AFC U-16 Championship (Sept. 7) (FT)
Nepal - 1 Uzbekistan - 1

What a comeback from the team.

Kiran sunar scores for Nepal in dying minutes....

90' four minutes of added time

88' Anil Rai (IN), Biksah Thapa (out)

88' Sujit Gurung makes a lovely attmpet but the Uzbek keeper makes an impressive save

84' Amit Tamang comes out for Sujit Gurung

82' Bimal Gharti Magar's absence is being feltt. Nobody upfront to put pressure.

Just 10 minutes are remaining. Time is ticking away. Can Nepal make a comeback?

78' Neapl goalkeeper looks in pain following a collisn.

75' minutes gone and Nepal need to make ammends to make their dream come true

68' Kurbonov Ozobek is yellow carded for a foul on Anjan Bista

65' Uzbekistan are making wave of attacks and Nepal have defending so far..

64' Nepal unable to get into rhytm following the goal. The boys are looking very nervous making a lot of miss passes.

61' Uzbekistan have gained more confidence following the goal. Can Nepal bounce back in the game

The goal was scored by Kuchimov Jonibek

The replay of the tackle shows it was a clear dive by Kenjabev Islom.

54' Uzbekistan score through a penatly.

52' Uzbeksitan wins a penatly. Ananta is yellow carded

50' Nepal making some impressive moves in the second hhalf, they look alive in the second half

47' Anjan Bista makes a lovely attemt but is saved by the goalkeeper

46' Second half starts, Heman Thapa is replaced by Sanjog Rai

45' Hal time...... 0-0

41'- Roman Rasaili saves the ball. Its still 0-0 with five minutes to go for the seconnd half
40' Uzbekistan win a free kick at a very vital area. But its indirect.

39' Kiran Sunar again makes a low cross, but nobody in the middle to convert it. A sad ending again.

38' Anjan is alone up front, that could be the reason Nepal have not been able to make an effective attack.

33' Kiran Sunar drops a cross in the middle, but nobody there to collect it.

31' Nepal need to improve a lot. They have not been able to get into the rhythm. The humid conditions in Bangkok is also not helping the boys.

25' Nepal are slowing gaining momentum. Uzbeks were a lot aggressive in the early minutes.

25' Anjan makes a pass to Sunil but Sunil was ubale to control the ball. Again missed opportunity.

22' Kiran sunar makes a weak cross. What a waste of an opportunity, that taken a lot to build
22'- Nepal survive a scare...

20' Uzbeks looks dangerous from the flanks. Nepal need to change their strategy. They are under constant pressure.

19'- Nepal are uablle to find the rhythm they had been praised about. They look very nervous against quick Uzbeks

17'- Anjan Bista makes a water of a move in the opponents half

12'- Nepal make their first attmept through ANjan, but it does not bother the keeper. Nepal are looking a little confident.

11- Nepal playingn a lot of miss-passes. Hope things will work out soonn.

8:32- Nepal clear out an Uzbekk attack

6:53- Uzbeks make a first attempt at goal, but it does not trouble keeper Roman Rasaili

2:27- Uzbeks palying very aggreseively.

1:24' -uzbeks win a first free kick

The match is under-way, nnepal playing in blue jersey.

Uzbeks sure know how to cheer. They are here with durms and other instruments.

Nepal have just finished singing their natioanl anthem

The national athem of Uzbeks is being played

There is a sizebale uzbeks here at the ground.  No Nepali suppor

Names of the players are being announced. We are 20 minutes from the kickoff

The grpup c matches is going to begin here in Bangkok.

The match will kick off 45 minutes later. Both the teams have entered the ground.

Nepal starting lineup

Raman Rasaili (GK)
Anant Tamang (CPT) (Def)
Akash Thapa (Def)
Amit Tamang (Def)
Dinesh Rajbansi (Def)
Hemanta Thapa (Mid)
Gaurva Budathoki(Mid)
Bikash Thapa (Mid)
Kiran Sunar (Mid)
Anjan Bista (FW)
Sunil Bal (FW)