Red Bull National League
LH-MMC - 1 JLFC - 0
  • 56' Sujal Shrestha [1-0]

Updates by: Subas Humagain


90+3' Nirajan Malla turns in the cross from Sulav inside the net but referee blows the whistle to stop the play.

90+2' The freekick from Kalu results a corner but the short corner fails to create any danger in the box.

90+1' Shiva Shrestha pulls down Kamal while trying to win the ball and JLFC win a freekick.

90' 3 minutes time is added.

89' The corner is cleared out and the rebound shot by Dodoz ends up into the hands of Dilip Chettri.

88' Dodoz wins a corner for MMC after forcing Ajay BK to send the ball out of play.

87' Kalu Thapa is yellow carded for a foul in Anil Gurung as the defender failed to get any contact on the ball while sliding for a challenge.

86' WASTED! Ajay BK reads the backpass inside the MMC box with just goalkeeper to beat but he puts his shot wide and MMC breathe a sigh of relief.

85' SUBSTITUTION for MMC: Deepak Rai is replaced by Nirajan Malla.

84' Anil plays an inviting low cross into the box but Kamal Shrestha tracks back well to concede a throw in with a clearance.

83' Dodoz plays a Short Freekick to Bishal and the cross from him is read well by Kalu to clear.

82' RED CARD! Laxman Ruchal of JLFC is sent off for second caution after he pulled down Anil in the right byline after being beaten with the ball.

80' Sulav Maskey's drive is parried away by Dilip Chettri after midfielder recieved a pass from Dodoz just outside the box.

78' First change from Manang as goalscorer Sujal Shrestha makes way for Sulav Maskey.

77' SUBSTITUTION for JLFC: Manoj Gurung replaces Kamal Gurung.

76' MMC create a counter after Dipak Rai booted away the freekick away but Dodoz cannot beat Kamal well and his touch is too heavy as it goes out for a goal kick.

75' Yellow Card for Sujal Shrestha for dissent after he was not happy about referee giving the freekick for JLFC.

73' Dipak's freekick from about goes out of play as he tried to drive it towards the goal.

72' Dodoz's final shot after beating several players outside the box is wide.

70' Barsat Gurung makes a brilliant first touch to the ball sent in from Roshan but he cannot get the shot right as Mbile and Hem cover him up.

68' Second change from JLFC as Amir Shrestha is replaced by Roshan Lamichhane.

67' Sujal finds himself a space to shoot but his low drive towards the far post is too weak to trouble Dilip Chettri on goal.

66' Amir Shrestha's cross from the left flank beats the goalkeeper as well as the post and Dipesh yadav prepares for a goal kick.

64' Uttam Gurung plays a lofted ball inside the box but nobody on the yellow shirt read the move and goalkeeper restarts the play quickly.

62' Another excellent save from Dilip after Anil Gurung timed his half volley well from outside the box. Shiva's flick to put Anil in space to shoot was brilliant. Beautiful piece of play from both sets of players.

60' Dodoz's freekick is brilliantly tipped over the bar by Dilip Chettri. The corner then fails to create any danger.

59' Kalu Thapa trips Dodoz just outside the box and Manang get a freekick in dangerous territory.

57' More on the goal, Biraj Shrestha delivered a freekick from 40 yards area inside the six yard box and Sujal outfoxed everyone to get to the ball and Dilip Chettri couldn't get his hands on powerful header.

56' GOALLLLL! Sujal Shrestha scores.

55' Bishwas beats the defender and tries a shot in haste from inside the box but it goes wide.

54' Dilip Chettri makes yet another save as he reads the deflection from Ravi off Biraj's 30 yard piledriver to keep the scores level.

53' Biraj Maharjan fouls Laxman Ruchal and the freekick from Kalu goes just above Bishwas who was unmarked after beating the offside trap.

52' Kamal Shrestha plays a first time cross in the box after Amir's backpass but the ball goes beyond the post and hits the roof of the net.

50' Laxman Ruchal's cross is well controlled by Amir in the far post and he plays it in to Bishwas but the header from Bishwas is cleared away by Mbile.

48' Dodoz's left footed shot from 25 yards is miscued and flies away from the goal for a goal kick.

47' Uttam Gurung places a misspass which is intercepted by Dipak Rai but his pass to Anil is not well utilised as Anil's shot from edgen of the box rebounds off Ravi.

46' Second Half begins with the teams unchanged.

Half Time: LHMMC 0-0 JLFC

45+2' Brilliantly timed tackle from Ravi on Dodoz to clear the danger and the counter creates a dangerous chance inside the box as Bishwash is all alone and nobody from JLFC is there to capitalise the situation.

45+1' Yellow Card for Shiva Shrestha as he lashed out for a shot but caught the foot of Kamal Shrestha.

45' 2 minutes time is added.

44' The play halts as Laxman Ruchal is brought down by Bishal Rai just on near the center circle.

43' Shiva Shrestha's effor on goal after Bishal Rai's layoff goes inches above the crossbar.

41' Substitution for JLFC: Kamal Gurung comes in to replace Bimal Basnet.

40' Series of missed passes from both teams and both the teams fail to capitalize the errors.

38' Anil Gurung beats the offside trap after the ball bounced past the efenders but his outside foot volley goes too high from the target.

36' The corner swung in by Dipak reaches Anil but his powerful header goes straight into the hands of goalkeeper Dilip Chettri.

36' Dipak Rai gets in to the scoring position again for MMC and his shot from inside the box in a 1v1 position is parried away for a corner by Dilip.

35' POST!! Sujal Shrestha's freekick from near the edge of the box goes beyond the wall and hits the post.

33' Brilliant dribbling moves from Mbile in the left byline as he skips past Amir and Bishwash twice in succession but is brought down by AMir and referee blows the whistle for a foul.

31' The freekick taken by Laxman Ruchal yet again hits the wall and Manang clear the ball out of danger.

30' Counter breaks out for JLFC from the corner and Bishwas wins the freekick after Mbile pulled him down near the edge of the box.

29' Delivery from Anil Gurung aimed towards the far post is tipped away for a corner by advancing Dilip Chhetri.

28' Ravi Silwal is booked by referee after he pushed Anil Gurung in the flanks while trying to win the ball off him.

26' Dipak Rai is caught in offside position as he mistimed his run inside the box in attempt to reach Bishal's lofted ball.

24' Shiva and Dodoz pass the ball with each other just outside the box but Ravi reads the play and holds off Shiva who cannot take the ball beyond the first touch and goalkeeper clears.

22' Amir is sent through on the wings in a counter attack but his ball towards Bishwas in the center of the box is far too ahead and goalkeeper Dipesh grabs the ball.

21' Kama loses ball on the wings and Anil runs towards the goal with the ball but Ravi times his tackle well to stop the attack.

19' Manang make a quick counter from the corner and win themselves a corner which is cleared.

18' Freekick from Laxman Ruchal hits the wall and Anil Gurung makes an acrobatic clearance inside his box.

17' Freekick for JLFC in dangerous area as Hem sticks out his foot to try get the ball of Ajay BK but he finds the foot instead and referee blows the whistle.

16' Yellow Card for Laxman Ruchal as the midfielder fired a shot in goal even after the referee whistled for stoppage of play.

15' Freekick shot by Kalu Thapa from near the center is flicked out for a goal kick and stand in goalkeeper Dipesh prepares for a goal kick.

13' Uttam Gurung of JLFC is yellow carded as he brought down Bishal Rai in the previous move.

12' Neat exchange of passes from Bishal and Dipak and the shot from Dipak is too weak to trouble Dilip as it goes wide off the target.

11' Bishal Rai gets the ball just outside the box with no defenders around but his shot from just outside the box lacks power and Dilip saves the ball well.

10' Shiva's effort on goal from just outside the box goes wide and Dilip prepares for a goal kick.

9' OFFSIDE! Bishwas Shrestha runs for the ball after Amir sent through and he looks to be ahead of all defender before the ball was played.

8' Anil Gurung repeats the mistake done by Uttam as he fails to read the uneven bounce of the ball and ends up handling it unintentionally.

7' Uttam Gurung tries to control a flicked pass from Barsat but he gets his hand on the ball while doing so and Sudish Pandey blows the shitle for a MMC freekick.

4' Biraj plays a long ball to Dodoz in the wings and the Ivorian crosses the ball into the box after getting it into crossing area but Shiva cannot dispatc the final shot off the cleared cross.

2' ANil Gurung plays a brilliant ball from in between the defenders to Dodoz but he can't get the power right and Dodoz runs after the ball and passes it to Shiva from near te corner flag, Shrestha though can't get his first touch right and Rupandehi clear.

1' The match begins.

Manang are wearing their Traditional sky blue kits while Lumbini are wearing Yellow jersey and Black shorts.

Sudish Pandey is in charge of the match with Padam Bhujel and Balram Thapa on the sidelines as assistant referees.

Starting Lineups


Dipesh Yadav

Biraj Maharjan - Leonel Stephen Mbile - Hem Gurung - Bikram Limbu

Dipak Rai - Shiva Shrestha - Bishal Rai - Sujal Shrestha

Leonce Dodoz - Anil Gurung (c)


Dilip Chhetri (C)

Kamal Shrestha- Ravi Silwal - Bimal Basnet - Kalu Thapa

Uttam Gurung - Ajay BK - Laxman Ruchal - Barsat Gurung

Amir Shrestha - Bishwas Shrestha

Presented by: Subas Humagain