Red Bull National League
Three Star Club - 3 Morang FC - 0
  • 34' Santosh Shaukhala [1-0]
  • 48' Santosh Shahukhala [2-0]
  • 55' Rupesh Tamang (OG) [3-0]

Updates by: Subas Humagain

Man Of The Match: Santosh Shahukhala

FULL TIME: Three Star Club 3-0 Morang FC

90+2' Free kick from Jgajeet fails to get past the wall and the counter from the corner is stopped by Ranjit.

90+1' Three Star get a freekick in left byline after Victor is brought down.

90' 3 minutes time is added.

89' Poor Cross from Ranjit ends into the hands of Kishor as the low ball had no power to trouble the goalie.

88' Nishan Limbu's lofted ball is miscued and Kiran gets to the ball before Tek Bahadur Limbu.

87' Bishnu Gurung slips while trying to reach the ball from Ranjit and Morang get back the possession from Three Star.

86' Jagajeet's low cross from left flank is cleared for a corner and the corner then is cleared out of danger.

84' Nirajan's long ball is well controlled by Santosh as he moves towards the goal with the ball. He gets past two defenders but fails to get his shot on goal.

83' Back pass from komal khwas is intercepted by Santosh but Rupesh Tamang shruggs of the forward to clear the ball out of the path.

82' Jagajeet plays a cross inside th box which is feathered away by goalie Kishor and the minimal touch takes the ball away from Santosh who was in good position to grab his third.

81' Sandeep Rai aims a long ball towards Santosh Shahukhala but the striker is flagged for an offside.

80' SUBSTITUTION: Bishnu Gurung replaces Amar Dangol for Three Star.

78' Komal Khawas plays a good 1-2 pass with Nishan but Bishnu Sunuwar holds off the forward very well.

77' The freekick is sent into the path of Sanjog Limbu, who crosses very well but the danger is cleared for Three Star as Nisan Limbu fails to get any touch on the ball.

76' Nirajan Khadka is penalised for a foul and the freekick is played quickly.

74' Ranjit's cross from left wing flies over the head of Santosh and goalkeeper Kishor to end up as a throw in for Morang.

73' Nishan limbu gets the ball after all the defenders are beaten but he slips inside the box and the ball rolls out for a goal kick.

72' Victor's low cross from right wing ends up into the hands of goalkeeper Kishor.

71' Santosh Shahukhala gets a chance totake a shot from inside the box after cross from Ranjit but his shot goes wide.

70' Bishnu Sunuwar's cross towards the far post beats everyone including the goalie and the post to result a goal kick.

69' Bikram Lama's effort from 25 yards goes wide after receiving a 1-2 pass from Nirajan Khadka.

68' Amar Dangol sends jagajeet through on goal inside the box but the winger's shot hits the sidenet and Morang restart the play with a goalkick.

67' Sandip Rai's first time shot from 35 yards dips in late as the shot goes inches over the crossbar.

66' Nirajan Khadka's ball played into path of Ranjit Dhimal is brilliantly cleared by Anil Dhami with a sliding tackle.

65' Three Star are playing the ball around and looking for a break as they look to increase the score.

64' Komal Khawas plays a defense splitting pass to Sanjog Limbu but the forward fails to reach to the ball and skipper is not happy with the effort put in.

62' Amar Dangol chases a backpass played into path of Kishor but his pace is not enough to reach to the ball ahead of goalkeeper.

61' Suren Khawas does well to stop Victor from attempting a cross into the box.

60' The play resumes with a quick free kick after a handball from Three Star player in Morang half.

59' Nirajan finds himself on the attack again but unlike last time, he fails to get his shot in goal as the move halts for an offside.

58' POST! Nirajan Khadka's shot from just inside the box beats the goalkeeper but hits the post and comes back into the play. the rebound is then sent out of danger.

56' More on that goal, Santosh played Bikram through inside the box and the cross from midfielder beat the goalkeeper and hit Rupesh who was sliding in to prevent Amar Dangol in the backpost. The ball rolled into the net as it hit the defender and Stars celebrate their third.

55' GOALL! Rupesh Tamang turns the ball into his own net.

54' Victor's ball into the box from right wing is cleared out for a throw by Rupes Tamang.

53' Tek Bahadur Limbu is sent through on goal but the striker is too slow to reach near the ball and Kiran restarts the play.

52' Bikram Lama tries to play a 1-2 pass but the move halts for an offside against the midfielder.

51' Another chance goes begging for three star as Amar Dangol's flick beats the goalie and post after Jagajeet supplied an excellent ball into the box.

50' Santosh gets into scoringposition yet again as he recieves a low cross from Victor inside the xi-yard box but the assistant flags the move for an offside.

49' Jagajeet Shrestha's freekick from the right byline is fumbled by the goalkeeper and Santosh Shahukala converts it in with a overhead kick to double the tally.

48' GOALLL! Santosh Shahukhala doubles the tally for Three Star.

47' Sagar Thapa enforces a corner after clearing a cross from Anil Dhami but the corner is headed away by Bishnu Sunuwar out of danger.

46' Second half begins with Three Star on the ball as both team resume unchanged from the first half.

HALF TIME: Three Star 1-0 Morang

45+2' Good move from Morang fails to create any dnager after a brilliant interception from Sandip Rai.

45+1' Tek Bahadur Limbu's shot from just outside the box fails to test the keeper and Kiran prepares for a goal kick.

45' 3 minutes time is added.

44' Bishnu Snuwar is penalised for a hand ball near the center circle and quick free kick from Morang fails to produce any move.

43' Amar Dangol loses the possession with Three Star advancing on a counter.

42' Ranjit Dhimal makes a brilliant sliding tackle to stop Tek Bahadur from making a cross into the box.

41' Sagar Thapa's long ball aimed to Victo is cleared for a throw in by Suren Khawas.

40' Three Star are keeping the ball and looking to break the defense while Morang are looking to go forward whenever they are in possession.

39' A quick counter breaks out with Jagajeet leading the charge but Bikram's long pass aimed to Sgar Thapa in the wings halts for an offside.

38' Jagajeet tries to fins Santosh with a lofted ball but Kishor advances well to reach to it before the goalscorer.

37' Tek Bahadur Limbu recieves a ball from midfield but he cannot get past Three Star skipper Sagar Thapa.

36' Sanjog Limbu comes on for injured Niraj Basnet.

35' More on the goal, Nirajan played a defense splitting pass to send victor through on the wings and the foreign recruit just placed it into the path of onrushing Santosh Shahukhala who shot it beyond the goalkeeper to open the scoring.

34' GOALLL! Santosh Shaukhala puts Three Star 1-0 up.

33' Niraj Basnet is still receiveing the treatment from medical team and looks like he is off to the hospital in an Ambulance.

32' SUBSTITUTION for Morang as Budhhiman Rai is replaced by Santosh Chaudhary.

31' Niraj Basnet and Kishor Giri are down in the ground and referee halst the play.

30' The corner is cleared in the second attempt after a poor punch from goalie is kicked away by Rupesh.

29' Santosh Shahukhala is pulled down and Jagajeet is ready with a freekick in right byline.

28' Nishan Limbu runs with the ball in the wings but Sandip Rai halts the attack with a throw in.

27' Niraj Basnet plays a long ball aimed towards Nishan Limbu but goalkeeper Kiran advances to conrtol the ball.

26' Nishan Limbu breaks a counter attack but Sagar Thapa stops the attack with a brilliant tackle.

24' Komal Khawas gets a chance to take a shot from outside the box but his attempt is too weak to work the goalie.

23' Nirajan Khadka recieves a lofted pass inside the box but his shot is miscued and Kishor grabs the high ball.

22' The free kick from Jagajeet goes wide off the target and goalkeeper prepares for a goal kick.

21' Niraj Basnet fouls Santosh Shahukhala just outside the box and referee awards a free kick.

20' Amar Dangol plays a lofted ball into the box which goes inches away from Santosh Shahukhala and Kishor controls the ball in second attempt.

19' Jagajeet Shrestha's corner is brilliantly back flicked by Bikram Lama but fails to work the keeper as it goes wide.

18' Victor plays a pass into the box and Santosh controls it well but he is penalised for a foul while trying to shoot the ball on target.

17' The corner from Bishal Tamang ends up into the hands of Kiran Chemjong and the quick counter makes no danger.

16' Rupesh Tamang plays a brilliant cross-field ball to Anil Dhami but Bishnu Sunuwar closes him down to result a corner.

15' Yet another crossing in from Victor ends up into goalkeeper hands as Three Star continue to push forward.

14' Victor passes the ball to Jagajeet on the wings but the cross from winger is too early to reach for Santosh.

13' Amar Dangol takes the ball away from the defender just in front of the box but his shot is well blocked.

12' Santosh Shaukhala lashes in a shot from near of edge of the box but the ball rebounds off Suren for a throw in and the cross resuted from the throw in ends up into goalie Kishor's hands.

11' Amar Dangol tried to play a through ball into the path of Ranjit but Morang stay back well to clear any danger.

10' Bishnu Sunuwar's miscued clearance is grabbed by advancing Kiran after Sagar brilliantly held the forward.

9' Sagar Thapa makes a brilliant clearance to deny Tek Bahdur any chance of scoring. The clearance leads to counter which ends with Santosh losing the ball inside the box.

8' Bikram Lama is back in th field and Three Star are playing in 3-4-3 formation. Jagajeet's shot from about 30 yard goes wide.

7' Santosh Shahukhala's header off Jagajeet's cross goes wide from the far post.

6' Sandip Rai plays a long ball aimed to Santosh but there is a confusion in the Morang backline and Niraj Basnet concedes a corner.

5' Anil Dhami recieves a cross field ball from Suren Khawas but he doesnt control it well and Three Star earn a throw in.

4' The play resumes after Lama is taken off the field in a stretcher. It looks like the midfielder was hurt bad and needs some medical assistance.

3' Bikram Lama is down after Tek Bahadur Limbu fouled the midfielder and referee calls for strecther.

2' Three Star start the attack from the wings startight away but the attack halts after a clearance.

1' The game begins with Morang kickong off with the referee's whistle.

Sagar Thapa is captaining Three Star while Komal Khawas is skipper of Morang FC.

Three Star are on Blue kits while Morang FC are on all yellows.

Starting Lineups:

Three Star Club:

Kiran Chemjong, Sandip Rai, Sagar Thapa, Bishnu Sunuwar, Ranjit Dhimal, Bikram Lama, Nirajan Khadka, Amar Dangol, Victor, Sanotsh Shaukhala, Jagajeet Shrestha

Morang Football Club:

Kishor Giri, Suren Khawas, Niraj Basnet, Rupesh Tamang, Sunil Sardar, Komal Khawas, Nishan Limbu, Buddhiman Rai, Bishal Tamang, Anil Dhami, Tek Bahadur Limbu

Presented by: Subas Humagain