Red Bull National League
Three Star Club - 3 Far Western FC - 0
  • 72' Amar Dangol [1-0]
  • 76' Amar Dangol [2-0]
  • 90' Santosh Shahukhala [3-0]

Updates by: Subas Humagain

FULL TIME: Three Star Club 3-0 FWFC

90+1' Kiran shows off some on the ball skills as he skips past Hemant witha briliant feint.

90' 2 minutes time is added.

90' More on that goal, Jagajeet skipped past defenders to pass the ball to Santosh who took a half turn and brilliantly shot it to the top corner from outside the box which Birendra could just watch on.

90' GOALLL! Santosh Shahukhala scores the third for Three Star.

88' The second corner then is flicked by Bikram towards the far post but there is nobody to attack that ball and FWFC take control of the play.

86' Corner from Jagajeets if fumbled by Birendra and the follow up from Nirajan results yet another corner.

85' SUBSTITUTION for FWFC: Rakesh Hamal replaces Buddha Lama

83'  Dinesh Rajbanshi's cross from right flank is grabbed well by Kiran ahead on onrushing Maniram Chaudhary.

80' Three Star make a change as Victor is replaced by Saroj Dahal.

78' SUBSTITUTION for FWFC as Janom Man Ligal replaces Kamal Thapa.

77' More on that goal, Jagajeet ran with the ball inside the box and laid it off to Amar who just placed the ball beyond Birendra to put Three Star 2-0 up.

76' GOALLLL! AMAR DANGOL doubles the tally.

75' FWFC look to return to level starught away but Bikram intercepts the move well to stop the attack from developing further.

73' More on the goal, Bijay Gurung played Jagajeet on the wings whose first time cross is deflected inside the box and bounces in the box. Birendra doesn't get to the ball because of the bounce and Amar places the ball into the net to put Three Star on the front foot.

72' GOALLL! AMAR DANGOL scoresss!!

71' Dangerous delivery from Sagar Thapa into the box but Ananta makes sure the cross is cleared.

70' Bijay Gurung tries to play a quick exchange of passes with Bikram but the latter fails to read the move.

69' Nirajan Khadka is brought down by Hemanta in center of the field and Three Star get a free kick.

68' Short corner from Three Star is dangerous as Jagajeet plays a cross into the box which is punched by Birendra and Nirajan's overhead attempt is blocked.

67' Victor wins a corner after forcing Buddha to concede a corner.

66' Victor loses the possession on the wings as he fails to control the pass back from Nirajan Khadka.

65' SUBSTITUTION for Three Star as Ranjit Dhimal is replaced by Bijay Gurung.

63' Sagar Thapa is yellow carded as he threw the ball away after not accepting the referee's verdict on a throw in.

62' Sagar Thapa's half volley is brilliantly blocked and cleared away by defender for a throw in.

61' Hemant Thapa Magar fouls Jagajeet Shrestha and the free kick from Santosh is cleared for a corner.

60' Shiva Subedi handles the ball while trying to win a header and referee calls for a foul.

59' Maniram Chaudhary's shot from inside the box following an uncleared corner goes inches above cross bar.

57' Kamal Thapa's chipped ball into the box goes out for a goalkick as Ranjit and Bishnu hold off Aba.

56' Early cross from Sagar is flicked by Amar into path of Santosh but the ball doesnt reach the forward as expected.

55' Sandip Rai's free kick is flicked away by Bikram inside the box but referee halts for play as Amar held the defender while the kick was taken.

54' SUBSTITUTION for FWFC as injured Gaurav Budhathoki is replaced by Shiva Subedi.

53' Ranjit Dhimal's cross from the left byline is blocked away and FWFC clear the ball.

52' The play restarts with Gaurab out in the sidelines recieving treatment.

51' Gaurab Budhathoki is down in the field and has his boots are off. Kiran Shrestha prepares for a substitution as the midfielder doesnt look good enough to continue. 

50' Buddha Tamang's free kick is headed out for a corner yet again by Bisnu, the delivery from Buddha then flies over everyone.

49' Dinesh Rajbanshi's cross is blocked away for a corner and the rebound from corner is handled by Sagar while trying to block it.

48' Lawal is taking the goal kick for FWFC but his kick is flicked away by Bikram and stars look to build in attempt to break the FWFC's five men defense.

47' Three Star are on attack straight away as Nirajan's shot from insdie the six yard box is parried away by Birendra from point-blank range.

46' Second half begins with Amar Dangol replacing Elvis for Three Star..

HALF TIME: Three Star 0-0 FWFC 

45+2' Bikram Lama is brought down just outside the box and the freekick from Sanotsh ends into the hands of Birendra Chand.

45+1' Elvis' shot from outside the box is blocked away for a corner and the corner goes unpunsihed.

45' Maniram makes a dangerous cross into the box but Kiran advances well to grab it ahead of Kamal Thapa who was lurking behind.

45' 2 minutes time is added.

44' Jagajeet's cross towards the far post beats the goalkeeper and Elvis can't reach the ball as it flies over him for a goal kick.

42' The play restarts with Kamal still out of the field recieving treatment.

40' Kamal Thapa hits his head onto Nirajan's back while attempting a header. The referee calls for some medical assistance as Thapa is down in the field.

39' Sandip Rai finds Nirajan on the wings and the latter flicks it back to Victor to deliver a cross. The cross then is headed out by Ananta.

38' Bikram plays a long ball towards the flank to Jagajeet but Lawal gets to the ball to head it away for a throw in.

37' Elvis and Birendra both vie for a ball inside the FWFC box but referee blows the whistle as Elvis looked to push the goalie while jumping.

36' Dangerous move from Three Star as Victor nutmegs past Anant and delivers a cross in the box which is cleared out of danger by the defender ahead of goalkeeper.

34' Dinesh tries to play Aba and Maniram through on the Three Star half but the ball rolls away for a throw in.

33' Santosh pulls Akash Thapa while trying to get the long pass from Sandip and referee blows the whistle.

31' Kamal Thapa's long ball into the box is not read well by Kailali attackers and quick counter from Kiran finds Santosh who fails to hit the shot on goal from inside the box as he slips while swinging the stronger right foot.

30' Bishnu Sunuwar concedes a corner after Aba chased the ball just behind him and the rebound from corner is blocked away by Victor.

29' Gaurav Budhathoki tries a shot on goal from just outside the box but he fails to get enough power on it to trouble Kiran.

28' Jagajeet's through ball aimed to Santosh is flagged for an offside.

27' Sanotsh chases a long ball from the midfield but he is not that quick to keep it in play and Birendra restarts the play with a goalkick.

26' The play resumes and Gaurav is also back into the field after a brief injury break.

24' Garuab Budhathoki is down in the field and referee calls for medical assitance.

23' Sandip Rai makes an effort on goal from 35 yards but his shot is blocked by Hemanta.

22' Anant Tamang's cross into the box goes wasted as no players from Kailali attacked it.

21' Buddha Tamang's cross from left flank is headed away by Bikram and the counter ends with a miscued cross from Shahukhala.

20' Jagajeet loses the possesion in midfield but Elvis tracks back well to get the ball away from Kailali.

19' Nirajan plays a long ball to Santosh who does well to control it but his shot on goal from tight angle is not enough to trouble goalkeeper Birendra.

18' Hemanta fouls on Sagar Thapa and referee blows the whistle to stop the play.

16' Akash plays crossfield pass to Anant which is not well placed and Santosh tries to chase it ahead of Anant, who clears it quickly.

15' Bikram Lama looks busy in the midfield as he commits yet another sliding tackle and he wins it clear this time too.

13' Dinesh makes a brilliant cross into the box to find unmarked Maniram but the forward fails to get the ball on target.

12' Buddha Tamang is starting his first game for FWFC and he starts out wide with a job to stop Victor.

11' Brilliant tackle from Bikram Lama on Kamal Thapa as he slides in to win the ball clean but Thapa looks hurt.

10' Maniram Chaudhary, who is playing his first match in the league gets a brilliant shooting chance but he fails to connect to the ball with Sandip Rai outpositioned.

9' Eye-catching passing move from Three Star as they make quick passes in front of the box but final pass from Jagajeet to Santosh is flagged for an offside.

8' Victor pulls down Akash while trying to get away from the defender and the midfielder is penalised for a foul.

7' A miscued cross from Rajeen Dhimal is hardly punched by Birendra as the ball looked like going in.

6' Nirajan's through ball to Jagajeet is intercepted by Lawal and he passes it on with a flick past Jagajeet.

5' Hemant plays a long ball to Aba but Sagar heads the ball back to keeper while Aba's momentum takes the defender to the ground.

4' The corner from Jagajeet is headed out and the cross from the rebound is handled by Santosh while trying to control. Birendra Chand prepares for a free kick.

3' Victor plays a through ball to Appiah but Anant Tamang does well to tackle the ball ahead of him for a corner.

2' Three Star have made one change with Elvis coming in for Amar Dangol while Kailali have brought three new players.

1' The match begins.

FIFA Referee Bikash Mahat is in charge of the match.



Kiran Chemjong (GK), Sandip Rai, Sagar Thapa (c), Bishnu Sunuwar,Ranjit Dhimal,Bikram Lama, Nirajan Khadka, Victor Amobi,Jagajeet Shrestha, Santosh Shahukhala, Elvis Appiah


Birendra Chand (GK) (C), Akash Thapa, Ananta Tamang, Dinesh Rajbanshi, Maniram Chaudhary, Hemanta Thapa Magar, Gaurav Budhathoki, Kamal Thapa, Buddha Tamang, Lawal, Cedric Aba

Presented by: Subas Humagain