Red Bull National League 2071- Match No. 10
Ruslan Three Star - 0 Tribhuwan Army - 0

Starting XI

Ruslan Three Star Club:

Alan Neupane (GK), Sandip Rai(82'), Peter Segun(19'), Sagar Thapa (c), Ranjit Dhimal (46' Bishnu Sunuwar) , Victor Amobi, Nirajan Khadka, Bikram Lama (14'), Jagajeet Shrestha (88' Bijay Gurung), Gohi (65' Amar Dangol), Santosh Shahukhala (51')


Tribhuwan Army Club:

Bikesh Kuthu (GK), Deepak Gurung, Jitendra Karki, Hiranta Magar, Yuddha Shahi(25'), Padam Tamang, Tek Bahadur Budhathoki, Raju Tamang (c), Tanka Basnet, Nawayug Shrestha (77' Amrit Basnet), Bharat Khawas

Updates by: Subas Humagain

Man of the Match: Jitendra Karki (TAC)

Full Time: Ruslan Three Star 0-0 Tribhuwan Army

90+6' Bikram Lama gets to the end of NIrajan's corner but his well placed header is brillaintly cleared off the line by Hiranya Magar. The ball was going in until Hiranya, who was guarding the near post made timely clearance.

90+1' CROSS BAR! What an effort that was. YThe corner swung in by Nirajan rebound outside the box and Peter Segun hit a well timed shot only to see it hit the crossbar. The rebound off the crossbar is headed towards the target by Bikram but Bikesh is well placed to control the ball.

90' 6 minutes time is added.

88' Jagajeet Shrestha is replaced by Bijay Gurung

82' Yellow Card for Sandip Rai for dissent.

77' Attacking change from Army as Amrit Basnet comes in for Nawayug Shrestha.

65' Amar Dangol comes into the game replacing Gohi.

64' Sagar Thapa makes a brilliant effort as he connects to the cross from Jagajeet with a diving header, only to see it go inches wide.

62' CROSSBAR!! Tanka Basnet's effort from the left byline comes from the underside of the crossbar and the rebound is not used well by Nawayug Shrestha.

55' Brief stoppage of play as Bikesh recieves treatment.

51' RED CARD! Santosh Shahukhala is shown a straight red card for a sliding tackle on goalkeeper Bikesh Kuthu. The striker chased the back header from Yuddha Shahi but could not control the tackle and went on to hit the keeper with his studs.

48' Bishnu Sunuwar makes a brilliant last man tackle to deny Army any chance of attack.

HALF TIME Substitution by Three Star as Ranjit Dhimal makes way for Bishnu Sunuwar.

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Half Time: RTSC 0-0 TAC

45+1' Jagajeet's cross from the left wing is handled by Raju near the edge and Sudish Pandey blows the whistle.

45' 1 minute time is added.

44' Nirajan Khadka's attempt from outside the box is easily controlled by Bikrsh Kuthu on the goal.

43' Santosh Shahukhala looks for a pass from Sagar Thapa on the wings but Yuddha Shahi chases the ball and boots out for a throw in.

42' Jagajeet's pass is read by Deepak and Gohi's run off the ball goes wasted.

41' Alan Neupane comes out to control the ball as Nawayug chased the ball until the end .

40' Nawayug and Peter both chase a through ball into Three Star half but the defender helds the striker well.

39' Nawayug Shrestha is brought down by Peter near the center of the field and Jitendra Karki hits the ball out of play in attempt to trouble Alan.

38' Moment of scare for rookie Alan as he nearly makes an error but slides in to clear out the ball outside the box.

37' Brief stoppage of play as Bikram is pulled down his own half and the quick counter goes out for nothing as Ranjt's cross does not find anyone in the box.

36' The corner then is punched out by advancing Alan and the rebound deflects off Bikram and ends into Alan's hands.

35' Raju Tamang's cross into the box is fumbled out for a corner by Alan Neupane.

34' Tanka's cross into the six yard box is miscued by Sandip but Bikram boots out the rebound to clear any danger.

33' A short stoppage of play as Nirajan collides with Army player and referee awards Army a free kick.

32' Good piece of combined play from Ranjit and Jagajeet but Yuddha doeswell to stop the play with a throw in. 

31' Good piece of skill from Santosh as he gets past three players inside the box with ddribble but cant pull off the trigger.

30' Santosh recieves the ball in the wings from Nirajan but his ball into the box is intercepted by Jitendra Karki and Army play on.

29' Another mistake for Ranjit as the winger fails to control the ball in first touch and concedes a goal kick.

28' Three Star are holding onto the ball and trying to break through the wings while Army are looking to break through the middle.

27' Jagajeet is brought down in the midway of Army half and the freekick is wasted by Gohi as he skies the shot out of the play.

26' Santosh takes the freekick and his shot towards the far post is not read by anyone.

25' Santosh Shahukhala is brought down by Yuddha Shahi and Three Star get a freekick just near the edge of the box. Yellow Card for the armymen.

24' Both the teams are playing the ball in between trying to break an attack but none are being able to do so.

23' Deepak Gurung's cross into the box is headed towards the goal by Tek Bdr. but Alan easily takes it under control.

22' Ranjit Dhimal is having some trouble with sprints as he falls down for second time already while attempting a cross.

21' Alan Neupane looks hurt after punching out the corner but referee takes a closer look and the goalkeeper is back on his feet.

20' Raju Tamang's delivery falls into the six yard box but Bikram Lama rises high to send it for a corner.

19' Peter Segun is beaten on dribble by Tanka but the debutant pulls down the Midfielder and referee shows no hesitation on writing his name on the book. Yellow Card staright away for the foreign recruit.

18' Nirajan's lofted pass is brilliantly controlled by Santosh but he gets no good support from the teammates and loses the possession .

17' Padam Tamang makes an ambitious effort from 35 yards but it goes too high and wide off the target.

16' Yet another wastefull set piece from Army as Deepak Gurung fails to make use of a long free kick.

15' Jitendra Karki's freekick from 40 yards beats everyone including the goalkeeper and Alan proceeds the play with a goal kick.

14' Yellow Card for Bikram Lama as he fouled on Padam Tamang.

13' Nice attempt from Gohi on goal as he and Santosh combine to build an attacking move and the final shot from outside the box goes above the target. Gohi had the goalkeeper beaten with the curve but did not find the target.

12' Sagar Thapa out of everyone is offside as he tried to make an overlapping run in the left flank.

11' Santosh tries to exchange passes with Jagajeet in the byline but he cannot pull off the final pass well and Army get a throw in off deflection.

10' Ambitious effort from Deepak Gurung from 35 yards out but his shot fails to test stand in goalkeeper Alan Neupane.

9' Hiranya tries to play a long ball towards Nawayug but Victor makes an acrobatic attepmt to force it for a throw in.

8' Bharat Khawas is on the play again as he holds the ball well in the right byline but he gets no support from his teammates and Sandip Rai wins possession.

7' Bharat Khawas pulls down Nirajan Khadka in the center of the field and referee blows the whistle.

6' A moment of scare for Yuddha as Sanotsh closes him down quickly but a panicking clearance hits Santosh then goes out for a goal kick.

5' COnsecutive throw in for Army as they look to attack from the wings as Three Star defend well.

4' Ranjit runs with the ball in the left byline but looses his footing in the final third and the ball rolls out for a goal kick.

3' High pressure from Three Star forces army to concede a throw in as Yuddha and Deepak fail to read each other.

2' OFFISDE! Gohi plays a penetrating ball to find Santosh but the first touch is halted staright away as the referre on the sidelines had his flag up already.

2' Deepak Gurung plays a long free kick into the box but Tek Bahadur fails to make a good contact with the ball.

1' The match begins.

Three Star are on all white kits while Army are wearing traditional Reds.

Three Star and Army are both unbeaten in the league going into this match.


Presented By: Subas Humagain