahead of Bharat Khawas.

47' Dodoz attempts a cross towards the far post but the ball beats the keeper as well as the post for a goal kick.

46' Second half begins.

Half Time: LH-MMC 1-1 Army

45+1' Anil Gurung collides with Yuddha Shahi while attempting a header.

45' 2 minutes time is added.

44' Bharat Khawas is flagged for an offside. 

43' The corner is halted after Sissoko is penalised for a foul on Yuddha.

42' Corner for MMC after Mbile went forward in attack to delfect a shot to defender.

41' Dipak Rai tries to beat Deepak Gurung in wings but the sliding tackle from Army defender is well timed to stop MMC attack.

39' Dodoz plays in Shiva in a 2v3 counter attack but Shiva's weak effort is parried away by Bikesh.

38' Yet another effor ton goal from Tanka but the result is same as previous as he gets nowhere near the target.

36' Tanka Basnet's effort from long range on goal goes too high from the target for a goal kick.

34' Anil Gurung tries to layoff a pass to Shiva but Yuddha reads it and gains back the possession.

32' Shiva SHrestha's 30 yard effort on goal goes high above the target.

31' Free Kick for MMC after RUpesh KC is brought down by Bharat in the center of the field.

30' SUBSTITUTION for MMC as Dipak Rai comes in to replace Sujal Shrestha who looks injured.

28' Biraj is beaten by strength in duel with Tek Bahadur but the final cross is well intercepted by Sissoko.

26' The delivery swung in by Shiva is headed out well by Jitendra.

25' Bharat trips Sujal in halfway of Army half and Shiva Shrestha steps up to take the set piece.

23' Bishal Shrestha restarts the play with goal kick after Bharat's effort was off target.

21' Bharat Khawas' cross towards the far post is not so good and Biraj holds onrushing Tek Bahadur.

20' Shiva Shrestha;s effort after a quick exchange of pass with Sushil KC hits the outside of the post.The goalkeeper was well beaten there and Shiva shakes his head in disbelief.

19' Army have the ball inside te net but the referee had already blew the whistle after seeing assistant's flag raised in the buildup for the move.

18' SAVE! Bishal Shrestha makes a brilliant save to deny Nawayug Shrestha an assured goal. The goalkeeper dives to his weaker left to send the ball away for a corner.

17' Dodoz initiates a Manang counter to find Shiva, who then exchanges couple of passes in between but the final shot from Sujal is blocked by Army defense.

16' Biraj Maharjan's long range effort on goal is saved well by Bikesh.

14' More on the goal, Sujal started the build up in thw wings and came inside the box beating Deepak Gurung with pace. He sent the ball just near the penalty spot to find Anil Gurung. Gurung then raised the ball with first touch and slammed the ball hard with an overhead kick which flew into the top corner. AN EXCELLENT ACROBATIC FINISH.

13' GOALLL! Anil Gurung scores a brilliant goal!

12' Rupesh KC's freekick delivery is easily taken care of by 

11' Yuddha Shahi is yellow carded for a foul just inside the MMC half.

10' Sujal's inviting delivery fails to find Dodoz as the foreugn recruit was marked tightly by Jitendra.

9' Tanka Basnet plays a long ball towards the flank but his ball is dealt well by Biraj. 

7' Chance for MMC to get on level terms but Dodoz's shot is well saved by Bikesh and the rebound is blocked off by defender Jitendra just on front of goal with Bikesh already down from first shot.

5' MMC are looking for instant reply but Anil's header towards goal goes into hands of goalkeeper Bikesh.

4' The low cross from the left flank sent in by Hiranya was not read well by the defenders and they waited for Bishal to come. Bishal was too late to react and they fall back 1-0 down after Bharat makes an excellent finsh from just near the six yard box.

3' GOALLLL!!! Bharat Khawas scores.

2' Long free kick from Deepak Gurung is easily grabbed by advancing Bishal.

1' The match begins.