AFC President's Cup (FT)
Manang - 1 FC HTTU - 3

35' Sujal Shrestha                                                                                                                                                                    28' 74' 83' Muhadov

28 ', 74', 83'  Muhdov
35' Sujal Shrestha

Game over

90' Five minutes of added time shown by the fourth official.

Muhadov scores a hat-trick for FCH. They make the best out of the numerical advantage they have over MMC. Deepak Bushal was red carded.

76' Manang's task is getting difficult. They need a win to move through.

74' Muhadov scores his second goal to give FCH a lead. Though Biraj tried to make a clearence, the ball had already crossed the line.

70' Dodoz makes way for Nirajan Malla.

69’ Dodoz makes an attempt from the left, but his shot flies high above the cross bar

67’ Manang’s defender Mbile gets yellow carded.

66’ FCH playing more offensively than in the first half. Can Manang capitalize on counter attack?

61’ The second half is turning out to be very messy, with a lot of fouls being committed from botht eh sides.

59’ Sarkisov gets a yellow card for a foul on Shiva.

55’ Muhadov wins a free-kick just outside the D-box.  But the free-kick unable to beat MMC wall.

50’ Goalkeeper Bishal is being kept very busy by FCH. Manang have to improve their defense.

46' Second half starts...

half Time

42’ Biishal Makes a save again. A ball charged from the d-box saved by Bishal.

38’ Manang need to strengthen their defense. Goal scorer Muhadov is constantly threatening Manang.

34’ Sujal scores a beautiful goal for Manang. A left footed shot in the bottom corner.

32’ Manang looking nervous, creating a lot of miss passes. Can they bounce back? They were put in a similar situation in the last match against Sri Lanka Air Force.

30’ Well save by Bishal. Manang makes the same mistake by playing too offensive.

27'- Goal by FCH. Muhadov beat the off-side trap and chips it past Bishal.

The resulting free kick is wasted by Deepak.

21’ The first yellow card of the game show to FCH player for a foul on Dodoz.

20’ A miss by FCH. Shoots high above the mark from close range.

18’ Can Dodoz play with the same vigour as he did against Sri Lanka Air Force? He was the one who assisted the first goal for Shiva and won the penalty.

17’ FCH gets a free-kick but fails to break the wall out –side the d-box

15’ What a blunder by Deepak. He fails to control the ball outside the D-box.

11’ Jitendra Karki duels well for the ball. It would have been dangerous had he not reacted on time.

9’ Dodoz again in the thick of things, he was put through on goals, but the FCH defenders get rid of him.

8’ Nice try by Dodoz, going around several defenders. But not enough power in the shot.

6’ This is an important match for Manang. If they win they will move to the finals.

0' Kick off

Manang in their traditional sky blue and white, while HTTU in red.

FIFA Anthem being played as both the teams enter the field.