Red Bull National League
MMC - 3 FWFC - 0
  • [1-0] Stephen Mbile 5'
  • [2-0] Shiva Shrestha 49'
  • [3-0] Anil Gurung 60'

Updates by: Subas Humagain

Man Of The Match: Leonce Zikahi Dodoz


Starting Lineup:


Bishal Shrestha,Biraj Maharjan,Leonel Steohen Mbile,Hem Gurung,Bikram Limbu,Sushil KC,Bishal Rai,Anil Gurung,Deepak Rai,Sujal Shrestha,Leonce Dodoz


Birendra Chand,Akash Thapa,Anant Tamang,Sushan Lama,Dinesh Rajbanshi,Ravi Bhandari,Hemanta Thapa Magar,Gaurav Budhathoki,Kamal Thapa,Sunil Bal,Shiva Subedi


1' The match begins.

2' First shot on goal from FWFC as the shot from outside the box goes wide and low.

4' Bikram Limbu is fouled by FWFC defender as he tried to run on wings and referee blows for a freekick.

5' GOAL!Stephen Mbile scores for LH-MMC.

6' More on that goal, Dipak Rai's free kick was headed in by Stephen Mbile which beats Birendra Chand to go into the goal.

8' MMC are trying to hold the posession and build an attack but FWFC are defending well.

10' FWFC are passing the ball around and playing on the wings.

13' FWFC midfielder plas a long ball from midfield aim towards Shiva Subedi but the goalkeeper advances to grab the ball ahead of striker.

14' Leonce Dodoz's shot from outside the box is blocked by Anant Tamang and the ball goes out for a throw in.

15' Yet another brilliant interception from Anant Tamnag as he reads the pass from Sushil KC to Dipak Rai to deny MMC a scoring chance.

16' Mistake from experienced FWFC defender Susan Lama goes unpunished after he made a panicking clearance which is saved by Birendra Chand.

18' Leonce Dodoz's brilliant crossfield ball is controlled in second attempt by Sujal but he cannot get the shot in as FWFC defender Dinesh closes in well for a corner.

19'' The resulting corner is cleared well and the cross from the rebound is wasted for a goal kick by corner taker Sujal.

20' Sushil KC heads the cross from Anil Gurung but he failed to connect well and Birendra Chand takes a goal kick.

22' Shiva Subedi of FWFC is flagged for an offside and the play is restarted with a free kick.

24' Kamal Thapa and Ravi Bhandari play a quick one-two which was not read well by MMC defense but the assistant referee flags the move for an offside.

25' Sunil Bal is the latest FWFC player to be offside as MMC defense looks shaky when pushed hard.

26' Kamal Thapa plays a brilliant through ball to Sunil Bal, who is on side but Bishal Shrestha advances well to clear the ball.

28' Assistant referee's flag is up yet again but its against MMC as Anil Gurung headed the cross from BIkram Limbu only to be halt by referee's whistle.

29' Bishal Rai is sent through on right side of the wing but Anant closes in well to nnot provide him any shhoting space.

30' Corner conceded by FWFC as defenders fail to co-ordinate well. The corner is cleared by Dinesh Rajbanshi and further sent forward by Gaurav.

32' Sunil Bal fouls Chico while chasing for a ball and referee blows the whistle for a freekick.

32' PENALTYYY!! Susan Lama brings down Dipak Rai in the box and referee blows the whistle straight away. He is yellow carded by referee Laba Khatri.

33' SAVED!! Birendra Chand dives to his right to save the spot-kick taken by left footed Sujal Shrestha. The shot was low and the goalkeeper timed hhis dive to perfection.

35' Anant Tamang, who is playing as a right back is playing a good game here. He covers Susan Lama's istake very well as he heads out the cross.

36' Hemant Thapa Magar plays a brilliant cross-field pass to Dinesh Rajbanshi but the wingback makes a poor cross which fails to get in the box.

38' Sujal Shrestha is sent all clear as Dinesh Rajbanshi is beaten by lofted pass from Dodoz. Dinesh gets back to block the shot and the deflected shot is saved well by Birendra.

40' Anil Gurung is fouled by Akash thapa near the corner flag, the freekick swung in by Deepak is then halted as referee whistles for an intervention inside the box.

42' Sushil KC flicks in a pass to Bishal Rai but he slips while trying to get to the ball and quick counter from FWFC ends for nothing as Sunil Bal's shot from outside the box flies high and wide from the target.

44' Susan Lama slides in well to stop Dodoz from advancing. The foreign recruit of MMC goes to ground on pain but referee waves for a play on.

45' 2 minutes time is added.

45+1' Leonce Dodoz takes a sht on goal from 30 yards out but his shot goes wide off the target.


46' Second Half begins as MMC bring in Shiva Shrestha in place of Dipak Rai.

48' Anil Gurung wins a corner for MMC after his attempted cross is cleared out for a corner by Anant Tamang.

49' GOALLL! MMC double their tally as Shiva Shrestha scores minutes after coming in.

50' More on that goal, Bishal Rai's corner was headed by Mbile which got parried away by Birendra. But, Shiva SHrestha pounced onto the rebound and slots it home from inside the six yard box.

51' Birendra Chand is down in the field and looks like he'll need a bit of medical attention.

54' Birendra is up on his feet and the match starts with FWFC kicking off.

56' Sushil KC attempts a cross into the box after a good run with the ball but Birendra grabs the ball ahead of all.

57' SUBSTITUTION for FWFC as Susan Lama is taken off the field.

58' Dodoz heads the cross from Sujal towards goal but Anant Tamang defends well for a corner. The corner from Sujal is cleared out of danger.

59' Mbile is out of the field after clash with defender while attacking the corner. The play continues with the foregin defender out of the field.

60' GOAL! Anil Gurung scores the third for MMC.

61' More on the goal, Dodoz delivered a cross into the far post and Anil Gurung was all alone there and just tapped the ball in with goalkeeper already beaten by the cross.

63' Freekick for FWFC in 25 yard territory and Hemant Thapa Magar steps up to take the kick.

64' The freekick from U-17 National Team's set piece specialist flies high from the target.

66' Substitution for LH-MMC as Mbile Stephen makes way for Krishna Kunwar.

67' Dodoz plays a brilliant through ball into the path of Bishal Rai but the midfielder is far too ahead of the defensive line and the play halts for an Offside.

68' Sunil Bal gets past Biraj Maharjan and makes an ambitious effort from 30 yards but the shot is too weak to test goalkeeper Bishal Shrestha.

69' Janom Man Ligal replaces Sunil Bal for FWFC.

70' Corner from Bishal Rai beats everyone in the box and Shiva Shrestha's first time effort from edge of the box goes inches above the cross bar.

71' Leonce Dodoz easily beats Akash Thapa with pace after being played through by Shiva Shrestha but his final pass aimed towards Anil Gurung is grabbed well by onrushing Birendra Chand.

72' Bikram Limbu tries to clear away the long ball from Anant Tamang but he miscues it into the path of goalkeeper, Bishal then makes a quick clearance to clear any danger inside the box.

75' FWFC build a quick attack with substitute Janom Man Ligal playing the ball towards Shiva Subedi but the forward wastes the chance after he opted to shoot from outside the box. The shot went away from the target and his teammates aren't happy.

77' Series of attacks from FWFC as Bishal is forced to make two saves in a row. Gaurab's 30 yard strike and Ravi Bhandaris' header from inside the box goes into the hands of MMC goalie.

79' MMC make their final change as Sujal Shrestha is replaced by Sulav Maskey.

80' Substitute Maskey gets on the play straight away as his shot from just inside the box is parried away for a corner by FWFC skipper. The corner is then cleared unharmed.

82' Janom Man Ligal is playing very well since coming on and he puts through Shiva Subedi on goal after beating Biraj with brilliant piece of control. Subedi though fails to connect with the ball and Manang clear the ball.

83' Sujit Gurung comes on for Shiva Subedi

84' FWFC concede a corner after defenders failed to read each other well.

85' Leonce Dodoz's fierce strike from 25 yards is brilliantly parried away by Birendra Chand and the resulting corner goes unscathed.

87' Long ball played in the path of Leonce Dodoz is caught well by advancing Birendra as Anant Tamang does well to hold off the foreign recruit.

90' 6 minutes time is added.

90+1' Sushil KC swings in a cross from the right wing but the referee calls for a foul after Anil Gurung tried an overhead kick which did not find the ball but the opposition.

90+2' Hemant Thapa Magar runs well with the ball from the midfield to the edge of the box but his final shot is blocked and MMC counter.

90+3' Sushil KC is yellow carded after he seemed to push opposition player in an aeriel duel.

90+4' Sujit Gurung of FWFC is booked after he tripped Bikram Limbu.


Presented by: Subas Humagain