Asian Games (Sept. 14) (FT)
Nepal - 0 Iraq - 4


5' Bonyan B.
45+1' Mahmoud Y.
86'Chand Rohit. (OG)
90+1'Bahjat A.

90+ A lot of miss passes for Nepal. Ubale to make any foward moves due to it.

90+ ANothe goal for Iraq

89' PRakash Budathoki in for Ranjit Dhimal

Iraq 3, Nepal 0

86' Nepal concede another in 86 minutes.

85' Heman's free kick goes nowhere close to the target.

84' Asim Jung Karki delivers a cross inside the box, but nobody there to collect it.

82' Nepal almost conceded another, but the shot was saved by Alan

72' Nepal surrives another scare Good clearence from the box.

Iraq playing a very fast paced game.

Alan Neupane has been kept busy.

68 minutes gone in the clock Nepal need to do something before its too late.

jagajeet in for Heman in  58 miutes.

Suhil K. C in for Bharat Khawas.

45+1'- Goal by Mahmoud Y.

Goallllll from Iraq.

44' Sandeep makes a good clearence, it would have been 2-0 by now.

44' Nepa surive another scare here. The iraqis are quick.

41' If Nepal had not conceded any early goal, the game would have been for anyone's taking.

35' Nepal playing a very fast paced game.

34' Nepal playing a good game. Bharat Khawas header blocked by Iraq goalie. Nepal looking very aggresive. Nepal had conceded from a free-kick in the fifth minute.

27' Nepal dominating posession, Nepal making post attmepts. Sagar Thapa made an attmpet. Iraq looking a bit nervous.

20 minutes gone

Nepal looking quite sharp after conceding the goal. Hope they will bounce back soon

Rohit was injured was in the 2nd  minute after colling with Iraq foward, but botht the players are back on their knees and kickking..

18 minutes gones....

Iraq 1 - Nepal 0

6' - Iraq 1 goal ahead in the sixth minute

The match is underway.

The match kicks off at 10:45 NST.

Nepal Line-up- Alan Neupane,Sagar Thapa, Sandip Rai, Rohit Chand, Rabin Shrestha, Bharat Khawas, Bikram Lama, Ranjit Dhimal, Aditya Chaudhary, Jagjeet Shrestha and Asim Jung Karki.