Red Bull National League
Nepal APF - 1 Tribhuwan Army - 1
  • 35' Deep Lama [0-1]
  • 72' Navin Lama [1-1]

Updates by: Subas Humagain

FULL TIME: Nepal APF 1-1 Tribhuwan Army Club

90+2' Jitendra's delivery into the box from center of the field is grabbed by Binay.

90+1' Anjan Bista gets past Jitendra but Bibek covers fellow defender well to stop the danger looming in.

90' 3 minutes is added.

89' Raju Tamang wastes a brilliant chance to win the game for his team as his shot from inside the box goes inches wide. He was unmarked inside the box after Santosh's cross reached him after slight delfection.

88' Heman Gurung tries a shot on goal from 30 yards but his shot goes wide.

87' APF earn a free kick in right flank after Sanotsh is brought down and the delivery from freekick is shot high by Ramesh Dangal.

86' Binaya come forward to claim a cross from th wings and collides with his own player but both are up after a while.

85' GOALLINE CLEARANCE!! Man Bahadur Tamang makes a brilliant sliding challenge to stop the ball from going in after neat passing move from Army inside the box between Bharat and Tek Bahadur was not read by anyne and Binay fumbled the ball. Bharat was ready to celebrate until that excellent clearance.

84' The freekick from Heman hits the wall and the counter from Army ends with a goalkick for APF as Nawayug fails to cross.

83' Anjan is brought down yet again in about 40 yards from goal and this time its Santosh who is the culprit.

82' SUBSTITUTION for APF as Rajendra Rawal is replaced by jangbu Sherpa.

80' Ohh! Tek Bahadur Budhathoki misses a glorious chance to put his team back in front foot as his shot from just outside six-yard box goes inches above he crossbar.

78' Army win a corner after Bharat forced Aditya to concede the posession near the coorner flag.

77' Anjan Bista is brought down near the center circle and Heman's delivery fails to create any danger.

76' SUBSTITUTION for Army: Sanotsh Tamang comes on in place of Tanka Basnet.

75' Man Bahadur Tamang is down in the field and referee calls for some medical assistance.

73' More on the goal, The corner from Navin rebounded to Heman who played in to Navin who was just onside near the edge of the box. Navin then controlled the ball with excellent first touch and placed it into the far post. Nobody read his position in Army backline and Bikesh was well beaten.

72' GOALLLLL!!! Navin Lama scores an absolute beauty.

70' APPF defense is looking very different in the second half as Army yet another break an attack past the defensive line but Binaya comes forward and heads the ball away.

69' SUBSTITUTE for Army: Padam Tamang is stretchered off the field and Bharat Khawas enters into the field.

67' CROSSBAR!! Anjan's shot from inside the box its a defender and then the crossbar after Bikesh was out of position while trying to get to the cross from Santosh.

65' APF prepare a corner after Anjan's cross comes off Padam.

64' The low free kick delivery from Heman is kicked away by Jitendra and Army try to create a counter attack.

63' Bibek Pratap Panta fould Santosh while trying to win the ball but gets the foot instead and APF get a freekick.

62' Heman Gurung steps up to take the freekick and skies it away from the target.

61' Deep Lama intercepts a pass from Heman but he used his hands while doing so and referee awards APF a freekick from 30 yards area.

60' Deep Lama tries to make a cross in quickly but fails to make a good connection with the ball and ball goes for a goalkick from near the corner flag.

58' Anjan Bista makes a heavy touch after Heman fed up a ball from midfield and the ball reaches goalie Bikesh.

57' Jitendra Karki is yellow carded as he seemed to pull Ranjan in the previous move and referee had played an advantage then.

56' Ranjan Bista gets past Jitendra just outside the box and takes a shot on goal but his half volley kept rising up and above the cross bar for a goal kick.

55' Hiranya Magar makes a brilliant sliding challenge to deny Santosh's cross from going in and succeeds to make it a goal kick for Army.

54' Aditya Chaduhary is booked after he fouled Tanka Basnet in the right flank.

53' Navin Lama's shot from edge of the box is not well controlled by Bikesh and he fumbles it into the ground but defenders cover him up to clear any possible danger from onrushing Ranjan Bista.

51' Free Kick from Anjan Bista deflects for a corner and the corner delivered in is headed out by Jitendra.

50' Hand Ball by Jitendra after the shot from Anjan Bista hit the defender while attempting to block.

49' Consecutive corners for APF but the last one delivered in is headed out by Tek Bahadur Budhathoki.

48' Ranjan Bista beats Diapk Gurung to get into the box but his shot is blocked for a corner.

47' Raju Taman is fouled by Rajendra Rawal and Army get a free kick near the center circle.

46' Second Half begins.


45+1' Navin Lama's delivery from a freekick is defleceted out for a throw in as Ramesh Dangal failed to make any contact with the ball inside the box.

45' 2 minutes time is added.

43' YELLO CARD for Nawayug as he simulated inside the box to try win a penalty but referee Laba Khatri books him.

42' Man Bahadur is having a howler here as his cross yet again goes beyond the goal for a goal kick.

41' Binaya Shrestha parries away the shot from Nawayug Shrestha but the flag was already up for offside.

40' Tanka nutmegs past Man Bahadur Tamang but Aditya stands still to deny any danger on goal for APF.

39' The corner reaches Dipak who tries a first time shot but his shot is poor and the rebouns ends into the  hands of goalkeeper.

38' Army win yet another corner as Nawayug holds off Aditya to let the ball go out for a corner.

36' More on that goal, Nawayug is played through on wings and he runs from the back of Man bahadur who failed to read the run and Shrestha just had to run and deliver a ball into the far post and Deep timed his run well to head it into the box.

35'GOALLLLL!! Deep Lama scoresss.

33' Ranjan Bista brilliantly skips past Bibek in the flanks and lays it on to Anjan but the young striker fails to get the shot on goal.

32' Rajendra Rawal tries to put himself in a shooting position from long range but Army defenders close in well to deny him any chance knowing what he is capable of doing.

31' Santosh tries to play Nabin on the wings but the ball returns back to himself after hitting a defender and his final shot taken on haste is too poor and rolls away for a goal kick.

30' Cross in from the left flank by Deep Lama is headed behind by Aditya and Man Bahadur kicks it away from the danger area.

29' Aditya is looking brilliant on the tackles as he wins yet another sliding challange against Tanka.

28' Miscued cross from Man Bahadur nearly went in as nobody read the ball in well.

27' Rames needs to be careful here as yet another challenge is penalised against him. This time near the center as he slid in for a 50/50 which went against him.

26' Awkward back pass from Man Bahadur but Ramesh takes a safe way out and clears it out for a throw in.

25' Anjan pushes Jitendra while trying to vie for a ball sent forward by Sudeep and Army are awarded a free kick.

24' Ohh! What a chance for Amry. Raju chests the ball from Deep but his final shot goes tooo high above the target.

23' Tanka's lame shot on goal from the right flank ends up into the hands of goalie Binaya.

22' Anjan Bista controls the ball from Hemanta to put himself in a shooting position but he is too late to dispatch a shot as Bibek clears well.

20' Brilliant sliding challenge from Aditya Chadudhary to deny Deep Lama a chance to shoot from inside the box. He kept up the pace with the midfielder befor sliding well to deny a final shot.

19' Jitendra's freekick from center of the field is headed away by Ramesh.

18' Confusion among the center backs in Army backline leads to a chance to shoot for Ranjan but the striker fails to control the ball before shooting and it fails to test Bikesh.

17' Sudeep Sikharakar tries to feed in a long ball from left byline but Anjan Bista is too late to reach as Bikesh advances well.

16' Tanka Basnet's cross from the right flank is comfortable held by Binaya Shrestha.

15' Deepak Gurung tries a shot on goal from 40 yards but his shot goes too wide from the target.

14' Sweeper Keeper! Binaya comes out of the box to clear the ball out of danger as defensive error led to Nawayug advancing in potential one v one situation.

13' Santosh Shrestha tries to chase the ball sent through by Anjan but the midfielder is stopped by an offside call from the assistant on sidelines.

12' Heman Gurung tries to play a quick pass into the box but he cannot connect well with the ball and Army try to break in attack.

11' Army earn a corner which is delivered in by Tanka. Binaya advances to punch the ball away but it reaches Tek whose first shot yet again ends into hands of Binaya.

10' Anjan Bista flicks a header vrilliantly into the path of his brother Ranjan but the latter could not take a shot and Army retake the possession.

9' The freekick fails to create any danger as referee blows the whistle for pushing inside the box.

8' RAMESH DANGAL is yellow carded and Army earn a freekick near the center.

7' Short freekick played towards the flanks for Sudeep is delivered well into the box by the wingback but no APF players attacked the ball and Bibek clears the ball out.

6' Ranjan Bista is brought down and Heman Gurung steps of to take te kick.

5' Sudeep Sikharkar makes a brilliant sliding callenge on Nawayug to deny any crossing chance and Army restart play with a throw in.

4' OFFSIDE! Tek Bahadur sneaks from the inside of the defense to get to the pass from Deep but the move is flagged offside.

3' Both the teams are looking to attack from early on as Army get on attack this time but Tanka has his cross delfected by Man Bahadur, who then clears the ball in haste.

2' Early attack from APF as Heman's freekick finds Anjan who has his shot blocked from inside the box.

1' The game begins.

APF are wearing all Whites while Army are on usual Red kits.

Players have entered the tunnel and are waiting for FIFA Anthem.

Starting Lineups:

Nepal APF:

Binay Shrestha(GK)

Man Bdr. Tamang, Ramesh Dangal, Aditya Chaudhary, Sudeep Shikharkar

Navin Lama(C), Rajendra Rawal, Heman Gurung, Santosh Shrestha

Anjan Bista, Ranjan Bista

Tribhuwan Army:

Bikesh Kuthu

Hiranya Magar, Bibek Pratap Panta, Jitendra Karki, Deepak Gurung

Padam Tamang, Raju Tamang

Tanka Basnet, Tek Bahadur Budhathoki, Deep Lama

Nawayug Shrestha

Presented by: Subas Humagain