Red Bull National League 2071: Match No.13
Nepal Police Club - 0 Nepal APF - 2
  • 10' Ranjan Bista [0-1]
  • 59' Ranjan Bista [0-2]

Starting Lineups:

Nepal Police Club:

Ritesh Thapa (GK), Ajit Bhandari, Suraj BK, Suman Subedi, Rabin Shrestha, Yogesh Shrestha, Bhola Silwal, Nir Kumar Rai(41' Dinesh Gurung), Binod Karki, Rishi Pithakoti(26' Hem Tamang (72' Bharat Shah)), Jumanu Rai (c)

Nepal APF Club:

Amrit Chaudhary (GK)(42'), Sudeep Shikhrakar, Ramesh Dangal, Palsang Limbu, Navin Lama, Rajendra Rawal, Jangbu Sherpa, Santosh Shrestha(87' Shyam Nepali), Ganesh Lawati (c) (66' Anjan Bista), Top Bahadur Bista, Ranjan Bista(G 10' 59')(90+1' Aditya Chaudhary)

Updates by: Subas Humagain

Man of the Match: Ranjan Bista (APF)

Full Time: Nepal Police 0-2 Nepal APF

90' 4 minutes time is added.

90' SUBSTITUTION for APF as Ranjan Bista is replaced by Aditya Chaudhary.

89' Brillliant sliding tackle from Jangbu inside the box to halt Bharat Shah from taking a shot on goal.

88' SAVE! Binod Karki's drive from just outside the box is saved away by diving Amrit Chaudhary.

87' SUBSTITUTION for APF as Shyam Nepali comes in for Santosh Shrestha.

85' Anjan Bista chases a long ball towards the goal but RItesh advances to take care of the ball.

83' SAVE! Bhola Silwal's half volley from just outside the box is brilliantly saved by diving Amrit Chaudhary.

82' Rajendra Rawal's effort from Jangbu's rebounded shot is too easy for Ritesh as he starts the play with a first time kick.

81' Jumanu Rai gets on the ball again but he chooses to shoot on goal from outside the box and the ball flies too high from the target.

79' Jumanu Rai's hot from just outside the edge of six yard box is blocked by Ramesh and Top completes the clearance by conceding a throw in at the left byline.

77' Chance for APF to add another goal as Navin Lama sends in a penetrating pass from just outside the box and Rajendra Rawal's quick shot beats the goalkeeper and the post as well.

75' OFFSIDE! Yogesh Shrestha falls into the trap of APF defense.

74' Bhola Silwal fails to control the ball inside the box after Jumanu's layoff from the corner.

73' Suman Subedi's first time effort from 35 yards goes inches over the crossbar with goalkeeper Amrit Chaudhary well beaten.

71' SUBSTITUTION for NPC as Hem Tamang is replaced by Bharat Shah.

70' ANjan releases Navin just in front of the midfield and the sprint and shot in from Navin is gathered by Rites in second attempt.

69' SUraj BK loses the possession in the midfield and ANjan Bista gets the possession.

68' ANjan Bista is down in the ground after colliding with Ritesh while attempting to chase the loose ball.

67' Brillaint exchange of passing between Jangbu and Navin but they cannot cap it off with a goal as Suraj and RItesh close in on Jangbu to send the ball out for a goal kick.

66' Top Bahadur Bista takes over the armband with departure of Ganesh Lawati.

65' SUBSTITUTION for APF: Ganesh Lawati makes way for Anjan Bista.

64' OFFSIDE! The crossfield ball towards Yogesh is flagged for an offside by assistant. 

62' Hem tries to play in Jumanu with a flick off the ball but the striker does not read the play and Amrit gathers the ball.

61' Jumanu leads te counter from the corner but Amrit advances well to get the ball off him.

60' ANother chance for Ranjan to take a shot on goal as he finds a loose ball outside the box and his shot is parried away for a corner by Ritesh.

59' More on the goal, Ajit Bhandari played a back pass to Ritesh which was read well by Ranjan and he just placed the ball beyond Ritesh to score his personal as well as team's second.

59' GOALLL! Ranjan Bista doubles the tally for APF. 

56' WOAH! What an effort from Ranjan Bista! He skips past three defenders from the midfield and tries a shot on goal from 25 yards. The stinging shot hits the post which had beaten Ritesh Thapa well. The rebound from Navin Lam is flagged for an offside. What a brilliant piece of move that was.

55' Corner from APF is rebounded of Suraj and consecutives attempt on goal is blocked off before the referee halted play for a push on from Top on Dinesh.

54' The corner is cleared out by a Ramesh Dangal header and Jangbu wins a corner for APF from the resulted counter.

53' Jumanu wins NPC a corner as they look to build constant threat inside the APF box.

52' Yet another corner delivery goes untested from NPC as Yogesh pushes opponent in the buildup.

51' Jumanu skips past Ranjan in the midfielde but APF forward puts his leg out to stop the play for a freekick.

50' Bhola Silwal produces yet another peach of a delivery but Binod Karki fails to make a contact with the ball. The ball beat everyone and had Karki made a good contact, the score would have been leveled.

49' NPC get a corner after Top headed out the cross from Bhola but Yogesh's delivery fails to trouble APF defense.

48' Ramesh Dangal slides in to deny Yogesh Shrestha a crossing opportunity in the left flank.

47' Bhola sends an inviting set piece delivery towards the far post but Suman fails to reach to it on time and and Amrit restarts the play with a goal kick.

46' Second Half begins.


45+1' Yet another freekick from Rabin and advancing Amrit fumbles it again but danger is cleard by Navin's clearance.

45' 2 minutes time is added.

45' Rabin's inviting delivery is fumbled inside the box by Amrit Chaudhary and Binod Karki's final shot goes out of target.

44' Palsang Lama brings down Jumanu Rai in the left flank and referee awards NPC a freekick.

43' Ganesh Lawati finds Santosh Shrestha with a brilliant penetrating pass from their own half but Santosh makes a mess of the pass as he opts to shoot from right flank and wastes it for a goal kick.

42' YELLOW CARD for APF custodian Amrit Chaudhary for time wasting.

42' Bhola Silwal's shot from 30 yards area goes too high from the target after a cross was sent out of the box by Palsang.

41' SUBSTITUTION from Police: Nir Kumar Rai OUT Dinesh Gurung IN

40' Binod Karki's attempt from outside the box flies away from the target.

39' NPC win a freekick just inside the APF half but their attempt to make a quick counter doesn't succeed.

38' Brief stoppage in the play as Ranjan Bista is off the field in need of medical assitance.

37' Yet another silly mistake from Police as Yogesh loses ball in the heart of Police half and Ganesh finds Navin but the pass from Navin is not well read by Ranjan and his long range attempt fails to trouble Ritesh.

36' Nir Kumar Rai's attempt on goal from 40 yards goes into Amrit's hands, looking at the reaction it seemed to be a miscued lofted pass 

35' Rabin Shrestha's cross towards the far post is not well met by Hem and Amrit restarts the play with a goal kick.

34' Jangbu's delivery is rebound a couple of times inside the box and the final curving shot from Navin goes wide in the far post.

33' Ganesh Lawati's cross is delfelcted off Suman for a corner.

32' Jumanu Rai is caught off position and referee flags for an offside.

31' Consistent Pressure from Police in last five minutes as the substitution looks like working well.

30' Ajit Bhandari is caught sleeping yet again as his overlapping run goes wrong and Ganesh lawati fails to capitlize the mistake.

29' Fresh blood Hem Tamang pulls down Top Bdr in attmept to win the ball and APF get a free kick.

28' Rabin Shrestha is fouled in the byline and referee halts the play for a freekick.

26' SUBSTITUTION for NPC as debutant Rishi Magar is replaced by Hem Tamang.

25' Inswinging corner delivery is headed out by Palsanga and the rebound lofted into the box by Nir Kumar is easily delat by Amrit.

24' NPC get a corner and Yogesh steps up to take the delivery.

23' Santosh Shrestha tries a shot from outside the box but it fails to get past Rabin Shrestha in the first place.

22' Ranjan Bista raises his foot high in attempt to win the ball from Bhola and Sudish Pandey halts the play.

21' Nir Kumar Rai makes a misspass in his own half and Navin Lama is through on goal but the defenders come back well to stop any dnager.

20' Navin Lama's attempted shot from edge of the box is blocked away by Suraj BK.

19' APF are on the attack now and Jangbu fails to make a good contact to the ball in from Navin.

18' Nir Kumar Rai tires a driving shot from 25 yards which is punched away by Amrit CHaudhary, the rebound then is headed towards the goal by Jumanu which goalie somehow manages to send it towards the post and the rebound again is hit by Jumanu but the final shot from striker comes off from his own teammate RIshi. The ball was going in until his own teamamte came on the way. Jumanu looks furious and shouts at his teammate who is making his first start for Police. HUGE LETOFF for APF.

17' Jumanu sends the ball into the net from Yogesh's cross but the referee in the sidelines has his flag up already. Police players are not happy with the decision.

16' Ajit Bhandari slips up in the right back and Navin Lama pounces onto it but the defender tracks back well to win back the possession.

15' Yet another defensive lapse in Police half but Ganesh takes a heavy first touch which helps advancing Ritesh to control the ball.

14' Jumanu Rai runs with the ball in the left flank and cuts in to take a shot on goal but his shot is blocked off and then cleared away by Palsang.

13' Ranjan Bista tries to send Ganesh on the counter but Suraj BK reads the ball well and boots it away for  throw in.

12' Police are on the attack staright away looking for a goal back and Binod Karki's header off Ajit's cross goes into the hands of goalie Amrit.

11' Ranjan Bista capitalized on the defensive lapse after mispass was not read well by Suraj BK. Ranjan pounced onto the ball and his first time shot from just outside the box beat advancing Ritesh well.

10' GOALLL! Ranjan Bista scores. APF lead 1-0

8' Ranjan Bista's delivery into the box is headed away by Suman and Nir Kumar completes the clearance.

6' Bhola Silwal tries a first time shot from outside the box after Jumanu's setup but Ramesh Dangal blocks well.

5' Jumanu Rai gets a lofted ball from Nir Kumar Rai and tries to find RIshi towards the far post but the move is halted by Palsang's headed clearance.

4' Ajit Bhandari raises his studs in attempt to win the ball, he wins it cleanly but the referee is not happy with the attempt and he stops the play for a foul.

3' Bhola Silwal is brought down while trying to initiate a counter from failed corner and the quick freekick is read well by palsang to hold off Jumanu.

2' Early pressure from APF as Ranjan's cross is delfected off Navin Lama then off Rishi for a corner. The short corner then goes ineffective.

1' The match begins.

Sunny weather and NPC are on Blue kits while APF are on all whites.

Nepal Police Club are yet to open their account in the league while Nepal APF are on good form after thrashing Morang in their last match.