Aisan Game (Sept. 17) (FT)
Nepal - 0 Kuwait - 5

Nepal lose their second match of the Asian Games. Kuwait 5-0Nepal

87' hat-trick by Alsane Sami

83' Bharat out Amar In

81' Goal for Kuwait by ALzami Faisal..

75' The ball posession is 60-40 in favour of Kuwait.

73' Alsane Sami scores from the spot. Sandeep Rai had conceded the foul. Kuwait 3- 0 Nepal

68' Sushil KC (In), Ashim Jung Karki (out)

65' Goal by Alsane Sami. His left footed shot from outside the d-box curls into the second bar.

64' Kuwait wins a freekick conceded by Jagjeet but it fails to create any danger.

59' Nepal playing a good game compared to the second half.

58' Jagajeet makes a good save, it could have been 2-0.

56' Alan seems to be the most busiest man in the field.

55' Heman Gurung (IN), Ranjit Dhimal out

50' Jaggu's freekick unable to find Ashim.

47' Bikram lama looks inured. He is receiving treatment at the sidelines.

Half time ...........

33' Ashim JUng karki could have equalized for Nepal but he could not reach the ball that was parried by the keeper from Jaggus's free-kick.

32' Nepal showing slight improvement after conceding the goal. Is this a good sign of better things to come?

27' Jaggu makes a dangerous tackle, he is lucky to escape a booking.

26' Nepal make their first attempt on goal by Bharat Kghawas, but his attempt unable to trouble the keeper.

Goal scored by Fahad A.

21' Nepal survive another scare. 

19' Nepal concede a goal in 19th minute. Goal for Kuwait. 1-0

17' Bikram Lama yellow carded for a foul. Free kick to Kuwait. 

16' Nepal unable to play their style. The coach had said that the team would be playing offesnvie but nothig of tht sort is happening. 

15' Kuwait wins a free kick conceded by Aditya Chaudhary.

12' nepal are being dominated. Kuwait controlling the game completely. 

March kicks off

national anthem of Nepal being played

Both the teams are entering the stadium.

Nepal Lineup: Rabin Shrestha, Aditya Chaudhary, Rohit Chand, Asim Jung Karki, Jagajeet Shrestha, Bikram Lama, Sandip Rai, Bharat Khawas, Alan Neupane, Ranjit Dhimal and Sagar Thapa.