Red Bull National League
Nepal APF - 4 Morang FC - 1
  • [0-1] Raj Poudel 35'
  • [1-1] Anjan Bista 41'
  • [2-1] Ranjan Bista 42'
  • [3-1] Ranjan Bista 60'
  • [4-1] Navin Lama 71'

Updates by: Subas Humagain

FULL TIME: Nepal APF 4-1 Morang

90+2' SUBSTITUTION for APF as Rajendra Rawal comes in to replace Ranjan Bista.

90+1' Komal Khawas is penalised for a foul as he raised his foot above the waist in attempt to win the ball from Heman.

90' 2 minutes time is added.

88' Top Bahadur Bista's attempt on goal from 30 yards goes well wide from the target.

86' Counter from APF is led by Ranajn Bista and he sends the ball into the path of Ganesh whose low drive is comfortably taken care of by Kishor Giri.

84' Ramesh Dangal brings down Raj Poudel in the left byline and quick freekick from Morang is well read by Sudeep.

83' Nishan Limb tries a shot from the edge of the six yard box but his outside of the foot attempt hits the sidenetting.

82' SUBSTITUTION for APF as Top Bahadur Bista comes in place of Man Bahadur Tamang.

81' Navin Lama's inviting cross beats Ganesh lawati and Santosh Shrestha's header goes narrowly over the bar.

80' SUBSTITUTION for Morang: Sunil Sardar replaces Suren Thapa.

78' Sanotsh runs with the ball from center of the field but he loses his balance in the last moment and Kishor takes control of the loose ball.

77' Rupesh Tamang's cross from the wings is left behind by Nishan but none of his team-mates were behind him and APF start a counter.

75' Ganesh lawati finds Navin Lama in the wings but the midfielder fails to emulate Lawati and loses possession with a missed pass.

74' Sudeep Shikhrakar is flagged for an offside as he was too ahead of defender in the wings.

73' Another chance for APF as Santosh gets the ball in the left wing but his cross aimed to Ranjan in the box deflects out for a corner.

72' More on the goal, Ganesh Lawati fed in a through ball beating the defenders and Navin Lama timed his run well to be onside and he shot it powerfully past the keeper to score the fourth goal and his second in as much matches.

71' GOALLLL!! Navin Lama scoress!!

70' Tek Bahadur Limbu reaches to the ball sent into the box by Raj Poudel but the midfielder fails to get his shot on target from inside the box and it flies over the bar.

69' Navin Lama's low cross is not read by anyone and Rupesh clears.

68' Ranjan Bista's cross from the right byline goes beyond the post for a goal kick.

67' First bit of action from Lawati on the ball ends for a goal kick as the striker fails to control the ball well.

66' Ranjan Bista commits a fould just near the center spot and quick freekick from Komal is not read by anyone in the yellows.

65' APF make change as Ganesh Lawati enters into the pitch in place of Anjan Bista.

64' SUBSTITUTION from Morang: Surendra Khawas comes in to replace Niraj Basnet.

63' The corner then is grabbed by advancing Kishor ahead of everyone.

62' Brilliant save from Morang goalkeeper to deny another goal as Navin Lama's shot from outside the box is brilliantly sent away for a corner.

61' SUBSTITUTION from Morang as Bishal Tamang makes way for Anil Dhami.

61' More on the goal, both the defender and goalkeeper went for the long ball from midfield and then stopped. Ranjan Bista then quickly went ahead of both the player to place the ball into the goal.

60' GOALLLL!! Ranjan Bista scores his second goal.

58' Santosh Shrestha pushes Rupesh in attempt to take the ball away from defender and 

57' Sudeep Sikhrakar's inviting delivery is headed away from the box by Niraj and the attempted counter attack of Morang is booted away by advancing Binay.

56' Morang skipper Komal plays a long ball into the box but Tek Bahadur is too slow to reach to the ball ahead of onrushing Binay.

55' APF starts a quick counter with Sanotsh on the wings and his cross after running with the ball from his own half to the byline is not controlled well by Anjan in the far post.

54' Komal Khawas delivers a setpiece into the box which is cleared after multiple mistimed header and Ranjan fails to control the quick clearance and loses the possession.

53' Heman cmmits a foul just outside the box and Morang are awarded a freekick.

52' Tek Bahadur Limbu is down in the ground and Heman kicks the ball out as fair play routine.

50' Heman Gurung looks out of touch today as he awfully wastes yet another freekick.

49' ANjan Bista is brought down in the box and Heman Gurung steps up with the kick.

48' Anjan Bista is sent through on goal but Niraj Basnet brilliantly puts his body on the way to stop the forward from advancing any further.

47' Nishan Limbu wins the possessionn from Aditya near the corner flag but he is forced to send the ball out for a goalkick after Ramesh Dangal held off.

46' The second half starts with both sides unchanged.

HALF TIME: Nepal APF 2-1 Morang FC

45+3' Quick exchange of passes between Ranjan and Navin ends for nothing as the cross into far post does not find any player in white.

45+2' Poor delivery from Man Bahadur inside the box as his low cross is easily taken care of by the goalkeeper.

45+1' Consecutive clearances from Aditya Chaudhary to deny any danger as Morang look for an answer to quick goals from APF.

45' 3 minutes time is added.

44' Komal Khawas' corner is halted after Binay looks to have collided with an opponent in attempt to punch the ball.

43' Brilliant response from APF after they went down as Ranjan gets the mistimed clearance inside the box to slide the ball past Kishor just like his brother did. APF went from a goal down to a goal up within a minute.

42' GOALLLL!! Ranjan Bista scores to put APF in front within minutes.

42' More on that goal, Navin Lama played a brilliant through ball which beat the defense and Anjan beat the offside trap to place the ball past Kishor.

41' GOALLLLLL! Anjan Bista levels the score.

39' JB Rai is down in the ground after colliding with Sudeep Sikharakar but he gets up quickly as play resumes with a APF Freekick.

38' SAVED! Kishor Giri makes a brilliant diving save in a 1v1 scenario to put his team in front as Ranjan looked to level the scores.

36' More on the goal, Bishal Tamang plays a short corner to Komal who finds Raj inside the six yard box and the forward does well to place the ball in between the keeper and the defender. Massive celebration from Morang Officials in the bench.

35' GOALLL!! Razz Poudel scores for Morang FC.

34' Manish ghales' cross from the byline is sent out for a corner.

33' OFFSIDE! Ranjan Bista is caught offside two times in a row within a minute as APF look desperate for an opening goal.

32' Yet another attacking move from APF ends for nothing as Niraj Basnet does well to deny Ranjan of any shooting chance.

31' Heman Gurung's freekick from 30 yards goes off target and Kishor takes a goal kick.

30' APF are creating constant threats but Morang are doing their best to thwart the attacking attempts.

28' Navin Lama's corner is punched away by Kishor and the outside foot attempt from Santosh flies away from the target.

27' Rupesh Tamang is down in the field after he collided with his own teammate in an ariel duel.

26' Brilliant passing move from APF ends as Man Bahadur is caught in offside position.

25' Anjan is back into the field after a brief injury break. 

24' Another brilliat chance is wasted by APF as Santosh's attempt from inside the box hits the sidenetting.

23' Anjan is escorted off the field by medical team as he looks to have hurt himself in the previous move.

22' Santosh Shrestha beats the offside trap well and sets up Anjan to take a shot from inside the box but Rupesh Tamang makes a brilliantly timed sliding tackle to deny the youngster a shot on goal.

21' Manish Ghale's cross from the left byline is caught with ease by the goalkeeper.

20' Navin Lama loses the possession in the opposition's half and the long ball by Niraj Basnet is forced out for a throw in by Raj Poudel.

19' JB Rai plays a low cross into the six yard box from the byline but Aditya makes a timed clearance for a throw in.

18' The corner taken by Bishal is cleared out of danger after a couple of miscued headers inside the box.

17' Nishan Limbu makes a long run with the ball after a couple of mistimed tackles but his final shot is parried away by Binay for a corner.

16' JB Rai's long ball aimed to Nishan is wasted as the striker did not read the ball and Binaya takes control of the ball.

15' Heman tries a piledriver which beats the wall but Kishor saves the low drive well to keep the scores level.

14' Ranjan Bista is brought down by Bishal and Heman steps up to take the freekick in about 30 yards area.

13' Play restarts after a brief stoppage as Tek continues his treatment outside the field.

12' Tek Bahadur is on the ball again but he is brought down in a fair challenge this time by Aditya and he sits down in ground for some medical assitance.

11' Tek Bahadur tries to beat the defenderrs with pace but this time he is flagged for an offside by the assistant.

10' Man Bahadur is caught slow in pace but he tracks back well to send Tek Bahadur's cross out for a corner.

9' Binaya advances to clear a long ball and he times his clearance rightly to keep the strikers at bay.

8' Manish Ghale's long freekick from his own half reaches to Binay after taking a couple of bounces.

7' Komal Khawas raises the foot above waist high in attempt to play a flicked pass but referee stops the play for a free kick.

6' OFFSIDE! Nishan Limbu is caught offside as Morang try to counter attack.

5' Anjan gets a flick from his brother inside the box and shoots it towards the goal but he fails to put it on target and Kishor prepares for a goal kick.

4' APF get a freekick after Ranjan is brought down and Heman takes a short free kick.

3' CHANCE! The cross is spilled inside the box by goalkeeper Kishor Giri and Navin Lama gets to the ball. He shots it to the defender and the rebound reaches to Anjan who takes the shot from penalty spot but Manish Ghale heads the ball just in front of the goal-line. Manish just saved a regulation goal here as Keeper failed to make regulation duty. 

2' APF are on usual white kits while Morang are wearing yellow kits.

1' The match begins.

Starting Lineups

Nepal APF Club:

Binaya Shrestha

Man Bahadur Tamang, Ramesh Dangal, Aditya Chaudhary, Sudeep Shikharkar

Navin Lama (c), Heman Gurung, Jangbu Sherpa, Sanotsh Shrestha

Anjan bista, Ranjan Bista


Morang FC:

Kishor Giri

Niraj Basnet, Manish Ghale, Rupesh Tamang, Suren Thapa

Tek Bahadur Limbu, Bishal Tamang, Komal Khawas, Jas Bahadur Rai

Raj Poudel, Nishan Limbu

Presented by: Subas Humagain