AFC President's Cup (FT)
Manang - 2 Sri Lanka Air Force - 1

Goals for MMC- Shiva Shrestha and ANil Gurung (P)

Game over

Three minutes of added time.

84' Bishal Rai in for Anil Gurung.

83' minutes gone. Cann Manang hand on to the lead?

77' Goal scorer ANil gurung yellow carded

62' Anil Gurung scores from a penatly won by Dodoz who was fouled inside the d-box by the keeper.

59' Biraj Maharjan's crooses are not proving to be effective. Just crossing for the sake of it.

55' Manang survives a scare. The left part of the defense looks to weak. Manang have been conceding a lot from that area.

55' Nirajan goes in for Sujal. Both are products of the ANFA academy.

52' Sri Lankan almost takes the lead. What a misjudgement from Bishal.

51' Not an entertaining match for sure. No real attacks nor a smooth passing game.

47' Manang wins a corner but not a real threat to Lankans

46' Second half starts

Half Time. MMC 1-1 Sri Lankan Air Force

45+2 Jitendra Karki yellow carded.

34' Shiva scores for Manang. His first shot hit the cross bar, but he made no mistake in the second attmept, firing inside an empty net.

32' Sri Lankans playing an attacking game. Can a good counter attack pu MMC back in the level terms. Sri Lankan goalie is leaving his lines constantly..

30' Good move by Dodoz but the keeper leaves his line to deal with it.

22 minutes gone... Coach Nabin Neupane looks tensed. MMC are the most successful team having won the league a record number of seven time.

14' Shiva and Sri Lankan goalie had clashed while juming for the ball charged by Deepak Bhusal from a free-kick.Both are on their toes now.

12' Sujal takes a corner but could not get anything out from it.

10' MMC had almost qualized but Dodoz's shot saved by the keeper.

5' Goal from Sri Lanka in the fifth minute.

3' Manang playing good passing game.The frst yello card of the game is show to Sri Lanka.

Match kicks off

The stadium is empty. Not much passionate football fans as in Nepal, where all Nepal's international matches are sold out, including

FIFA Anthem is being played. Both the teams enter the stadium. Sri Lankan Air Force is yellow and Manag in their regular skyblue and white.

Anil Gurung is captaining the squad in place of Sagar Thapa who is Korea for the Asian Games.

The match is about to kickoff.