Red Bull National League - Match No. 9
Nepal Police Club - 1 Jhapa XI FC - 3

  • 19' Jumanu Rai [1-0]
  • 40' Karna Limbu [1-1]
  • 41' Dilen Loktan [1-2]
  • 87' Yogesh Gurng [1-3]

Man Of The Match: Dilen Loktan (Jhapa XI)

Starting XI:


Ritesh Thapa (GK), Rabin Shrestha, Suraj BK, Man Bahadur Pariyar, Arbin Chaudhary, Dinesh Gurung, Hem Tamang, Nir Kumar Rai, Bhola Silwal, Bharat Shah, Jumanu Rai(C)


Dinesh Thapa Magar (GK), Devendra Tamang, Dilen Loktan, Rabi Thapa, Dinesh Karki, Yogesh Gurung, Nagendra Limbu, Pravesh Katuwal, Karna Limbu, Sumin Mainali, Buddha Chemjong

Updates by: Subas Humagain



90+4' DInesh Karki gets to end of the long ball but the flag was already up.

90+3' Gilsan Kandngba chases the ball with Suraj but the defender chooses the safe way out and passes it back to goalkeeeper.

90+2' SUBSTITUTION for Jhapa, Gilsan Kandangba comes in to replace Buddha Chemjong.

90+1' Jhapa break the defense yet again and Karna chips the ball towards the goal but referee halts the pay for an offside. 

90' 4 minutes time is added.

89' RItesh Thapa makes a fine diving save from a freekick to result a corner for Jhapa.

88' More on the goal, Dilen Loktan gets all the plaudits for the build up after dribbling past four defenders in the right byline before passing it to Buddha, who then made a first touch pass to Karna. Karna then laid it off to Yogesh Gurung who made couple of touches before firing the shot beyond the goalkeeper. Absoultely amazing team goal.

87' GOALLLL!! Yogesh Gurung doubles the lead for Jhapa.

86' Poor touch from Binod Karki just outside the box means Jhapa regain the possession but Buddha fails to get the final shot on goal after being held by Bikram Dhimal.

85' Karna Limbu is flagged for an offside after he was way too far from the defensive line.

84' Substitution for NPC as injured Hem Tamang is replaced by Bikram Dhimal.

83' The corner from Dinesh fails to produce anything out of it.

82' Karna Limbu beats a player just outside the box and tries to pull the trigger but a brilliant tackle halts the move and Jhapa get a corner.

81' The game resumes with 10 NPC players on the pitch.

80' A slight break in the matc because of injury and Birat talks to his players as they look forward for an equaliser.

79' Hem Tamang is down in the field and needs some medical assistance.

78' Juamnu Rai is pulled down by Dilen Loktan and referee awards NPC a freekick.

77' The weather is sunny and rainy as we can see couple of rainbows above the stadium. 

75' Sumin Mainali prepares a freekick from neat the center of the field but his delivery is well dealt by Ritesh.

74' Brillaint sliding tackle from Dilen to stop Bhola's sprint but the ball to Dinesh is not as effective.

73' Poor corner delivery from Dinesh Karki as his corner beats everyone and Police get the ball possession.

72' Jhapa win a corner after Arbin headed the lofted ball towards the corner flag.

71' Substitution for NPC as Ajit Bhandari comes on for Nir Kumar Rai.

70' The ball is stuck in the middle with both sides trying to break the defense but not succeeding in doing so.

68' Rabi Thapa tries to play a lofted pass to Karna but  he fails to make a good contact with the ball and Ritesh advances.

67' Jumanu Rai gets a talking to from the ref after he pushed the defender in attempt to get the ball off him.

66' Nir kumar Rai loses the ball in oppositon half but does well to win it back as he chases Yogesh about 40 yards to regain the possession.

65' Arbin and Bhola fail to co-ordinate with each other and a quick throw in is wasted as the Jhapa regain the possession.

64' Dinesh karki's cross towards the far post from edge of the box is deflected and Ritesh advances to control the ball.

63' Its a swift rain and low visibility at Dasarath Stadium and Jhapa are pushing for another goal putting Police on the backfoot.

62' Suraj BK's pass to Man Bahadur in their own half goes wasted and Jhapa restart the play with a throw in. The throw in is repeated as Suraj slides in brillaintly deny a crossing opportunity.

61' Man Bahadur miscues a clearance and Yogesh pounces onto the ball, luckily for NPC, the final pass to Dinesh rolls out for a throw in.

60' Nir kumar Rai plays the ball to Juamnu with a one touch flick but the ball goes way too far and Jumanu holds the play and waits for support.

59' NPC are playing lots of long balls forwards but the strikers are not utilizing the chances well. 

58' Juamnu Rai misplaces a pass and Jhapa counter attack with Buddha Chemjong in the right wing.

57' Hem Tamang is brought down and Nir Kumar Rai takes the freekick from left byline which rolls out to result a goal kick for Jhapa.

56' Pravesh Katuwal's shot off the rebounded corner is well wide and off the target.

55' Man Bahadur Pariya is forced to conceded a corner after Buddha Chemjong held the opposition well in the byline.

54' SLippery condition nearly plays a part here as Ritesh slips while controling a through ball but luckily he has the bal under his grasp.

53' Substitution for NPC as Binod Karki replaces Dinesh Gurung.

52' Jhapa try to contain the play in the left byline but Rabin and Suraj work well to clear the ball.

51' Consecutive flicking header from Jhapa players to build an attack is read by Suraj and he clears the ball.

50' Jhapa concede a corner after Ravi Thapa made sure the ball doesnt pass through him and the corner is not cleared well.

49' Karna Limbu finds Nagendra's long ball and controls it well but Suraj BK holds him up well to win the ball cleanly.

48' Jhapa are pushing hard for the next goal and NPC are busy defending the jhapa attack.

47' Yellow Card for Nir Kumar Rai as he fouled Pravesh katuwal in the center of the field.

46' Bharat Shah pushes defender while attempting to win a ball and referee blows the whsitle.

46' Second Half begins.


45+3' Arbin Chahar's cross into the box is brilliantly headed towards the goal by Jumanu but Dinesh produces an excellent save to result it for a corner. The corner then is easily headed out by Devendra Tamang.

45+2' Police are trying to push on for the equaliser but Jhapa are staying back to defend the crosses.

45+1' Karna Limbu is out of the pitch as he looks to have pulled his ham muscle.

45' 3 minutes time is added.

44' Corner delivered by Dinesh Karki is booted out by Police but the counter is not well built.

43' More pressure from Jhapa as Buddha's attempted cut in results for a corner.

42' More on the goals, the first goal came from a header from Corner which went unread by Police players and the second was result of misunderstanding between the players in the backline and Dilen rounded the goalkeeper to slot into the empty net and put 2-1 up.

41' GOALLL! Bizarre turn of events here at Dasarath Stadium as Dilen Loktan makes it 2-1 within minutes of scoring first.

40' GOALL! Karna Limbu scoress!!

39' Jhapa are pressign hard for an equaliser and they get a corner after Suraj BK's clearance.

38' Suraj BK is onto it again as he is alone inside the box with two Jhapa players but he gets to the ball before them and clears any kind of possible danger.

37' OFFISDE! Jumanu is caught off position in the right byline.

36' Suraj BK looks the lone man saving NPC defense as he heads out yet another delivery into the box.

35' Woh! What a chance for Jumanu to double the leadd. He receives the ball inside the box, gets past a defender with a brilliant flick but his final shot goes straight into the hands of DInesh Thapa Magar. A brilliant first touch, exquisite flick but the finishing was nowhere near the class of buildup.

34' Sumin Mainali's cross into the box is headed well by Suraj and Police go onto the attack.

33' Bhola Silwal slides in a pass to Bharat inside the box from right byline but Dinesh makes timely advancement to clear any danger.

32' Poor shot selection from Nir Kumar Rai as he looks to drive the ball low from outside the box but doesn't execute it well and Finsh takkes control of the ball.

31' Bharat Shah tries to play in Jumanu from edge of the box but his outside foot flick fails to get past any players and Jhapa retreat.

30' Panicking clearance to result a throw in from Arbin as it looked Jhapacould create danger with an attack from the wings.

29' Buddhha Chemjong tries to find Karna with a low cross towards the far post but none of the players read the move and Ritesh prepares for a goal kick.

28' Suraj BK comes into the field after short term outside the field as Police look to double the lead with patient attack.

27' The final shot from Karna does not count after the refere had his flag raised. NPC are lucky to be a goal up here as the defense looked totally off. Suraj is out of the pitch to get medical assitance.

26' CROSSBAR!! NPC defense were caught sleeping as Nagendra's ball is headed well by Yogesh only to be denied by the crossbar. The rebound is cleared in third attempt after couple of miscued shots.

25' The freekick is headed out by Arbin and Nir Kumar coompletes the clearnce booting out the ball.

24' Dinesh Karki is brought down in the midfield yet again and Jhapa restart the play with a long freekick.

23' Jhapa are looking confused in the backline as the players fail to co-ordinate over the air ball.

22' Arbin Chahar, who is playing first game in the league is depustising pretty well for Ajit Bhandari as he wins another throw in in pressure situation.

21' Ritesh Thapa's long ball is well dealt with by Jhapa XI players and the chance of counter is halt by Suraj BK's clearance.

20' Foul in midfield again as Police players fail to find their feet well.

19' More on the goal, Jumanu stepped up to take the penalty and placed it to the right top corner which left Dinesh Thapa Magar stranded onto his position.

19' GOALLL! Jumanu Rai scores the penalty!!

18' Referee is consulting with both the referees and he cautions Dilen Loktan with yellow card.

16' PENALTYY! Dilen Loktan handles the shot on target with his hand and referee awards penalty to Nepal Police Club. The shot was hit by Dinesh Gurung after the ball bounced off the defender.

15' Bhola Silwal swings in a corner for Police but DInesh Gurung fails to make the most of the delivery from the far post.

14' The freekick delivered towards the far post by Bhola ends up into hands of Dinesh Thapa before onrushing Bharat could pounce onto it.

13' Bharat Shah is pulled down by Rabi Thapa while vying for an aerial duel and Laba Khatri halts the play.

12' OFFSIDE! Karna Limbu of Jhapa XI is flagged for an offside.

11' WHat a Chance for Jumanu to break the Jhapa defense as he is strnaded just in front of d-box with two players around him and he fails to touch the ball towards the path of either of the players. Coach Birat Krishna Shrestha looks furious on the sidelines.

10' Nagendra Limbu makes a well timed tackle on Nir Kumar to win the ball but the final pass aimed to Buddha is not well delivered.

9' Yogesh and Karna try to exchange passes in the left byline but the later fails to control the ball and Police resume the play with a throw in.

8' OFFSIDE! Buddh Chemjong is caught off position as he looked to have beaten the whole Police defense by reading Karna's through ball before the assistant on the sidelines raised the flag.

7' Nagendra Limbu loses the ball in the midfield and Rabin SHretsha launches a counter but Jumanu and Dinesh could not make the most of it.

6' Yet another freekick conceded by Police as they battle hard to win the ball from Jhapa's midfield.

5' Dilen Loktan's cross into the box is well caught by Ritesh Thapa.

4' Freekick near the corner area is not well utlized and Dinesh Karki gets fouled while defending the rebound.

3' Suraj plays the ball back to Ritesh and the goalkeeper launches a counter to win his team a free kick.

2' Both teams are struggling to find their feet as they make a couple of misspass before Jhapa's attempted cross is blocked off.

1' The match begins.

Nepal Police Club are on all blue kits while Jhapa are wearing White shirts and Green shorts.

FIFA Referee Laba Khatri will officiate the match with Rojen Shrestha and Prakash Shrestha as assitant referees.

Jhapa XI and NPC have both played one match in the league each and both were on the losing side in their first match. The teams will be on the field aiming to open their accounts with maximum points.

Presented by: Subas Humagain