Red Bull National League
Tribhuwan Army - 1 Jhapa XI FC - 0
  • [1-0] Tek Bahadur Budhathoki 7'

Updates by: Subas Humagain

Man of The match: Bishal Rai (Jhapa XI FC)

FULL TIME: Tribhuwan Army Club 1-0 Jhapa XI FC

78' The play restarts after Kuthu is looked upon by the Physio and checked that he can continue.

75' The freekick swung in by Bishal Rai is punched away and Bikesh is down on the ground for which referee stops the play and calls the physio.

74' Bishal Rai takes the ball off Padam Tamang just near the edge of the box but Tamang pulls the forward and referee blows the whistle for a foul.

73' SUBSTITUTION for JHAPA as Buddha Chemjong comes on to replace Ganesh Khadka.

72' Bikesh Kuthu is down in the ground and needs medical assistance as the play halts for a short time.

71' Karna Limbu wastes a brilliant chance to level the score as he takes too much time to get his shot away. Both Jitendra and Bibek close in on him and goalkeeper Bikesh makes sure the shot doesnt get past him.

70' Dipak gurung pulls Devendra Tamang while making a clearance and referee blows the whistle for a foul deep in Jhapa's half.

69' Dilen Loktan tries to create a space for himself to make a cross but his first touch is very poor and loses the ball out for a throw in.

68' Tek Bahadur Budhathoki takes over the armband as the skipper is taken off with a warm reception by the fans.

67' SUBSTITUTION for Army: Santosh Tamang replaces Raju Tamang.

66' Hiranya Magar fails to judge the ball as he was facing towards the sunlight, luckily for him nobody was behund him and Jitendra clears the ball.

65' Referee blows the whistle after an advantage played against Bishal Rai in the center of the field.

64' Ganesh Khadka tries to play a ball with outside of his foot but the placement is not right and Jitendra eases the play with pass forward.

63' Yet another counter for army ends with the ball in goalie Dinesh's hands as Tanka mistimes his cross into the box.

62' Jhapa are building attacks consistently while Army are busy defending and trying to create counter attacks.

61' Dinesh Karki tries to get past Hiranya Magar but the defender holds winger and Padam clears the ball away.

60' Jhapa looked like they'll level the score as Karna finds himself in one vs one with goalie but the assistant referee raises the flag for an offside.

59' Tanka Basnet plays an early ball into the box but nobody from Army was following the ball and Dinesh advances to take control of the ball.

58' Bishal Rai plays the ball towards the wings but the uneven bounce is not read well by DInesh and the referee blows for a handball.

57' The corner then is headed away by Sumin from near post.

56' Sumin Mainali makes consecutive blocks to stop Tanka from crossing but the later one goes out for a corner.

56' Yogesh Gurung's half volley from outside the box is well saved by Bikesh.

55' Padam wins the ball in midfield and plays Nawayug through but the cross attempted towards Deep is too weak and the cleared rebound from Tek Bahadur is blocked away.

54' Ganesh tries to play the ball in the path of Karna Limbu but his cross is way too ahead and Bikesh takes control of the ball.

53' Ganesh Khadka is yellow carded as he seemed to push Bibek Panta away from the ball.

52' Jhapa are keeping the ball within themselves and searching for a breaking point but Army are sitting back well.

50' Tanka Basnet's cross after running with the ball is cleared away by Devendra and the cross by Deepak ends into the hands of goalkeeper Dinesh Thapa Magar.

49' Ganesh is down on the floor yet again but this time referee blows the whiste against Tanka who seemed to push him away.

48' Ganesh Khadka is down in the field after he hit Deepak Gurung while trying to get the ball. The play restarts after a short stoppage in play.

47' The corner is easily cleared by Deepak as no Jhapa players tried to attack the ball.

46' Jhapa are on the attack straight away as Bishal sets up Karna inside the box but Jitendra times his tackle well to stop the shot for a corner.

46' The second half begins.


45+1' Tanka's long ball aimed to Nawayug goes too far as Dinesh steps back to get hold of the ball. 

45' 1 minute time is added.

43' Sumin Mainali's attempted cross from left flank goes beyond the post and Bikesh prepares for a goal kick.

42' Dilen Loktan's cross is sent away for a corner by Jitendra and the resulting corner is headed high.

41' Karna Limbu intercepts the pass from Hiranya aimed to Jitendra and plays it on to Yogesh but the midfielder's attempt to find Dinesh on the wings doesn't end as expected and Army clear.

40' Consecutive dribbling brilliance from Army as Tek Bahadur and Raju Tamang get past multiple defenders but the skipper fails to get the final cross away in time.

39' Karna Limbu is flagged for an offside as Jhapa try to break the backline of Army.

38' Jitendra Karki dribbles the ball away from Dinesh but the defender is tripped by Dinesh and referee blows the whistle for a free kick.

37' The delivery from Raju Tamang is headed out by Devendra Tamang and the counter attack created by Yogesh and Bishal ends up with a wild swing from Dinesh as his shot from the right byline goes high above the target.

36' Dilen Loktan pushes Hiranya Magar and referee stops the play for a free kick near the left corner flag.

35' Tanka Basnet's low cross into the box is sent away for a corner by Ravi Thapa and the corner then is punched out of box by Dinesh Thapa Magar,

34' Karna Limbu beats Jitendra with pace to chase the through ball but Bikesh advances well.

33' Bibek Pratap Panta is back in the field after a brief injury break and Jhapa fail to capitalise the hole in the Army backline.

32' Karna Limbu finds a space to shoot inside the box but his low shot to the left of goalkeeper is well saved by diving Bikesh Kuthu.

31' Dinesh Karki loses the ball while trying to skip past Hiranya Magar and coach Bhagirath Ale is not happy with the referee's decision.

30' Tanka plays a ball into the path of Nawayug but Rabi Thapa gets ahead of the forward to pass it on to Pravesh.

29' Poor cross from Deep Lama as the ball goes out for a goal kick which is taken by DInesh Thapa.

27' Dangerous move from Army as the ball in the box is not well dealt by DIlen Loktan but DInesh makes sure the ball ends up into his hands despite the clearance from defender was not safe.

26' Tanka Basnet plays a pass back to Dipak Gurung to make a cross but his cross is too high and the ball goes out for a goal kick.

25' Sumin Mainali plays a cross from outside the box in left flank and Dinesh Karki heads the ball towards the goal but it fails to test the goalie.

24' Deep Lama tries to find Tanka on the flanks with a flick but Pravesh Katuwal stretches to change the path of the ball.

23' Bibek Pratap Panta halts a brilliant passing move from Jhapa as he intercepts final pass from Yogesh aimed to Karna.

22' Tek Bahadur Budhathoki fouls Ganesh thapa while trying to win the ball and Jhapa restart play with a quick freekick which ends up for a throw in against themselves.

21' Bishal Rai's low cross from the right flank reaches Karna but his poor first touch takes the ball away from the striker and Hiranya Magar clears.

20' Army are trying to keep the posession but are being unable to keep the ball witin themselves while Jhapa are looking good on the ball.

18' Bibek Pratap Panta is yellow carded as he kicked the ball away while Jhapa were preparing for a quick throw in.

17' Sumin Mainali's long ball into the box from right flank goes out of play and Bikesh prepares for a goal kick.

16' Tanka Basnet tries to exchange quick passes with Nawayug but the return ball is not good enough for Tanka.

15' Jhapa create a dnagerous move with defenders well beaten but the referee halts the move as the offside flag is raised.

14' The corner then is sent away from another one as Dinesh couldn't keep out powerful header, the corner then is cleared away unharmed.

13' Jitendra plays a quick free kick to Tek Bahadur on the flanks who crosses it into the box but Dinesh Kari is unable to hold Tanka from the ball and Amry get a corner.

11' Dipak Gurung is pulled down by Karna while attempting to take the ball away from defender and referee blows the whistle against Jhapa forward.

10' Jitendra tries to change the flanks with a crossfield ball but he miskicks it for a throw in, which taken quickly ends up with a shot on goal from Bishal which goes wide. 

9' Jhapa are trying for an instant reply as Karna gets past Jitendra to reach to a long ball into the box but his final shot is too easy for Bikesh Kuthu to handle.

8' More on that goal, the corner won by Tek was taken byRaju Tamang and his delivery was too easy for TekBahadur to reach as no defender were covering him inside the six yard box. He just placed the ball into the net to put army ahead.

7' GOALLLL! Tek Bahadur Budhathoki scores.

6' Tek Bahadur forces a corner as his attamept to make a cross into box is sent out.

5' Army get a conrer after Nawayug's shot from tight angle is deflected away and Tanka's corner is poor as it is cleared in front of near post.

4' Dines Thapa Magar grabs a long pall played to Deep Lama and quickly tries to set up a counter attack but referee flags for an offside.

3' Army are not looking comfortable on possession as they are conceding possession a lot as Ganesh gets a loose ball in the midfield but his pass is too far to reach for Bishal Rai.

2' Raju Tamang plays the ball to Nawayug who lays it back to Tamang but he was not expecting that pass and Jhapa clear the ball.

1' The match begins.

Army are wearing Red kits while Jhapa are wearing Blue.

Starting XI:


Bikesh Kuthu, Jitendra Karki, Bibek Panta, Dipak Gurung, Hiranya Magar, Raju Tamang, Padam Tamang, Tek Bdr Budatoki, Tanka Basnet, Nawayug Shrestha, Deep Lama


Dinesh Thapa Magar, Pravesh Katuwal, Narendra Limbu, Yogesh Gurung, Bishal Rai, Dilen Loktan, Devendra Tamang, Rabi Thapa, Sumin Mainali, Dinesh Karki,Karna Limbu, Ganesh Khadka

Presented by: Subas Humagain