FIFA WC 2018 Qualifiers [Second Leg]
Nepal - 0 India - 0

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90+2' The corner routine is cleared out by Sandip Rai and Jumanu's chase for the ball goes wasted.

90+1' Robin Singh's shot from right byline comes off Biraj and India get a corner.

90' 3 minutes time is added.

89' Jackichand Chand is brought down by Rabin and India get a freekick in left byline.

88' The battle between Robin Singh and Bikram Lama continues in the pitch as Indian forward this time is penalised for a foul.

87' Ganesh replaces Lyndogh for India.

86' Jumanu Rai pulls RObin SIngh in attempt to get the possession and referee blows the whistle.

85' Saumik Dey halts the play as he brought down Anil Gurung in the right byline.

84' Jumanu Rai replaces Bharat Khawas for Nepal.

83' Bharat Khawas reaches to the end of cross but the referee raises his flag for an offside.

81' Series of Attacks from Nepalese side as Subrata Paul is kept busy. Sandip's final shot ends into hands of goalie.

82' Bimal's shot on goal is blocked by onrushing goalkeeper and Pritam makes sure no danger follows up inside the box with a quick clearance.

78' Quick counter initiated by corner is controlled well by Anil and his final shot confuses everyone including the player himself as the shot looked like it went in but had hit the roof of the net. The shot from right side of the box lopped over the goalkeeper but went inches behnd the post.

77' Excellent corner delivery from Bimal but the reaction from players inside the box was not upto it.

76' Nepal earn a corner after a cross was deflected out by Saumik Dey.

75' Kiran Chemjong had his heart on his hand when Sagar played the ball back and Robin tracked the ball but referee blows the whistle for foul play from big striker.

74' Anjan Bista has been lively since he has come on as Sunil Chetri is forced to concede a foul against U-17 forward.

73' India make a change as Jackikchand Singh comes in for Fransisco.

72' Sandesh Jhingan makes an acrobatic clearance to deny any danger beyond the defensive line.

71' Bharat Khawas is yellow carded for a foul in the Indian half.

70' Play halts as Biraj collides with Indian defender.

69' POSTT!! Sandip Rai's chipped delivery beats everyone in Indian defense and Bharat Khaws' shot comes from iinside of the post. Sheer bad luck as Keeper was alredy beaten.

68' Calvin Lobo trips Anjan Bista and referee blows the whistle for a free kick.

67' Attacking substitution from Nepal as Anjan Bista comes on for Bola Silwal.

66' Arnab Mondal is down in the field after a swift collision with Anil Gurung.

65' Bhola Silwal's corner delivery towards the near post is not flicked well and Sandesh Jhingan gets the ball out of danger.

64' Sandeep Rai's long freekick delivery is parried away for a corner by Subrata Paul.

63' The freekick fails to create a danger but scrappy defending from Arnab is not reacted quickly by Sagar as his reflex shot from edge of the six yard box goes out.

62' Bikram Lama is pushed down in an aeriel duel  by Lyndogh and Nepal get a free kick.

61' Poor corner delivery from the Indian team as no players in the box failed to reach the cross.

60' The free kick delivery from the midfield is cleared out for a corner.

59' Indian attackers are kept silent by defensively sound Nepalese backline as Bikram Lama comes back to help the defenders.

58' Bimal's looping header on target from the cross of Bhola is controlled well by Subrata Paul.

57' Anil Gurung comes in to replace Santosh Shahukhala.

56' Yellow for RObin Singh for handling the ball in pathof goal.

55' Sandeep Rai's delivery into the far post is a bit too quick for Santosh as the striker is too slow.

54' Quick counter attack from India ends up with a goal kick as Ralte's cross goes beyond the post.

53' The inviting delivery from Sandeep Rai from the center of the park is easily grasped by Subrata.

52' Calvin Lobo of India is yellow carded for a foul on Biraj Maharjan.

51' Biraj plays a ball into the path of Bimal but the onrushing forward fails to control the ball well and India get a goal kick.

50' Santosh gets to the end of Sandip's delivery but his header under pressure is easily taken care of by Subrata.

49' Bharat is brought down by Indian defender just near the center line and Sandip steps up to take the delivery.

48' Serie of mistimed headers from the corner but the final move is flagged for an offside by assistant referee.

47' CHance for Nepal early in the second half as Bharat's shot is parried away for a corner by Subrata.

46' Second half begins. India make a change as Lenny is replaced by Calvin.

HALF TIME: Nepal 0-0 India

45' 1 minute time is added.

44' Rohit Chand is having a field day defensively as he stops yet another attack aimed to Robin Singh.

43' Bimal's shot from outside the box from his weaker right foot fails to tame the keeper.

42' Danger looming inside the India box as Nepalese pile up the pressure.

41' Consecutive throw ins for India as they look to push on from the wings.

40' Santosh's low delivery from corner goes wasted as Indian defenders close in on the players quickly inside the box.

39' Sandesh Jhingan makes a last ditch tackle to deny Bimal a shot on goal and Nepal earn a corner.

38' Sandip Rai's freekick from the center of the park ends up into the hands of goalkeeper Subrata.

37' Santosh Shahukhala's attempt to win a duel against Arnab goes wasted as referee calls for a foul play.

36' Ralte's attempt from just near the edge of the box goes wide from the target.

35' Kiran Chemjong advances forward to clear a dangerous backpass.

34' Robin Singh gets on the top of Rohit while vying for an aerial duel and referee halts the play for a Nepal free kick.

33' Excellent show of close control by Bimal as he makes a brilliant first touch and passes it on to midfield with a backheel.

32' Sagar Thapa passes the ball straight to Robin Singh but the dange is cleared away by backtracking Rohit.

31' Long throw in from Sandip Rai inside the box is cleared away quickly by Arnab.

30' Ralte's long ball aimed towards Robin goes out of bounds and Nepal restart the play with quick throw in.

29' Slight clash of heads between Bharat and Sunil in the center and referee awards India a freekick.

28' Bimal tracks back to defensive position and halts any danger from cross as he wins possession from Ralte in the left wing.

27' Rohit Chand is keeping the tabs on Robin Singh as the defender holds on to the player as the ball from midfield goes out for a goal kick.

26' A rather reckless pass from Sagar as his attempted cross field ball goes way behind Biraj Maharjan.

25' Robin SIngh pulls Rabin Shrestha in attempt to win the ball and referee blows the whistle.

24' Sandeep's freekick is caught well by Subrata in his second attempt after he fumbled the first one on the air.

23' Bimal leaps up high to flick the ball to Santosh and the later chips the ball into path of Bimal but Arnab makes an excellent tackle to deny any danger inside the box.

22' Cross from the right byline is cleared out and Bikram's quick counter results a goal kick after Arnab held Bimal well off the ball.

21' India earn a throw in after Sandip and Sagar failed to co-ordinate over a long ball and Sagar cleared the danger with a quick clearance.

20' Eugenson Lyndogh is cautioned for his foul on Bikram Lama.

19' Nepal are looking comfortable on the ball and are playing within themselves trying to look for an opening.

18' A rare Indian move is flagged for offside as Robin Singh is caught off position.

16' Its all Nepal at the moment as Sandip Rai launches yet another long ball to Santosh but Subrata Paul advances to collect it.

15' Sandesh Jhingan heads out the rebound from the freekick swung in by Bimal.

14' The freekick hits the wall and the rebound results yet another free kick as Bharat is brought down in the right byline.

13' Santosh is pulled down by Arnab just in front of the box and Nepal get a free kick in dangerous position.

12' Santosh tries to play Bimal on a quick counter attack but the run is too slow for Bimal to reach.

10' Bikram Lama tries to play a quick one two just outside the box but Bimal fails to read the return ball.

9' Ohh! What a chance! Sandeep's freekick towards the far post was headed into the box by Santosh and Bharat could not connect well to a rebound after finding the ball inside the box with no defenders around.

8' Pritam Kotal gets a talking to from the referee after a rather reckless challenge on Bimal.

7' Sandeep Rai's freekick goes inches over the crossbar and goalkeeper Subrata takes his first goal kick of the match.

6' Free Kick in dangerous territory for Nepal after Bhola is pushed down by Ralte.

5' Last ditch sliding tackle from Lenny halts the move for Nepal as referee waves for a throw in.

4' Sandesh jhingan makes a quick clerance as he read the ball from Bhola, but the chase from Robin produces no result as goalkeeper controls the ball well.

3' Nepalese wingbacks struggling early to find their feet as Rabin fails to control the ball and India get a throw in.

2' Bikram Lama switches the play from midfield but Biraj is too late to reach.

1' First attempt on goal from Robin as his low shot from 30 yards goes wide.

1' the match begins.

• Both the teams take turns for National Anthem as specatotrs play their part with standing ovation.

• The teams are warming up as the crowd continues to grow bigger.

• The weather is all clear as the sun shines around the Dasarath Stadium.

Starting XI:


Kiran Chemjong (GK)

Biraj Maharjan - Sandi Rai - Sagar Thapa (C) - Rohit Chand - Rabin Shrestha

Bikram Lama - Bhola Silwal

Bharat Khawas                                     Bimal Gharti Magar

Santosh Shahukhala




Subrata Paul

Arnab Mondal - Pritam Kotal - Saumik Dey - Sandesh Jhingan

Lenny Rodrigues - Lalrikinda Ralte - Francis Fernandez - Eugenon Lyndogh

Robin Singh - Sunil Chhetri



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